segunda feira branca

For my non-brazilian followers:

We’re going through a moment of political insatisfaction. Our people is (finally) taking action and rising against the corruption that, like poison, sickens our country. There are protest happening in several states. 

This is a warning. Antecipate posts about the protests, instead of my usual Doctor Who-Sherlock-Hannibal-Star Trek related posts. There might be violent images, because the level of police repression in a democratic country we are facing would be ludicrous, if it wasn’t so tragic. We have to do something.

O gigante acordou.
Brazil tries to avert protest clash

Guys, this not explains everything. It isnt just the public transportation, is the education, the high taxes, the health system, the security.

While our government spends billions of reais with the world cup and the olympics, there are many people dying in hospitals, because of the lack of investment.

Please, help us spreading this to the world. We need change.