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hi ☺️ may I please request one where Sehun is cold to everyone except you, thank you very much

Annyeong Anon~ thank you for the request 😊.. where to start.. there was so many scenarios I could have used, but I had a hard time choosing. I think I have a problem😩. Anyways here cold Sehun, hope you like it ~

Oh Sehun Pov:

"Oppa~ I brought this for you, from my mom’s cafe." The stupid annoying girl from English class offered trying to hand me a basket of baked goods.

"Hmm, you keep it." I mumbled rolling my eyes making my way down the hall, looking for y/n.

"Good morning Sehun~" that strange girl with the funny hair called out as I past her locker.

"Yo Sehun? Did you hear they’re setting up a dance for the end of the year? " a hyung I met too many years ago.

"Not like you can get a date" I mumbled under my breath, laughing to my myself.

Checking to see if y/n was in the library, I peaked inside ignoring the waves of girls that were inside “Did you se y/n?” I asked a classmate that was by the door.

"She went to the cafeteria with that guy-" he began, closing the door I cut him off.

Making my way to the main cafeteria I just ignored everyone that tried to talk to me, I think Tao was calling me but I wasn’t in the mood to hear him talk about why he would make a good romeo in the school play, more girls tried to give me snacks. Either they all wanted me to be fat, or they were hoping I would like them if they gave me things, both would never happen. Opening the doors to the lunch room I scanned the crowded room looking for y/n, she was small I’d have to bend down to get to her eye level. I liked that she didn’t annoy me, of course she did some questionable things sometimes, like hang out with that kid from the art club. I don’t have anything against art it’s just he was weird. Most if the people in the school was weird, spotting her standing on the bench reaching over the table to reach the top on a poster board I smiled making my way over to her. It was annoying how everyone watched after me as I passed by, girls gaping, boys a mixture of reaction.

"Hun-ah~ I thought you were going to hang out with the guys today." y/n beamed looking over her shoulder at me.

"I live with them I get tired of hanging out with them." I laughed sitting down beside her.

"You came just in time! Can you please hold the top down so I can finish this?" She asked using aeygo. Cute.

"Are we still going to the movies this weekend? I’m going to buy the tickets tomorrow." I mumbled standing up holding the top of the poster board down.

"Hmm I forgot all about the movies! I told Heechul oppa I would help him with his project." She sighed.

Your pov:

"It’s okay." Sehun mumbled pulling his lips into a thin line like always. Gluing the last few pieces you went move your hand from the table but it was stuck, trying to yank it off you winced getting Sehun’s Attention.

"My hands stuck." You groaned trying to scrape the glue with a pencil.

"How? How did you get your hand stuck?" Sehun sighed putting the tray at the top so he could help you.

"What kind of glue is this?" You asked mark who was supposed to be helping you, watching him show you the bottle you read the label ‘Gorrilla Glue’.

"Yah peasant! Why would you give her that glue? Did you see her put her hand there? You should’ve told her there was glue on the table. What kind of idiot are you?" Sehun yelled scaring Mark.

"Gwenchana~" you smiled patting Sehun’s shoulder with your free hand.

"Noona~ your hand is stuck-" Sehun whined leaning over to the girl next to him taking her water.

"It’s okay~ it was a honest mistake. I’m sure the art teacher will know what to do." You reasoned.

"Noona I’m sorry, I didn’t know you had your hand there. I’ll go get the teacher." Mark apologized getting up.

"You better.. stupid peasant." Sehun mumbled under his breath pouring the water around your hand, picking up your chopsticks he scrapped some of the glue off.

"You look so cute when you focus" you teased watching his stick his tongue out as his focused on freeing your hand.

Blushing he dropped his head getting half of your hand free, slowly lifting it he smiled, his eyes turning to Crescent moons. “Better?” He asked rubbing your hand blowing on it. “Next time be more careful. ” He smiled patting your hand picking up your poster so it wouldn’t get wet.

"Sehun Oppa, are you going to the party next week?" A girl that always talks about Sehun asked as he stood up.

"Are you going?" He asked her sighing.

"Ne~" She blushed tugging on the ends of her skirt.

" Then no." He mumbled walking away, looking over his shoulder to see if you were following him.

"What are you so mean to them?" You sighed following him to your next class, he looked down at you smiling.

"Because they’re not like noona… they’re stupid and annoying." He laughed when elbowed I’m in the side.