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SEGA of Japan launches Sonic Toon website

SEGA of Japan launches Sonic Toon website #sega #sonicthehedgehog #sonicboom

It was just a couple ago when we learned that Sonic Boom would indeed be making its way to Japan, with one big exception: it won’t be called Sonic Boom but Sonic Toon.

Well, if there were any doubts of the change in name, there shouldn’t be anymore as SEGA of Japan has launched the official Sonic Toon website.

There’s not a lot to see or do but look at a few gameplay screens of levels of both Ris…

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[PSO2 news] Those scums...

ahahaha… Japan though they were being smart by being assholes not telling non-asian ISPs about their new IP address.

Well, the truth is out, Japan, you can be selfish all you asshoels want, but you won’t get the chance to lock us non-Japanese out! 

For those of you who still can’t connect: TELL THEM ABOUT THE NEW ip ADDRESS! get them to route to THIS NEW ADDRESS!

Now, the new address doesn’t seem to be out yet, but you can read up more on it here:

Whether it’s on purpose to keep the non-japanese out, or to protect themselves, I care not. I stopped caring about what the Japanese wanted the moment I saw they still harbor some sort of Xenophobic tendencies.

Wait it out Arks members…. Wait it out.

Hatsune Miku: Project Diva X HD Demo Available in Japan!

SEGA recently released a demo of Project Diva X HD (the Japanese version of the game) in the JP PlayStation Store! The songs included in the demo are: “Satisfaction” by kz, “Raspberry*Monster” by ゴム, HoneyWorks, and “LOL -lots of laugh-” by KeN along with a tutorial featuring the song “Ievan Polkka” by Otomania (all of these songs are sung by Miku).

Hatsune Miku: Project Diva X HD is already released in Japan for the PS VITA and is expected to be available for the PS4 on August 25th. Project Diva X will arrive in the West on August 30th for the PS Vita and PS4. 

For more info, visit Mikufan



Before the celebrations continue for Sonic the Hedgehog in California next week, we’ve got some awesome news for all of our musically-talented SEGA Nerds. To celebrate Sonic the Hedgehog‘s 25th anniversary, ESP Japan is releasing four limited edition guitars that feature Sonic and Shadow the Hedgehog.

The guitars are inspired by the models from Crush 40’s Jun Senoue and come in standard and high-end models.

“Built for speed, the ESP SN-25th Sonic The Hedgehog Guitar-II offers an alder body with bolt-on maple neck and ebony fingerboard, plus a Floyd Rose 1000 vibrato, and Seymour Duncan JB and SSL-4 pickups.”

The Sonic and Shadows guitars come with a gigbag, certificate, pick set, musical score, and polishing cloth. The higher-end models include Jescar frets, custom inlays, Gotoh tuners and headstocks that resemble their respective sneakers. The standard models will cost you  ¥165,000 (£1,194/$1,581), while the more expensive models will set you back ¥645,000 (£4,664/£6,181).

[via Music Radar]

ESP Japan is releasing 4 limited edition guitars for Sonic’s 25th anniversary. Look amazing, but expensive! #SEGA Before the celebrations continue for Sonic the Hedgehog in California next week, we’ve got some awesome news for all of our musically-talented SEGA Nerds.

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