sehun is such a cutie with girls i can't!

Exo’s reaction to seeing a girl and instantly feeling attracted to her

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*sends a message on the bro walkie talkie (bro walkie talkie is the telepathic connection that the members of exo share)*

“This is your oldest hyung reporting we have a code cwb approaching.” (cwb stands for cutie with booty)

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*politely walks up to you and goes for an awkward handshake*

“Yes I touched her first! Dibs!!!” 

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*gets really embarrassed when you catch him staring at you*

“Aye…. what am I doing?”

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*runs up and immediately starts a full on interrogation  conversation*

“Whats your name? Where are you from??” 

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*uses expert level skills to get your attention*


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*is his puppy self and looks at you from a distance*

“Woah she’s so pretty”

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*goes to sit next to you and tries to start a genuine conversation*

“Hi I’m Kyungsoo. What’s your name?”

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*pandatao flips to get your attention*

“Look at how impressive I can be.”

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*tries to speak but gets flustered and starts blushing*

“I’m K—-Kai…”

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*does a self check before going over to introduce himself (aka impress you*

“Smells good, I’m ready.”

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