Phrases to know as a kpop fan:
  • “They’re not Chinese.”
  • “No, that’s a boy.”
  • “He’s Korean.”
  • “They look nothing alike, what are you talking about?”
  • “I swear, he’s a boy!” 
  • “It’s Korean music, not Chinese.”
  • “I don’t need to know what they’re saying to enjoy it..”
  • “They’re all boys, none of them are girls.”
  • “I don’t know why there are so many members? There just are.”
  • “Not all kpop is Gangnam Style, okay?”
Exo as shit my friends have said
  • Xiumin:guys I drank too much coffee, but don't worry it was decaf
  • Lay:how many swimming pools do you think it takes to fill the ocean
  • Suho:I am older then you there for I know more
  • Chen:guys feel my legs, I just shaved
  • Baekhyun:you guys don't know what true roasting is *proceeds to roast self*
  • Chanyeol:my shower thinks I'm a good singer
  • D.O:so do you think you could make a knife out of a water bottle if you cut it into triangles
  • Sehun:im not weird im special edition, get your facts straight
If You Care - Park Chanyeol

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Genre: Angsty, (eventual) smut

Pairing: Reader x Park Chanyeol / Oh Sehun.

Word Count: 1,880

Summary: When Chanyeol’s old friend comes back from studying abroad, you find yourself seeing him less and less. Your boyfriend hasn’t been paying attention to you, so Sehun steps in to comfort you instead.

Everything hit you at once. Chanyeol invited her to the dance practice. He didn’t invite his own girlfriend to watch him practice. The only reason you were even in the room was because Sehun invited you. If it hadn’t been for him, you wouldn’t even be here. Had Chanyeol even thought about inviting you? Did you cross his mind at all?

You knew one thing and one thing only. You couldn’t stand Yuna. She might’ve been a nice girl, for all you knew. But how could you possibly like her when your boyfriend cared more about her than he cared about you. Jealousy was simmering inside you.

To make matters worse, Chanyeol walked over to you with Yuna at his side. “Y/N, this is Yuna.”

“Hey,” you said cooly.

She smiled, showing off her stupid, million dollar smile. “Hi! Chanyeol’s told me all about you…”

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EXO react to you being an Olympic gymnast

Hey, so at present I don’t do GOT7 reactions, sorry! Although I might think of doing them in the future. I hope it’s okay that I did EXO? Thank you for the request.

Baekhyun: “That’s my girl!”

Chanyeol: *You take him to training with you*

Chen: *You complete your routine*

D.O: *He can’t make it to watch you at the Olympics so he’s clued to the TV during interviews*

Kai: *You have to go away for a 2 month training programme* “I don’t want you to leave,”


Interviewer: “So will you being going to watch Y/N at the next Olympics in Tokyo?”

Lay: “Of course. Supporting her is always my main priority,” 

Sehun: *When you win gold* 


Interviewer: “What’s your proudest achievement to date?”

Suho: “My proudest achievement has got to be my girlfriend. There’s not many people I know that have won 3 Olympic gold medals in their first Olympics. I just want her to know how proud I am of her and that all the hard work she’s put in has definitely paid off,”

Xiumin: *Can’t watch your final routine because it’s so tense*


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