sehun's graduation day

Exo reaction their kids graduation day

Sehun: That’s my girl up there! you go sweety!

Kai:*white mom voice* He grew up so fast. I’m so proud of him!

Tao: *way to proud dad*Today you made daddy the most happies person on the whole planet!

Kyungsoo: Y/N: Do you feel like crying daddy? 

A little, now shut up and give a tissue to pretend that I’m blowing my nose.I don’t want Baekhyun to see me crying.

Chanyeol: Kid: So you didn’t cry? not one lonely tear? nada?

Nope, I  was strong as a rock!no tears this time.

*a few minutes ago*

Chen: *lost in his own happy world*My baby girl has finally graduated!!

Baekhyun:*pretends to cry* Ah she grew up so fast, look at her!

Lay:*waiting for his son to be called to take his diploma*

Suho: *crocodile tears*

Chanyeol: Hyung stop crying, you look ugly. Your kid will laugh when she’ll see you.

Kris: Wife: Do you need more tissues or are you okay now?

How many times do I have to tell you? I wasn’t crying it was my allergy.


Baekhyun: So Mr. I’m so manly, did you cried or not?

Xiumin:*to his wife* Tell anyone that I cried and I’m gonna tell Tao that you were the one that sat on candy that one time.