sega mega drive ultimate collection

Forgot to mention I got a copy of that Sega Mega Drive PS3 compilation. Emulation quality is great and it introduced me to the fun little adventure that is The Story of Thor (Beyond Oasis for americans) and IT HAS FUCKING STREETS OF RAGE 2 ON IT AND FUCKING SONIC 2 AND FUCKING PHANTASY STAR 4

It does have a fair few crappy games on it though (Shining in the Darkness, Sonic 3D, Fatal Labyrinth, the first Golden Axe, Tip Top,Alex Kidd,  no locked on Sonic 3 games,  and I can’t really say Altered Beast is too good.) Some of the arcade games are good and it has the first Phantasy Star Master System game on it too which I guess is a neat novelty if you wanna play all the original PS titles in one go.

But really I’d probably just get it for Sonic 2, Streets of Rage 2, Phantasy Star 4 and Story of Thor.


Comix Zone

Rather than the usual trailer, here’s someone playing through the whole first level of Comix Zone.

It’s good retro fun and you should get it, just as part of the Sega Mega Drive Ultimate Collection and not as a stand-alone purchase.

It costs a little more, but you do get 40 Mega Drive games to call your own. Yay!