segret agent

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A fanmade trailer by Niphrehdil (on Youtube) 

Richard, Aidan and Dean are segret agents that need to form an elite team and face an unknown threat. 

The stern ex-soldier Richard has worked several years with the talented but flirty spy Dean, but now they need Aidan to join the trio to succesfully complete their hardest mission yet, Operation Delta.

If you are Niphrehdil and you don’t agree with me sharing your amazing trailer, please let me know and I’ll take it down. Or if you want your tumblr url tagged (assuming you have tumblr) just message me.

If you are not the person who made this video, do check it out on youtube and comment on how awesome this is.  (check out the other videos as well, like this one )
And someone start writing a script for this please, that or just a story.