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Why do you think Sonic has become associated with time travel or other "cosmic" subject matter like alternate dimensions? These make up a huge number of his games; do you think he'll ever return to lower-level plots?

They were part of the franchise from the very first game. Given that the Japanese instruction manuals for these games is now the “accepted cannon,” I believe the instruction manual for Sonic 1 mentions that the Chaos Emeralds exist in an alternate dimension and that the barrier between the two dimensions (our world and the special zone) is at its thinnest on South Island.

South Island itself is said to be special, because unlike most landmasses that have a fixed position, South Island freely moves around the ocean, likely due to the dimension-warping properties of the Chaos Emeralds.

Next, consider that Sonic CD was originally intended to be the follow-up to the original Sonic on Genesis, and that game deals with magical time traveling mini-planets. Sonic 2 itself was also going to incorporate elements of time travel at one point.

And then we have Sonic 3 and Sonic Adventure, both of which involve the plight of Angel Island and legends of Godly powers trapped inside of the Master Emerald.

There is no return to lower-level plots because Sonic the Hedgehog was always “cosmic.” It was always about alternate dimensions, it was always about time travel, it was always about dead ancient civilizations and the unfathomable elder forces that destroyed them.

Honestly, I’ve always found that stuff to be pretty cool. I’ve never been one for Sonic games that deal with aliens, but whenever they get in to the bizarre mystical history stuff? That’s great. It feels so imaginative. And, with regards to the “Sonic takes place in the real world” concept, it kind of makes you feel like anything’s possible. Almost like buried pirate treasure, or something. Secret locations that you can only find by accident with a magical lore all their own.

That’s definitely something Sonic games haven’t had in a very, very long time. I think that’s why the possibility of what was cut out of Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric has me so interested, because it felt like it could have gone in that direction.

The Essence of Yakuza 0

The greasy old yakuza boss chuckles half-heartedly before standing up. “You think just because you beat fifty of my best knife-wielding and gun-toting men, single-handedly, without so much as a scratch on you, that you can beat me, the fourth understudy to the assistant of the patriarch of the fifth-ranked family affiliate of the Tojo Clan? You must be out of your mind.”

In a single flawless motion, he tears off his jacket, undershirt, and tie, revealing that the 45 year old at best man who chain smokes and whose face appears to be constantly melting off has the physique of Bruce Lee. His pompadour and glasses remain immaculate as you grab him by the head and drag his face across every available surface within a ten foot radius.