sehun seems to really like sweets

EXO reaction: Them playing with kid(s).

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Actual Parent Material


➣ Kid is lucky cause he got hella uncles, MHM ever get bored- oh? When will you ever you got life time supply of uncles. The more the  merrier 

➣ All of a sudden this kid has a bunch of toys 

➣ Where did they come from

➣ who’ll ever know



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➣ Playtime all the time. 24/7 All up in dis crib 

➣ He’s got such a big heart for kids, the energy never stops

➣ oK but be prepared cause Chanyeol will probably over work himself cause he won’t realize he’s tired.

➣the things he does for kids

➣ Playful asf

➣ Very open minded, high tolerance, will do anything to keep the good spirit 


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➣ Hella chill

➣ Immediately feels guilty if the kid shows a slight upset attitude 

➣ Kid: *Yells*

Chen: *Yells louder*


➣ Chen: I’m not like most dudes

➣ Kids love him because it’s like they have another play partner B)

D.O. :

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➣ Knows the ways to kid’s hearts.

➣ Why? 

➣ He sings them to sleep

➣ they’re always calm and happy

➣ They may or may not recognize him from a show or smth 

➣ He has a calm voice, high tolerance (Cause only god knows what the other members put him through)


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➣ Ok but- everyone thinks kai is some sex-god or just has this serious demeanor  tho i dont blame ya feel

➣ hOWEVER. This boy is so sweet, has a pure, Kind heart. He’s adorable!

➣ Plays with them, is always interested in what they have to say. 

➣ He immediately wants protect any kid in his reach. 

Father material


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➣ Fluffy unicorn, every kid loves this majestic creature hand-made by angels.

➣ But actually he’s so sweet and kind, and caring. NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS HE’S GOT THE KINDEST HEART. 

➣ He’s been mistreated- but is still so kind. 

➣ Probs has candy in his bag

➣ Imagine yixing covering in kids giving him warm hugs- it’s pretty realistic TBH.


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➣ Kid: Hmph *pouts*

➣ Sehun: Same.

➣ Awwwwwwwwh- ok think of how shy he would be around kidssss.

➣“You like dogs? Well I have this dog named Vivi,”

➣ Kids are just really mesmerized by him idk.

➣ Tsundere ftw. May not seem like it but when the kids are out of his reach he feels empty on the inside.

➣ Sehun: *Resting bitch face* *Is actually enjoying this so much* 


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➣ Suho babysitting kids would be considered a break for him tbfh. 

➣ “Sorry I know taking care of this many kids is alot,”

➣ Suho: This is easy. 



➣ Two kids are arguing? Chansoo Is worse pffft this is easy.

➣ Wise father.

➣  I think of him as someone super tolerant, calm, open minded, and perfect for kids. 

➣ Always here for them etc, etc

➣ *Years of putting up with his fellow band members are finally paying off*


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➣  Minseok is probably the very polite type of person

➣ So making sure the kid is happy, getting what they want, etc

➣ CAN YOU JUST IMAGINE: The kid having a bunch of bills once Minseok is done

➣ Minseok: I just gave him money, *shrugs* 

➣ Hella chill, 

➣ Kid learning alot from their time together! 

➣ I just think Minseok would have such an interesting way of teaching without the child realizing it. 

➣ Give it to Minseok for life lessons ? 

➣ “Always lock the door- or hide chopsticks when you shower, Don’t ask why.”

Reaction to Being in Your Arms. . .

Anonymous said: Exo reaction to being in your arms… Like you’re on the couch and they are lying on you with one arm around their shoulders and another stroking their hair… Like a way of showing giving them some comfort..

Reaction to Being in Your Arms…

A/N ahh, this is so relaxing and cute. thank you for asking such a cute thing Anonie. It’s going to be a little shorter than the others, but i hope you’ll still like!

Kai Eonni ~


This would be something he looks forward to every time he gets time off, or he gets to come home earlier. His favorite place to rest his head would be right above your chest, but below your collar bone. So he can hear your soft beating heart and feel safe, somewhat like a child in his moms embrace. The feeling of your arms circling him and your hand playing with his hair just adds to his comfort and contentment. This is a moment that allows him to be the smaller figure, a place where he doesn’t need to hide his feelings like he most often does as a leader. He would just be thankful for these quiet moments where you two acknowledge each others existence, but don’t need to say anything.


This would be something that he wouldn’t like to admit is comforting for him, but on the inside, everyday he walks through the front door, he hopes that you’ll hold him like that again. For him, it gives him a feeling of being re-energized and a feeling of being accepted. This would help him forget about the stresses his life holds as an idol and leave him just reveling in the feeling of your arms around him, and expect him to fall asleep like the cutie he is. In short, he would love it very much, but if you asked, he’d leave you hanging with a look that’s hard to read and leaves you with a thousand questions.


This would need to become something that happens as often as it can. The first time you hold him tight and run your fingers soothingly through his hair, he’s putty in your hands and will want this all the time when he needs to relax. He’d talk to you lazily about his day and be thankful to have the ability to get everything he needs off his chest, whether it’s frustrations, worries or hopes. He would always mumble a low “I really love you Jagi…” Almost too low for you to hear, as if he was saying it for only his ears to hear.


This would be something he needs when he’s insecure, or when he feels playful and wants to give you feather-light-kisses. However, when you guys are just passing time and watching movies, he would want to be the one to hold you. When he’s insecure, there wont be much talking, and he’ll need you to hold him tight to remind him to stay with you and not to plummet into that tempting feeling of despair. When he’s playful and you’re running your fingers through his hair, he’ll like to trail kisses along your other arm on the inside of your forearm.

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Ahhh, he’d love this. The feeling of being held would give him a feeling of protection and belonging. The feeling of your fingers through his hair would sooth him, so much to the point that he would end up falling asleep in your arms in a matter of minutes. When he wakes up to see you still holding him, he’d apologize, but when you tell him not to worry about it, he’d grow so thankful for you. He’d really question how he managed to get someone like you, but would never forget to be thankful. Those moments are really needed to help him balance out the idol life.


He’d also love this, and would be totally open and honest about it too. He’d snuggle further into you, wrapping his arms around your waist, needing to be closer to you, loving the physical contact. He’d always ask about your day, wanting to know everything, and genuinely enjoying hearing about it too. He’d occasionally trail a few kisses across your collarbone, just because.


As you hold him close, this would be a moment that sticks in Kai’s memory years later. He lives for moments like these where he can just relax and enjoy his time with the people he loves. He’d look up into your eyes and give you a sweet gentle smile as he asks, “You know how much I love you right?” This would be something he’s so greatful for, the fact that you can just be as content as he is in simple moments like these.


This would be one of those times when you see a calm and unusually quiet Baekhyun. He’d need this though, his usually outgoing and loud personality takes a toll on his mental and even physical state, and so time to just lay down and be pampered would really do him well. He’d nuzzle his face into the crook of your neck while you spend almost an hour just holding him and stroking his hair. Just when you begin to relax and doze off yourself the hyper and loud Baekhyun come out again. He’d start teasing you by leaving tickling kisses along your neck as he repeats the phrase “I love you.” With each kiss that touches your skin.


He’d get so whiny when you did this. Complaining about how tired he is, he has a headache, or how much he practiced today. This would be his version of thanking you for holding him and comforting him. He’d enjoy the feeling of your warmth through your clothes, that being something that oddly reminds him of how real you are and that you’re there with him. When you fall asleep, he’d smile lovingly at you, place a gentle kiss on your cheek and finally whisper out loud, “Thank you Jagi.”


This boy would probably end up crying just because. Something like this would be so meaningful and sweet to him. He has a lot of stress on him and does a lot for other people, so for someone to be using their time and body to bring him comfort and love would mean so much to him. He’d never want to leave your arms and would be greatful for you always.

(pretend you’re Sehun)


He’d seem reluctant at first, saying something like,”Finneee, if you really want me to lay here then I will. But only for a minute.” But then twenty minutes later he’s still there scrolling through his phone, but like, with a content look on his features that tell anyone how happy he is to be there receiving your affection. 

(ahhhh lookit that little reluctant smile!!)


Kris would actually be down for this. He’d especially love the feeling of your fingers running through his hair. He’d have a huge smile playing on his lips the whole time while he keeps a firm affectionate grip on your thigh – his way of returning the affection. He’d suddenly be overwhelmed with love for you that it might shock him, but then would make his smile grow impossibly wider than before.

A Night Stroll with EXO

This is my work. Do not use it or copy in any way without permission. Ara~

Chanyeol: He probably would try to make it romantic but will end up bursting into laughter or doing something really silly and you two would laugh your whole way back to the house. But of course he would try to steal kisses from you all the time.
Kris: Sometimes you two won’t say a think but it’s not necessary. Sometimes just being together is enough. You’d walk side by side, hands intertwined, some shy kisses when you stop to catch your breath.. something really sweet and simple. 
Sehun: Nothing like taking Vivi to the park at night with him. You two would play a lot with Vivi, he’d let you carry Vivi sometimes, take a lot of pictures of the two of you, talk about your days, things in your/his mind. Something that seems like very ordinary but is actually very special for the two of you, some high quality time together.
Tao: He’d be the guy that carries you on his back after a few minutes. The guy who would love to hear you talk the whole time. Who would take you to this park he loves that has this amazing fountain and wants to kiss you there. Having a movie-like moment with you would be his goal.
Kai: Sometimes it would be very quiet, sometimes it would be like having a kid next to you but in general he’d just grab your hand and take to to all the places where they sell food that he can find in your way
Xiumin: Your hands would be intertwined the whole moment, he’d shyly kiss your cheek when you are distracted. You’d talk about trivial things or deep things, doesn’t matter. He just loves spending time with you. Sometimes he’d take you to a nice place that is still open, somewhere cozy and homey. You’d have a very sweet moment together.
Baekhyun: He’d be making jokes the whole time, making you laugh like crazy. He’d even tickle you, carry you and spin you around. Honestly it’d be a very fun night stroll. He really loves seeing his girl laughing and smiling this much.
Luhan: Something sweet, calm and quiet. You two would walk near very pretty places, you’d talk a lot specially about deep stuff. He’d sometimes back-hug you and walk like that with you. He’d enjoy every second he’s around you, because these moments are the ones he’s always looking forward to when he’s away/working. He loves being with his baobei.
Chen: It’d be pretty fun too. Lots of jokes and tickles and … passionate kisses. Chen loves spending time alone but also loves spending it with just you. He loves it when you can be yourselves, when the night lets you be very clingy and mellow without worrying that other people is watching/judging. He’d probably take you to eat to those street restaurants that are opening until late night and talk about a million things. Every time you go for a night stroll it feels like it’s a date.
Kyungsoo: well he’s not much into talking so he’d probably just listen to you while you two walk. But don’t think he won’t say a word, he’d do it. Actually, walking with you, holding hands, being sweet, would help for this boy to open his heart and feel more comfortable and just talk, be himself. It’d actually be a bonding time for the two of you. It might be just a walk for some, but for you two it’s something much more intimate.
Lay: He’d walk very close to you with his hand on your waist. He’d kiss your head/cheek every now and then. He’d ask you about your day, tell you about his. But the conversation would turn very deep as you two keep walking. You’d talk about dreams, life, things you want, things that are happening. He’d swear his love to you with the stars as his witnesses. Honestly he’d make it so romantic that it won’t even feel like just a night stroll.
Suho: Somehow he’d make you feel safe and protected the whole time. Like if the world were about to end in that moment, as long as you stay in his arms you’ll be fine. He’d never let go of your hand and won’t stop staring at you. You might be at his side but that’s not enough, he needs to see your eyes 24/7, he’s just too in love. He’d tell you a lot of jokes and make you laugh but also would be very sweet and lovely. 

Chapter 22 - A Night of Bonding

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Chapter One & Two  Chapter 3  Chapter 4  Chapter 5  Chapter 6  Chapter 7  Chapter 8  Chapter 9  Chapter 10 Chapter 11 Chapter 12 Chapter 13 Chapter 14 Chapter 15 Chapter 16 Chapter 17 Chapter 18 Chapter 19 Chapter 20 Chapter 21 Chapter 22

You woke up to the sound of your alarm and groaned. You were so comfortable but you had to start getting ready for tonight’s dinner. You weren’t nervous about the dinner itself but you were a bit nervous about the meeting you had to have with the guys and managers before you headed out to the restaurant. You rolled over and silenced your alarm and forced yourself to sit up thinking once you’d moved from your horizontal position you’d feel more like leaving your bed. It wasn’t really working but you knew once you showered you’d feel less like a zombie so you headed off towards your bathroom to shower.

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Monsters Pt1

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A/N: This will be a xreader story. This is an exo mafia au and 1 of the 2 series I will be posting. I originally wasn’t going to but I know not everyone has a Wattpad to follow along.

I don’t know why I’m in this situation but it’s been this way for weeks now. Yeah. For the last 4 weeks I’ve been living with one of Seoul’s most dangerous mafia gangs. I’m not sure how to get out, they’ve got me watched everywhere I go. I’m not sure what they want with me but I know it’s not good.

Exo. That’s what they called themselves. They are a group of 12 highly trained men with deadly skills. They are run by a much larger group known as SM. For what I know SM is a business corporation but he controls several underground gangs. I am aware of one other group. I’ve tried to push the boys of Exo for names and more information but they won’t give. I know as much about them as possible, their names and roles they have in this sick gang.

First is their leader. This alias is Kris but I’ve found his real name is YiFan. He is in charge of the group. Controls what everyone does and from what I’ve seen always gets his way. He’s dark. He doesn’t think I’m a good idea but SM says otherwise. The only one who refuses to talk to me unless he thinks it’s necessary for him.

Their second in command, Kris’ right hand man, Suho or Junmyeon. He is head of the crew, reports directly to a boss who hands down the instructions. He’s protective. He is always with me. If he can’t be he puts someone else in charge of watching me.

Next is the transport or carrier and control, Luhan. His main job is to deliver and receive weapons and drugs. His secondary job is to control the interrogator from going overboard and killing captives. He looks nice but don’t let that fool you, he has a dark side that no one wants to be on. I don’t know much about him besides he’s a flirt and close to Xiumin. Oh and that he is one of the most dangerous in the group.

Which brings us to Xiumin, also known as his real name Minseok. He is the interrogator for Exo, he uses his own methods on captives to get information out of them. Sometimes he goes too far. He, like luhan, seems sweet but is so far from. When in action he’s brutal. I wish I’d never seen what he does. I was shaken for 2 days after seeing an interrogation.

Up next is Sehun, the dealer or rather communications. He supplies information for the gang, from rival gangs to police activities, so really he’s a snitch, which honestly fits him. He is rude. He has an attitude and enjoys making me being here harder. If there is anyone here I’d want to punch in the face it would be him.

Then there is the weapons expert known as Chanyeol. He knows anything and everything about the group’s weapons, down to their smallest flaws. He is a bit different. At first he seems so out of place. So cheerful and always smiling but now I know better. I’ve seen him do something so unreal I’m scared to be around him anymore.

Their Treasurer is known as Baekhyun. He is in charge of the money the gang makes and spends. Chanyeol’s best friend. He’s a bit more mean, In a teasing way. However he can be stubborn, I’ve experienced that first hand.

ZiTao. He’s a fighter, literally, He is the muscle of the group. You wouldn’t know that at first glance but he’s strong. Well, he’s complicated. I’d say he’s a badass, but the others say different. I’ve seen him in combat and he knows what he’s doing. He is a sweetheart behind closed doors though.

There is also D.O. His real name is Kyungsoo, I call him Soo though. He, to put it simply, is an assassin, I hope i don’t have to explain his job. I’d say evil. Not rude, but evil. He has such a dangerous job. I’ve seen him come from missions covered in other people’s blood. He does have a heart though. He has protected me on more than one occasion and promises to for as long as he has to.

Kai, or Jongin, is the con man. He lies for information and to get potential captives. In the beginning he was with Kris. Fully against me being here but I think he’s warming up to me. He helped me once. Nothing big, helped get rid of some creep trying to get fresh with me.

I think my favorite is Lay, Yixing, He is the surgeon for them. The medic. He helps the others heal and get better when they get hurt on missions. I don’t understand why he’s here. He is an angel compared to these boys. Maybe I just don’t fully understand him. I’ve never met a man sweeter.

Lastly, Chen, his real name being Jongdae. He’s a thief. Yep, no easy way to say that one. He steals both information and goods for the group from rival gangs. He is odd, Sarcastic, and a flirt. Even with that he is skilled with his hands. He’s stole my phone on many occasions.

Being here has been crazy, mental, but it’s “Necessary”. Or at least that’s what I’ve been told. For now all I know is I’m stuck with a group that call themselves Exo, or rather they call themselves a family.


Mellifluous - Ch. 4


Byun Baekhyun/Reader
Warnings: Smut in future chapters
Word Count: 1,791

Prev Chapter

Ever since that night on Sehun’s couch Baekhyun has been touchier than usual. His hand is currently on your thigh as he squeezes it a little looking at you.

“Are you okay with this?” He asks, eyes wide and focused on yours.

“Of course, I get the best deal in the end don’t I?” You nod, smiling and trying not to melt under his gaze.

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why is your otp seho? ^o^

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh shit, don’t get me started hahaha I’m unbareable when it comes to those two, I can admit it

The reason I started shipping them was because of exo-k’s trip to London in June 2012. The way they held hands and put their arms around each other, and took frigging snuggly pictures infront of all the tourist attractions. To me, they legit looked like an adorable clingy lil couple on a romantic vacation hahaha I just instantly thought they were great together, and over time they’ve only seemed to get closer (disclaimer: this is just imo and in my silly head obvs let me be clear)

and there’s been SO many moments since then, I just keep shipping them more and more? like the way they whisper to each other is entirely unnecessary?

As suho is my bias, I just love love love how sweet sehun is to him

I mean the letter he wrote for him??

“It’s been almost 5 years since I’ve known you and it is such an honor, I am so thankful. The fact that I was able to get to know someone like you, and because you are always here by my side, I am so so thankful. I love you. I wish that the thing I call “us” will never change and remain the same forever.”

I think he’s as biased towards suho as I am, and he was as big a fan of blonde suho as we all were haha

and how could anyone forget when they were asked if they had a lucky charm and sehun said

Mine [lucky charm] isn’t an object, it’s leader Suho-hyung who’s sitting in front of me right now. As much as his name he’s always protecting me and giving me luck. He’s also my roommate. Since he’s my roommate, it always seems like he’s protecting me even when we’re sleeping.

let’s not forget that sehun has pictures like this of suho:

and suho apparently keeps his own lil stash of sehun pics which he seems to find aesthetically pleasing??

I can’t even express it properly in words, but they’re just this perfect mix imo like they’re really cute and sweet and supportive of each other but then they’re horny lil rascals too ahaha

idk just look at them

and may I finally present the most romantic lil vacay snapshot of all time:

they’re just so lovely together, it makes me so happy that they have each other ;; (plus are they not ridiculously attractive together?!)

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name a user a reminds you of each member

Ahhh this is a toughie but I’ll just say the first user that comes to mind!

Minseok: @minseok-is-my-sock cuz she’s so kind, and quiet yet wise, much like xiumin. (There’s someone else I wanna add but IDK if they’re a xiumin stan anymore lol)

Junmyeon: @junyixinqs because she’s extremely kind and sweet and acts like our mom haha

Yixing: @amaxing-daes she’s such a sweetheart and she’s so hardworking and caring towards her friends

Baekhyun: @xiubyuns and @grinding-on-baek and @baekhyunlipchain and @squynhty (I HAVE WAY TOO MANY BBH STANS AS FRIENDS ON THIS SITE BUT I LOVE IT CUZ THEY’RE CUTE) because they’re so funny and interactive and cute and lovely and really easy to get along with and everyone loves them! Ah haha

Jongdae: @touchitjongdae cuz she’s a literal angel and she’s so sweet but can also be silly and has so much love for jongdae it’s hard for me not to associate her with him haha

Chanyeol: @chanyeolsabs she’s like the alpha pcy stan in my life and she’s super sweet and caring and always tries to make me feel better when I’m down and also @adidaschanyeol b/c her posts always make me laugh just like how pcy always makes me laugh (I feel like there’s someone else I’m forgetting here but who…)

Kyungsoo: @sadspacedust b/c she’s super hard working like he is and also she always snaps me about him so she is like the alpha ksoo stan in my life

Jongin: @amerikaikong I recently started following her b/c I realized I needed more jongin stans in my life (I’m literally not mutuals with any as far as I just checked lol rip) and I see her interacting with one of my best friends aka amaxing-daes on here and she seems really funny so yup

Sehun: @starsehun OF COURSE! AKA the alpha sehun stan of my life she’s so adorable and sweet and kind and caring, all the great qualitites you’ll find in our lovely Oh Sehun. But also @whenxoxosmilesunshines one of the most adorable and talented sweethearts I’ve ever had the pleasure of talking to!

(Let’s Have a Sleepover!)

I Want To Be Good To You [Sehun x Reader] [Request]

Written by: Admin S

Word Count: 2, 776

Summary: Under normal circumstances, he would never go for someone like you–you were too sweet and innocent, as a popular website he frequented would say, the definition of a cinnamon roll that was too precious for this world. Not his type, and yet he couldn’t seem to take his mind off you.

A/N: I really had fun with this one. I hope that it’s satisfactory enough, anonnie! Thank you for requesting! My computer is also back up and running, so I’ll be sure to post more things in the queue for you guys and write stuff up^^

Be More [Sequel];

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If your mutuals were exo members, who would they be? 😃

JDHAKSJHAJKF this was hard 😬

minseok: @softsoo both seem really organized and mature loool

suho: @starlightdae both really adorable and like silly jokes

yixing: @ninisgrl audrey is cute n sweet just like yixing 🤧

baekhyun: @305heaux not just because baek is her man but they’re both really hilarious and nice to everyone

chen: @minsoakedme both are friendly and nice and funny!!!

chanyeol: @silkstan key and chanyeol are both talkative (online) and crack me up

kyungsoo: @suho69 both are super chill and nice 💕

kai: @ilovepcy they’re both really soft n sweet wow

sehun: @godbbh becky is like sehun because they’re both funny just being themselves they don’t even have to try

i had the same reasoning for like more than half of them i’m so sorry 🕳🚶

Dating Sehun

Sehun would take a while to warm up in a relationship. He wouldn’t really like being touched at all, even playfully until he felt comfortable enough. But even then, skinship would be limited, especially in public. He might act a little bratty sometimes but those close to him know that he’s very sweet and thoughtful. A lot of the time it might not seem like he’s listening or paying attention but he remembers things and surprises his partner later on with little bits of information or thoughtful gifts just to show them, yeah he does care. He’d argue frequently over little things but he’d apologize if he knew that it upset his partner. He can be sassy and he’d frequently over do it then begrudgingly apologize when he realizes it. If he wasn’t having a very good day but his partner wanted to do something, he’d still do it because his relationship is more important. And if his partner was having a bad day then he’d do anything to make them smile and laugh. The little things would be really important to him even though to an outsider they’d be incredibly simple. Dating Sehun would include things like: matching bracelets or rings (he’d be okay with it as long as it was kind of trendy and didn’t clash with his style), sooo many instagram photos of the two of you, so so many, wearing his jackets, back hugs, the cutest pout whenever he knows he screwed up and is trying to apologize.

more exo as boyfriends. masterlist (mobile)

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Are you calm? I really don’t think you are. BUT I ALSO LOVE ME SOME EXO, AND SOME KINKS, SO LIKE LET’S DO THIS. Also gonna do it OT12 because I miss my babies…I apologize if anyone has an issue with it. In the future, anyone can specify if they want OT12, just current members, or just specific ones.


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Minseok: take a deep breath emperorjin because your boy is up first Okay…so Minseok. He’s interesting. Cute face and killer body, is basically what it boils down to. He’s also the oldest member, and arguably one of the most mature (if not the most). It stands to reason that he’s bound to have stumbled upon plenty of kinks, and is perfectly comfortable with admitting that not to mention have you seen how his body moves tho? like ZAYUM. what am i saying, of course you have now for Minseok. He’d be very into teasing. He’d be very into PUBLIC teasing. His favorite time to corner you and feel you up, or just score a hot make out, is backstage before a show. He loves to leave you hanging. I can see him having a slight daddy kink, so if you pull this out on him in the bedroom. He’d like light bondage, such as wrist restraints. He’d like sex when the risk of being caught or heard was high. He’d be one of the members most likely to enjoy trying new positions or new “tricks” so to speak in the bedroom. I also see him having a bit of a voyeurism kink, so it’s very likely he might make you please yourself while he watches.

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Luhan: deer lord slay me haha get it i said deer…he’s killing me please help Oh boy…this will be interesting. We all know that Luhan’s primary goal in life is to be “manly”. We also all know by now that behind that cute, sweet little face and doe eyes is quite the little perv we’ve heard Lu…there’s no coming back from that Lulu me boy I could see him being a very dominant personality in bed. He would love getting blowjobs, but rather than just letting you do your thing and show off your skill, he’d be the type to hold your head in place, thrusting into your mouth a bit and get off on the sound of you gagging. He’d love pinning you down, making you scream. He’d love fucking you against the wall, forcing you to cling onto him with everything you have just so you don’t fall, nails digging into his back and shoulders. I also think he’d have a mild kink for choking and spanking. 

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Yifan: Alright I just got random Kris feels that I’m not used to dealing with. Kris strikes me as the type to be a bit more “traditional” and by that I don’t mean to say he’s “vanilla,” I just mean that he wouldn’t really so much care for all of the extra frills and kinks that some of the other guys would like. He’d be into rough sex though. He would be very dominant. The kinkiest I see him getting (and tbh this is lowkey a really big kink for him imo) is calling you princess/you calling him daddy or oppa, whichever you’re more comfortable with. 

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Junmyeon: On the scale of vanilla cupcake to dungeon sex master from hell, I think he’d fall closer to the vanilla region. It’s not to say that he wouldn’t be into trying some new things, but I just honestly think he’d be a little more hesitant, and definitely a bit more shy if you were to bring them up to him. He’d be very into sweet and slow love making, maybe switching it up with a rough pace every once in a while. I honestly see his biggest kink being an innocence kink, so basically if you give him your best doe eyes, bat your eyelashes, bite your lip and call him oppa he’ll be feeling a little more than just affection in that moment.

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Yixing: Alright, I think he’d be less of the kinky type and more of the type to get turned on by the simple things. He’d like lingerie and would probably often spoil you by buying new ones. He’d also be one of the actually more submissive guys. He wouldn’t mind, and would actually find it attractive, if you took the reigns. I’m not talking anything extreme, like don’t pull out any BDSM shit on him, but some blindfolds, sensory play (run a feather down his body gently while he’s blindfolded and I bet he’ll lose his mind), and you riding him would be enough to fuel him into overdrive.

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Baekhyun: I might not make it out of this one alive I mean already just look at the way his fingers gently glide along his own neck and the way he’s looking just like FUCK ME UP someone help me I need air He’s definitely on the kinkier side.I could see him being very versatile as far as if he’s dominant or submissive, but I think he’d prefer you taking the dominant role. He’d be completely into being tied up, He’d LOVE hair pulling. I could see dirty talk being a big turn on for him, both when you do it, and when he’s whispering filth into your ears to get a reaction out of you. I think he’d be kinda into wearing a collar for you to tug on and boss him around a bit. He’d call you mistress/princess/baby/mommy/noona depending on his mood that day, but pet names are a big thing for him, especially in bed. He’d like to finger you often, and honestly…have you seen his beautiful fingers? They’re amazing! Also, he’d be the type of sub who would be actually quite bossy. Expect a lot of “noona, faster!” “mommy, harder!” “choke me!” out of this one. wow admin haru had to take a two day break after writing this because it ruined her ok bye

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Jongdae: I get the feel that he would prefer playful sex to anything super kinky. Anything where you guys could just enjoy each other, laugh together, he’d like romantic. But since this is a kink post, I do think there are some that he’d really be fond of! He would be the type to like public…pretty much anything! Some public teasing where his hand was on your thigh and sliding up under the table, maybe having you sit on his lap in a crowded room and grinding on you a little bit. He would be the type to want to try dressing room sex, at least once. He’d love it if you were trying on lingerie for him in a store and if he snuck in…you can guarantee you’d be trying some things out. I think he’d also be pretty into trying out different types of roleplay or outfits in the bedroom. You want him in police officer uniform? Sign him up. Consider it done. 

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Chanyeol: Honestly, I think his biggest turn on in terms of kinks would be a praise kink. He’d really love to take his time worshipping and admiring every part of your body, making you feel special and beautiful. He’d be a big fan of oral, both giving and receiving, but I think mostly giving. He’d be big into dirty talk, and honestly he has the voice for it. His deep and sexy voice in your ear while you’re having sex and telling you what a good job you’re doing? Yeah goodbye world.

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Kyungsoo: I had to get a little help from my bestie @daddyafnamjoon for this one so please check her out and give her love. Kyungsoo would be the type to be turned on by seeing his lover in lingerie, especially something lace or silk. He wouldn’t be into anything too extreme, but would be a rough guy in bed for sure. He’d like to take control, be the one in charge. He’d expect you to listen to him. He would be the type to give punishments if you weren’t  obeying to his standards and honestly his favorite type of punishment to give would be spankings. He’d like pet names, and his favorite one to use on you would be “baby girl”. 

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Zitao: that gif though wow is it getting hot in here Tao strikes me as the type to be a bit of a romantic in bed. Actually no, I take that back. He would have two settings depending on his mood for the day. On some days, he’d be very romantic and affectionate. He might be willing to let you take control just a little bit. He’d really like seeing you on top of him, his hands gliding along your smooth thighs to hold at your hips. He’d be the type to whisper sweet “I love you”s between kisses. However, on his feistier days, he’d want to be in charge. He’d expect you worshipping him, on your knees ready to do as he commands. He’d want to hear a lot of begging, a lot of praise directed at him, and would love to pull your hair and spank your ass. He’d expect blowjobs, but honestly they’d heat up quickly into more of just him fucking your face. Rather than releasing in your mouth, he’d love the dirty look of releasing on your chest and face instead. 

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Jongin: As we all know, there’s quite a difference between “Kai” and “Jongin” so this could get really interesting for you. Like Tao, I feel like depending on his mood you would get either Kai or Jongin. When he’s feeling like Kai, he’s going to be rough and dirty, loving to really push your limits, and needing to hear you scream. He might be so inclined to tie your wrists behind your back and immobilize you just a bit while he either toys with you or makes you give him head. Now, I would say probably 90% of the time you’re getting Jongin instead of Kai, and he’s a whole different story. Jongin is sweet, making sure to always tell you what he loves about you and how beautiful you are. He would be the type to leave soft, sweet kisses along every inch of your body. He’d be a very selfless lover, always asking what you want and need and making sure to give you exactly that. I think he’d really like oral, watching the pleasure on your face as he does his best to give you a piece of heaven. He’d love any position that was intimate and close where you could hold each other and kiss the entire time. 

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Sehun: help me i am dying i am dead inside Alright, listen. It’s probably not news to anyone that probably 95% of my time is spent thinking about Sehun. haha someone call a doctor am i right…please help me he’s absorbed my soul That being said, I feel like he’s a bit trickier to really peg down. His image is very tough and sexy, very much the role of the “badboy”. Point blank, he’s beautiful and plays the role well. I think it’s just a role though. He’s the youngest, and quite honestly seems very VERY sensitive. Deep down, he’s sweet to the core and I think even when it comes to sex he’d be on the softer side. He’s still a bit innocent, despite his bad boy image, and more than anything seems to like cuddles. I think it’s reasonable to say that, kinda like Jongin, romance is a big turn on for him. He’d want every inch of your body to be tingling with sensations, he’d have your lips close or connected almost the whole time. He would be the type to whisper sweet nothings to you, telling you how much he loved you and how beautiful you are. Some neck kisses would definitely be a bonus, and I think he’d actually be a bit into biting. can we talk about how sharp his teeth are tho like i think he’d also maybe wanna bite you When he was feeling rougher though, which does happen from time to time, I still don’t think you’d see any extreme wild sides from him. I think he’d be a little bit more likely to get vocal and quite frankly very whiny, than the other guys, especially if he felt very comfortable with you. He’d like both having you on top and being on top of you, not caring so much who was in charge (but even so not hardcore dominant like Kris OR hardcore submissive like Baek, just somewhere in between). I think he’d have a kink for dirty talk and very VERY light bondage, I’m talking wrists restraints and nothing more. When he was feeling sassy rather than romantic, he would be so totally in favor of playful banter back and forth, you’d see his sarcasm come out and he’d like to pick on you. He’d probably like calling you noona (seems like he’d be into noonas) and would like if you called him baby. Don’t freak him out with anything too wild in the nicknames department.

okay for the love of god i think i’m done….i’m so sorry about how carried away i got with Sehun…again. 

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Exo’s Reaction - Their S/O Moving Away Due To Job Transfer

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Xiumin - *He’d questions you about it and would want to make sure that you’re going to be okay and safe with him not being there for you. Also would start getting scared about all of this*

Lay - *He’d be confused on why you had to move away to another country for work purposes but he’d try and support you as much as possible, also would try and hide the fact that he seriously didn’t want you to go so he’d make you promise you’ll be home as soon as you can*

Kai - *He wouldn’t be able to believe it and would try to get you to change work so you didn’t have to move away to work but he can’t control what you do so he’d be clueless*

Suho - *He’d want whats’s best for you and would help to pay for mostly everything and to make sure that you’re going to be safe as much as possible even though he wont be with you*

Kyungsoo - *He’s understand that it’s for work purposes and would help you to make a comfortable transfer but he’d miss you like mad and would always talk to you when you’ve both got free time over skype*

Tao - *He wouldn’t like this idea at all and would be really bitchy about it but he had no choice what you were going to have to do*

Chen - *He’d think it was a prank that you’ve planned with Chanyeol to play on him but when he sees the letter you received, he’d be serious and wouldn’t want you to go but he’d want what you wanted so he’d help with everything he could but made sure that he spend the most of time he could before you left to work*

Kris - *He’d use the cool cold guy act as he’d pretend that he’s okay with it all and would support you through it anyway but underneath it all, he’d dread it and would hate it when you leave to work away*

Chanyeol - *He’d be really annoyed with the fact that you have to move away for job transfer and would be upset that he wouldn’t be able to be with you everyday*

Baekhyun - *He’d try sweet talking you into staying and he’d try help you find somewhere closer to home to work but it wouldn’t work so he’d guess that he’d try to cope without you there*

Sehun - *He wouldn’t really know what to do with himself after finding out and he’d silently hate it but would seem like he’d be able to cope with you being away for this job transfer when really he’s confused with what to do*

Luhan - *He’d want to make sure that everything was meant to put in actions correctly and to see if there wasn’t any mistakes but he’d come to reality and would help you with anything you needed for this job, missing you even before you had gone*


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I'm new to the fandom and honestly i don't understand why hunhan is so popular. They don't seem to interact much. Can you explain why you ship hunhan? No hate i'm just curious :)

I’d answer this longer in the hunhan analysis/thoughts thing I’m writing that is way overdue. But, okay, to answer this… well, I guess hunhan was really popular in the MAMA era because they had a lot of onstage interactions. Nowadays, they mostly have behind-the-scenes/offstage/airport moments.

I would understand why non-shippers would think they have disappeared. But then they lead most of their lives off-stage, and the little we see of this part of their lives (from fancams mostly), suggest that they are still close, that they do care for each other. And hunhan shippers who have stayed (and will stay) - like me - actually live for the off-stage/off-cam moments because they’re really sweet, genuine and precious.

I fell in love with them because:

Note: this is just a repost of THIS post I made. Updated with a few more things too.

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I don't know if this count as a reaction (or if you've answered this) but what kind of girl do you think would match sehun well?

*These are just my thoughts, don’t take them too seriously since this could be COMPLETELY different from what others think ^^*

Sehun would definitely need someone lively and energetic around him when he’s so active himself; he wouldn’t necessarily the type to be all“LET’S CUDDLE”, but rather be “LET’S GO OUT”. I recall him saying something about liking sassy girls, so I guess you don’t have to be that idealistic sweet girl (although I think he’d appreciate it) but have a bouncy attitude that can keep the relationship feisty. Someone who can easily take good care of others may be a match as well, since Sehun doesn’t exactly seem to be the care-for-all-guy but quite the exact opposite by being the maknae.. If you don’t mind doing childish things, that’s a plus-one for Sehun’s case since he’d be into doing really childish stuff like playing video games and such. Although someone with a bouncy attitude might fit as I stated above, “Childish but mature” could also be a strong possibility since you’d have the ability to shush all of his jealousy and immaturity with the mature sense of yours.

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