sehun the dongsaeng


SUHO on V app

-Kyungsoo didn’t picked up  junmyeon’s call so he is calling baekhyun next.

- Baekhyun didnt pick up either

- Minseok didnt pick up so junmyeon called Jongdae & Jongdae finally picked up

- Junmyeon saved jongdae’s name on his phone as 우리종대 (our jongdae)~~~

- Junmyeon called Jongin but Jongin was sleeping whn he picked up so junmyeon apologised hahaha >.<

- Junmyeon said jongin goes to sleep at 12mn

- Junmyeon tried to call yixing who is in china, but his phone was turned off

- Junmyeon called sehun & sehun picked up his call immediately ! ^^

- Sehun said tht junmyeon’s vapp broadcast is really funny ^^

- Junmyeon also asked sehun who is the funniest member in exo & sehun said himself

-  EXO’s names in Suho’s phone: Our Kyungsoo, Our Baekhyunie, Our Minseokie, Our Jongdae, Our Jongin, Our Chanyeolie, Our Dongsaeng (Sehun)

- Sehun reminding Junmyeon to ignore those bad comments. The boys are humans with feelings, too. They might be hurt inside.

Kyaaaah so cute >.<