exo + otpsseho (requested by anon)

“suho hyung! when i first met you i was in 8th grade. that day, i don’t know whether it was because you got a new haircut but you were full of confidence and you looked at your own reflection in the mirror and walked in really confidently, didn’t you? in that moment, when i saw you i fell for you. i thought ‘wow! sm is a place like this. a place where there are only hot and cool hyungs like the one i just saw’. oh and i said hello to you and bowed, but you said with a straight face ‘what kind of greeting is this? do the greeting again, properly’. back then i was in 8th grade, it was my first day at sm. me, a boy who knew nothing. a genuinely innocent and clueless boy. i was so hurt. i was so scared because of you hyung. i wasn’t going to come back to sm, ㅋㅋㅋ  just kidding. it’s almost been 5 years since i’ve known you and it was such an honour. i’m so thankful. because of the fact that i was able to know someone like hyung and because you’re always here by my side, i’m so so thankful.. i love you. i wish that the thing that i call ‘us’ will never change and remain the same forever. i know it’s hard to take care and look after all the members, but hyung, you do it so well and you are fully capable of it. we will all help you along too, leader hyung. fighting!”  - sehun


actual representation of me jamming to exo songs

my sister's thoughts on exo
  • xiumin:he's a cutie
  • chen:his cheekbones and jawline are so sharp they cut me just looking at them
  • lay:hot but cute but sexy
  • suho:i support him in whatever he does
  • kyungsoo:does he always makes those face, wait he's hot, but what are you feeling, child, are you okay?
  • kai:i'd pay him to beat me up
  • sehun:i would pay him, that's it i'd just pay him, pls take my money
  • baekhyun:he's cute and he does everything better than you, including his makeup, like damn that eyeliner
  • chanyeol:i'd pay him to slap me with those hands