I was tagged by @and-orlesian-feathers. Thanks girl! 

Birthday: December 5th

Relationship status: Single

Zodiac sign: Sagittarius

Siblings: younger brother

Favorite color: Blue and peach (together)

Wake up and Sleep times: I’m totally not a morning person, so I have to wake up later than like 8 to not be dead to the world and/or grumpy. As for night, lately it’s been like 11:00 since I’m on a schedule. 

Coke or Pepsi: Definitely coke.

Day or Night: Night

Text or Call: Depends on what I’m doing or who I’m talking to. Usually it’s text, but there are a few people that I prefer to talk to by phone call.

Makeup or Natural: I have a newfound love of makeup and it’s wonderful.

Met a celebrity: One time I was in New York and while the guys were at baseball, me, my mom, grandma, and aunt stumbled on a movie premiere. There we met Mark Wahlberg, and then saw a bunch of people like Samuel Jackson, Jimmy Fallon, Brook Shields, and others. I’ve also met a few at cons, the biggest of which was Tom Felton. The most I’ve freaked out about anything ever.

Smile or eyes: Really, I love good smiles. 

Light or Dark hair: Dark hair

Shorter or Taller: Taller

Intelligent or Attraction: A mix? Because sometimes intelligence makes a person more attractive. 

Chapstick or lipstick: Lipstick! Like I said, I have a newfound love of makeup and I’m still experimenting with colors and stuff like that. 

City or Country: Not out in the middle of nowhere country, but close enough to the city that it’s not like an hour drive for groceries and an internet provider will let me get, you know, internet. 

Last song I listened to: Body Love Part 1 - Mary Lambert

I tag @oh-so-seggsy, @fereldentrashbag, and @theweepingtrees. And anyone else who wants to feel this out.