I was playing DA MP tonight because family stress=hit things time, and this timmy fuckboy decided to be my buddy, and had his mic on, and he wasn’t entirely a fuckboy, he was like, ehhh 75% timmy, and was hilariously enthused with winning operations on routine, but was also dropping enough bitch this and bitch that (and calling me dawg and/or bro) that I decided to kick it into threatening on my own time, after another timmy fuckboy joined us and they started shit talking their girlfriends (these kids were Tyler & Trevor, ok, that should tell you all you need to know), and it was the Red Templars. 

We got the the fifth phase, and the entire party was dead except for me and my little level 10 Legionnaire, and I just hammered away at Samson until Lo, the thing was won because no big deal, that’s what shields are for. 

Except these Tyler & Trevor were just losing their damn minds. Keep in mind, I play with my mic muted, so this was the moment:

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I feel like our parents have collectively failed to teach the lot of us any fucking thing about managing money and debt. 

I think I might try to make a masterpost about this at some point when I have the energy, because so many 20 somethings are just out there unsure of what to do. 

I’ve been going to the acupuncturist here in town, who is hella awesome and charges on a sliding scale (!!!!) and it’s helping so much with my depression/energy issues. I’ve also started taking turmeric as a non irritating anti-inflammatory, and that’s helped my hands not hurt too. Happy things.