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Sadly Departed And Ready To Party (The House Of The Dead Remix) [Arcade Child (originally composed by Tetsuya Kawauchi)]

This was originally made in August of last year for a Sega Saturn 20th Anniversary planned by a member of the OCRemix community and due to come out November of this year; ambitious project planning, a lack of communication, and the fact that pretty much everyone that signed up to do remixes for it (myself included) were busy with other things unfortunately meant the project wound up collapsing in on itself and has, for now, been shelved. Of course, out of any game/port available on the Saturn, I was bound to do one for The House Of The Dead, and it was inevitable it’d win up being an arrangement of the legendary Chapter 1 theme; THOTD is still one of, if not my favourite game of all time (I get nostalgic about it that same way most folks do over Super Mario Bros. on the NES), and said Chapter 1 music has been forever burned into my head, it’s that damn catchy. While the original had more of a synth rock vibe going for it, my arrangement puts a bit of a funkier spin on it, including the obligitory lo-fi needle drop + amen break intro.

While of course I can look on this arrangement with the benefit of hindsight and say “I could’ve done better”, I still think it came out pretty damned good; I made this around about the time I really started pushing what Music 2000 could do to its limits, and I believe this was the first song I ever did that I had to make over multiple files and stitch together in wavepad later, as well as one of the first songs I did with extensive post-production sampling done via wavepad, so it’s noteable for that if nothing else.

For comparisons sake, HERE is the original tune, as composed by Tetsuya Kawauchi.

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