SONIC and friends get into some BIG TROUBLE in “Panic in the Sky” Part One: Sonic’s Freedom Fighters are finally ready to restore the planet! Unless, of course, someone does even more damage! Cue: the evil Dr. Eggman (of course)! He has a plan of his own and strikes first! The mad doctor launches a multi-pronged assault that will leave you speechless-everything has been building up to this moment! The final chapter to the Shattered World Saga begins here! Featuring the first of four EPIC connecting covers by mega-talent Dan Schoening and an “Evil Win” variant by the wonderful Lamar Wells!

Script: Ian Flynn
Art: Diana Skelly, Terry Austin, John Workman & Gabriel Cassata
Sonic the Hedgehog #284 CVR A Reg: Dan Schoening & Luis Antonio Delgado
Sonic the Hedgehog #284 CVR B Variant: Lamar Wells, Rick Bryant & Matt Herms
On Sale Date: 7/27
32-page, full color comic
$3.99 U.S.

I’ve really liked Ben Bates sketch of Sally-girl the minute I saw it. The way he drew her face and boots especially. It just seemed like such a lovely Sega Sally design.

I wanted to clean it up a bit, and edit a few things (ifthatsalrightomgidolovetheoriginal). ;v;

Go check out the original and fave the crap out of it if you haven’t already >:U


My take on Archie’s proto Sally design. Plus an older Sally, I imagine about 26. She looks like a go go dancer ohmygosh. :u

A Sega Bunnie, she didn’t need much work. I don’t draw her enough though. :P 

Plus a Rouge because why not? uvu

I also posted the color palettes I use for Sal and Buns. :u I like Bunnies original colors. >> 

So I like the archie Sally, but the one thing I don’t like at all is just how much blue she has now. It’s a nice compliment to her fur, but there’s so much of it it becomes too much for my eyes to take while at the same time making the design too bland. All I really did was change the color of her bracelets to a blueish gray (changed the white on the bottoms of her shoes to that color too) to even out her color scheme. A simple change that I think adds more interest to her look. 

Now she has her own gloves! Everyone says she has Amy’s gloves now. Sorry, they’re Tikal’s gloves. ;3