sega arcade classics


Sonic shows up in SEGA’s Model 3 arcade board Brawler SpikeOut as a statue, along with art of him across the Astro Mall stage’s walls; however, one of the pieces is quite interesting.

The art in general is quite odd (there’s a piece by Ohshima, Sonic’s creator), but these are perhaps the most interesting pieces. 

They’re shaded in the Adventure style, and even have green eyes! Yes, official Classic Sonic art where he has green eyes. Hot damn. 


SegaSonic Cosmo Fighter Arcade

i had no idea of this game until now :D its so cool!!


Some of you have been asking me about where the “Retro Arcade” photo i posted was taken. So here’s the scoop on it..and its pretty amazing.

“Luna City” was created by Peter Hirschberg in his GARAGE! It is a two-story 2400 square-foot paradise for anyone who is a fan of old school video games. Located about 70 miles west of Washington D.C. Peter’s private collection of retro games is considered one of the greatest in the world. Completed in 2006 Peter would have ‘game days’ every few months where he would open the doors to the public to come and play. 

Unfortunately this story takes a big turn for the worse. In 2010 Peter and his wife had a falling out and he was kicked out of the home he had built for them. As a result of going through a divorce he was forced to sell half of the games from his collection and half the money was given to her.

She now has exclusive use of the house & arcade and Peter is not allowed on the property without her written consent. He hopes to get the remainder of the games back some time in the future to rebuild. Nothing is certain right now because of the divorce he may end up loosing them all. 

A very unfortunate outcome, I hope they’re able to work something out where both can walk away satisfied. 

Thanks for taking the time to read this, as a huge fan of retro games looking at the pictures of Luna City takes me back to my childhood and at the sites and sounds of being in a real arcade. 

All the best to Peter Hirschberg, thank you for making one of the greatest places I’ve ever seen. 


Complete playthrough / longplay of the arcade mode of the Dreamcast port of the classic Sega arcade game.  Virtua Tennis set a high bar for the sports genre blowing previous Tennis games out of the water. It still remains a near perfect Tennis game in just about every aspect, while the sequels were a case of diminishing returns, it easy to forget what a master piece this first outing was when it hit arcades in 1999. The Dreamcast port of 2000 added in a world circuit mode making it a port that was more than arcade perfect. The roster for the original game included a number of well known players from the 90s & 00s. It’s also the only way you can ever see Tim Henman lift a grand slam trophy. Longplay done on an easier difficulty to avoid the hidden boss king as he breaks up the flow and feel of the game not being a real player. Also the Japanese name of Power Smash is truly bizarre what were Sega thinking?