YAY! came home to a pkage ! It was mine sephora things I ordered! WHOA! it was small but a tad heavy! Got mine bday gift, mine urban decay gel liner i been wanting for  a bit, urban decay primer ( i haven’t tried that), and the skin products and the samples! ehhh I didn’t like the gucci guilty smell . Smell like OLD! to me lmao >_< i’m more the light flowery smell type.

I also got mine missha things yeterday, I didn’t order much from them. I just wanted the free item I won :D

I won a BB cream , it’s new. I don’t use BB cream much but tho I’ll check it out and won! awesome ness! I love the casing and packaging. Very nice! <3 and just got two nose patch thingy for black heads and a spongy pad. and got a FREE! body scrub that thing is HUGE! :D

wahhh so happy! oh don’t get the idea that i wear make up a lot hahaha i don’t well like not foundation and all i’m more the eyes and lips i guess. and skin care hehehe