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Dear Sehun

u had to

Dear Sehun

can u stop being so fab omfg no one asks u to be a messy hawt ball one moment then turn into a derpy idiot the next one

how the hell did u pack up those muscles like ur only 19 jfc stanning u is fuqing hard cuz im sitting here with my fats watching ur tone abs on the screen like u mean it

and can u control ur thang idk what u gon do with it next cb maybe let it free or sth cuz god damn it u gotta release it to distract us and those CK Armani Cherrio Coco Puff undies look hot share it with da member okei and wear low jean more often ,that way i wont be so pervert tho there’s nothing to save anm

tell ur mole and cute teeth and dewy skin and skinny legs to fuq off cuz i hate them no wait i hate ur whole existence

and dance some more idk u cant sing nor rap so pmsl not like u care but anw embrace it okei u might not be in the spotlight but Minah notices u and ur charisma just embrace it

lastly, can u pls show us ur mischievous instead of rolling ur eyes and giggle like a skulgirl when they talk bout Luhan cuz we know u do that shit okei u order hyungs around and prank them with Yeol and cling to Yixing then make Kris fail for ur aegyo while catching butterfly with Tao or some shit