[130207] Sehun’s High School Graduation Day: 3 years ago, today, marked an important date on your life. You graduated SOPA and became the artist we know now. You were surrounded by your family, your closest friends and some lucky fans, that was the day you were expecting so much for. Right now, words can’t describe how proud I am of you. You’ve grown so much, but I’ve grown with you, and I hope I can continue doing so for a long time. I want to see you shine under your own spotlight.


Sehun’s message to his Hyungs through the years: Tao Hyung.

And now for!! Tao hyung… It’s funny right? It’s really uncomfortable for me too but since this is for a broadcast, I will talk formally ㅋㅋㅋ You’re like a real friend to me, Tao. Whenever you are feeling down or happy or anytime you are feeling anything, you always come to me and try to share those feelings with me, I feel like you really do trust and depend on me and at times like those, I feel so thankful to have you and I’m working on being an even more reliable and dependable person for you. Like I said last time, whenever anything happens, make sure you tell me. We can’t have any secrets. Wo ai ni, Tao.


EXO-K: Other boys these you for having a crush on Sehun

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Exo Reaction When You Fall Out Of Bed


“Babe get back up. I wanna cuddle”

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“Am i too hot for you?”

*Yes motherfucker!*

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“You alright there?”

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He kicked you out of bed

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“Ouch…that must’ve hurt”

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“wake up”

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“Guys this is what happens everyday”

*Shows the boys*

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You shirt went up and he realized that you didn’t wear a bra


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