Like everyone else, I was very eager to help the Yolanda victims in Visayas. I knew the feeling for I have experienced the same thing when typhoon Ondoy hit the Philippines. I was very devastated that time for our house was also wiped out too. I held into God for everything. He answered my prayers and almost all of my relatives and friends helped my family to stand up and move on to that bad uncontrollable incident.

Before I rushed myself to help, I have read a powerful quote from someone stated “So when the time comes you have an opportunity to give, I say go and seize the moment.” I just realized that it’s really my time to give back. I talked to my mom about this and she supported me. We packed goods and some old clothes that we have just to share little things that are excess in us.

I have learned a lot of being selfless, of helping people in a way I can. Maybe because of the experience I had that made me so enthusiastic to assist. I really hope that some of us, most especially to the one reading this, I hope that you will allocate some time repacking stuff to be delivered to our fellow countrymen who are really in need. Please.

Again, I am hoping that everyone will participate in packing some goods for our friends in Visayas who were greatly affected by the incident. Let us help guys, it may be little but it will mean a lot to them. Please. Thanks for reading my post and have a great day ahead.

What I wore – Hoodie – Cotton On, Buttoned down – Uniqlo, Belt – McJim, Pants – Bench and Dress Shoes – Thrifted.

Photos by Daryl Fagarang.

Lee Spring-Summer 2014 Collection.
The brand Lee always feed its curiosity to provide a highly-deliverable style sense that will last. It motivates the label to come up with tons of fashionable ideas that will always surprise its followers. The way it challenges itself to strive for quality, innovations and creativity is something that this brand is proud and known of. As it will mark its 125th year of existence, their Spring-Summer 2014 collection is really a product of their creative juices that pushed their capabilities to raise the bars even higher.

Also, Lee is one of the few brands who keeps on supporting our young designers, models and stylists. They always come up with an annual Lee Style Army contest to help these young individuals to showcase their crafts and achieve their dreams. It evolves the capacity of the brand to always catch up with what’s in and out with the help of these raw-but-genuine stylish people. Moving forward, out of tons who expressed their fashion curiosity, few were hailed to become the best of the bests. Arwin Villafuerte was proclaimed as Lee Style Army male model while Lin Villacorta took the women’s category. The “I am Futurist” team composed of 3 young designers and a stylist; Van Oscar Tabaloc, Nazer Molina, Paulina Raymundo and John Karunungan bagged the prize with Futuristic-Japanese inspired sheets.

Moreover, denim engineering elevated the aesthetics of this year’s collection. They looked upon New York Street Style as their source of style and creativity inspiration. The structural forms of jeans were combined with colors to enhance the vibe of the summery feelings without forgetting the edgy finish of each pair. Monochromatic photography develops an awesome and superb imagery that will highlight the uniqueness of each jeans. If you guys want to know more, please enjoy my photo-set!

I have to be honest but I would like to post more pictures but its quality is not that superb to post. I really hope that you had fun reading and strolling on the pictures. Have yourself a great day ahead. :)
Docker's Bright and Light Colored Pants.
Enough of the boring gray, black and brown khaki pants! We have been dealing for these type of colors for our khakis and I think it is time for us to elevate ourselves on wearing our dapper style. Together with one of my favorite brands, Dockers Ph brings its latest hues for their pairs which are merry and bright. I think with their latest set of khaki colors, this will make your holiday season cool and stylishly awesome.

Heading up to more fashionable years, Dockers created the Alpha Khaki Original Slim Fit pants to ensure that comfort and style goes hand in hand. This series comes in a number of hip and bright colors that would go out with every party theme and outfit. The colors are far from bold but these pairs feature a subtle paisley or stripe pattern that adds just the right kind of flair to your look. If you are a type of a stylish guy who wants to go out of your comfort zone, the label is also offering pants that are of colors Brick Red, Mid Blue Corduroy, Oxide, Pesto and Bisbee Blue.

If you would like to settle to for a slimmer and sexier type of pants, the brand has an Alpha Khaki Skinny Fit collection that can be worn at all times even on your events or gatherings. It features great fabric with just the right amount of stretch with a maximum comfort.

Lastly, the classic series of Alpha Khaki Standard Fit comes in classic and superb set of brighter and happier colors too. Don a more relaxed and chic look, partnering with your favorite buttoned downs or sweaters.

Please visit your nearest Dockers Ph store to check the collection for yourself. Have yourself a happy holidays ahead. I am wishing everyone the best! Can’t wait for my Christmas pairs from them. :)

Being attached to someone or something is one of my personal issues in life. I have to be honest but it is very easy for me to make friends with a stranger than fall in love. I always shy away myself from it for I don’t want to be fed up again with sad memories that can make me clingier at the end.

I remembered I was 20 when my previous love affair ended. I never had a chance to look for someone better. I had to cover up everything and thought that maybe everything was all about infatuation. I just came to realize that at the end of the day, it was real. I tried to chase this long time dream again but I was dumped, not once, twice but thrice.

Years gone by and I admitted that I fully moved on. I am scared of being attached again. Lose none or lose all, my love story ended that I lost all. Well, I am still happy that l learned a lot. Maybe my first love story died but hopefully when I have found the right one, I hope she is my last.

What i wore – Snapback Cap Forever 21, White Tee and Plaid Buttoned Down - Giordano, Watch Cotton On, Pants Oxygen and Boots American Eagle Classics

Photos by Kyl Santiago

I hope you guys understand where I am coming from. If yes, I appreciate it and if not, it is fine. Anyhow, thanks for reading my post and have a great day ahead!

Freego Fashion Week Spring-Summer 2014.
Celebrating its 30 years of “jeannovations”, Freego is re-cementing its position in style scene. The brand featured its 12-iconic designs from the past plus bringing out its 2 latest revolutionary lines for their Spring-Summer 2014 show that was recently held in SM MOA’s atrium.

First stop of the show, the label showcased its 12 superb designs like a fashion blast from the past. They introduced their retake on their classic jeans to make it more distinctive but classy-looking. Also, after the first part ended, they proudly showed their 2 latest collections which were the Super Shaper Jeans and the 10-Pocket Reversible Jeans. These jeans will make one look and feel good in his own skin.

The Super Shaper Jeans featured 7 awesome and sexy jeans that emphasize one’s figure and physique. Freego comes up with these types of jeans to suit several body types, preference and styling needs. These include the Buttlifter, Cosmetic, Shape-Ups, Slimming, Skimmer, Sculpture and Tummy Tucks jeans.

One of the 2 highlight for me during the show was the Slimming Jeans that created a a thinner-leg look through narrow denim panels at the front. For the show’s finale due to popular demand, Freego brought back again their famous reversible jeans with a huge array of colors to choose from. The main aim of these jeans was to create a transition mastery of looks to effortlessly blend this piece to other clothing materials we have.

Thanks for reading my post today. Hope you had a blast with Freego’s fashion show.
Time is running so fast that I lately realize that my little baby blog is turning one year old this coming Saturday. Before, I used to look at some inspirations on look book and tried to imitate them, posted some looks until I grew up from where I am right now and made my own style. Also, I am always thankful to all of the people who helped and bashed me for without them, my blog will be forgotten along the way.

One of the things that is unique on my style blog is my signature pose. I really don’t know why I am doing this “right leg crossover to the left and then do the counter clock motion that will place toes against the ground”. I think maybe one of the reasons why my blog last long is because of this, some people tend to remember my blogger pose and taddddaaaa! look at this. LOL!

Of course, I will not make it into my first year without the people who believed in me. First, I am always thankful to my very first sponsor for making me wear his boat shoes line and always supporting me to whatever endeavor i had and will have in the future, Kyls. Also, for some of the stores who mentioned my blog. Most especially to my new and trusted sponsors Red Ribbon and Adidas for having my blog. I am really inspired to write more because of you guys!

So what do an aspiring blogger needs to do to last long most especially in clothes writing? Let me share my own experience.
1. Be you, there’s nothing that will make you outwit other style bloggers if you keep on copying them. Be inspired but never be a copycat.
2. Build your own closet, in my case, i disposed some of my black clothes and settled for more pastel, nautical and light plain clothes.
3. Build your connection. Know the right friends and people that will help you.
4. Be friendly not user friendly. There’s an evident contrast between those two above mentioned so always be sincere when making friends.
5. Be thankful for everything. From the people who helped and will help you in the future, to all of your bashers wherever they are coming from, to your readers and haters. No matter who they are, talk to them and say thank you.
6. Collaborate and don’t hesitate.
7. Make a variety of posts that will not bore your readers. Incorporate food and tech posts just like what I did. :)
8. Make blogging as a hobby not a job. From there, you’ll go far.

Again, thank you for always reading and spending some of your time looking at my blog posts. I really appreciate everything from the beginning and hopefully it will not end. Sef is nothing without you guys. Sorry for being repetitive and redundant but I really mean it! Have yourself a great day ahead!
Adidas Primeknit.
Adidas, my most favorite sports brand is adding a splash of superb set of colors to your daily running shoes. Presenting to you the adiZero Primeknit 2.0 that will come out this Fall/Winter Season for both boys and girls.

Using the latest innovative design technology, Adidas comes up with an idea of Knitting. It is like knitting a fused yarn fine-tunes that provides awesome flexibility and support for the feet while running. The fused yarn also adds strength and provides adequate ventilation by means of distinct grid patterns.

These pair of AdiZero Primeknit collection will be available in Adidas Bonifacio Global City starting October 18, 2013 at Php8295. A total of 6 colors will be launched from time to time starting with colors White and Pink. The rest of the colors will be flashed in the stores in November to January 2014.

Thanks for reading my post and have a great day ahead!
Casual rainy Monday.

Every Monday is very unpredictable. I don’t know if I am the only one feeling this but if you’re with me then raise your hands. I think there will be times that you already set your mind that it will be a good start for your day but then Monday will ruin your entire week. There are times that you will feel that this week is not yours but since the 2nd day of the week starts right, everything else follows.

My week didn’t start right but that was fine for me. Still, it’s my option to make the rest of my week okay as compared to what happened on Monday. Every day I am learning and from this every day lessons, I have discerned that whatever happens from the past, move on and be better for the next following days without any excuses.

Just some thoughts to ponder based on what I have read (forgot the author and book, sorry), “People were created with brains to think, freewill to decide and choices to choose from, still at the end of the day, it is up to us.” Hope this thought will inspire you too.

What I wore - Sunnies (Sprinto), Blazer (Thrifted), White Tee and Shorts ( Giordano), Watch (Cotton On and Shoes (Salvatorre Mann)

Thank you for reading. Happy afternoon ahead! :)

My most favorite collection last Philippine Fashion Week SS2014.

Attending Philippine Fashion Week for years now has been my biannual routine. I really don’t know but I am always looking forward on the latest trends for clothing. This is one of the few things that excite my nerves for I really don’t want to be left behind.

Just to share, I always watch Designer shows for our country’s fashion week. Unlike last year, there are a few collections that stand out for me. Of all the designers that showcased their works, my most favorite line of clothes will be of Melchor Guinto’s design. Personally, I am a style blogger who likes to match things up and when I had the chance to watch his show, I really wanted all of the pieces he created. The designs ranged from one-piece suits, down to semi-formal attire and then casual wear. My most favorite look is the yellow one-piece suit, very classy and chic.

If you guys are excited to know what’s the collection all about, then let me walk you through. :)

Just a friendly advice, style and clothing cost should go hand in hand. Always be wise on spending money for style is never about labels. I know that for some people, brands are very important but fit is the key to look great on wearing something. It is your styling key to success.

Sorry for having a hang over from a previous fashion week. I am looking forward for a greater show next season. See you guys soon! :)

Crocs Retro Fever.
Have you seen the Crocs Philippines latest retro-inspired footwear innovation? If not, I think you missed a lot. Last season, the brand first launched its Retro fever collection that turned out to be their best seller as loyal fans hogged wild to purchase a pair. Don’t worry! Crocs will relaunch this collection with an all-new reinvented style that will provide comfort without missing the Retro-fever hint.

Altogether with the brands well-loved clogs, casual flip flops, dainty MJ’s and sandals, these latest well-designed retro sneakers will bring out more fun as we pair it out with our outfits. Its irresistible vibrant colors will make you go crazy taking advantage of a pair.

What are the best features of each pair? Crocs shoes have massage-like footbed nubs, lightweight feature, signature Crocs’ comfort and breathable design technology. These requirements must be considered whenever choosing a footwear for feet should never be compromised for the sake of one’s style. Most especially for a beginner style blogger like me, I don’t want to disregard the needs of my feet just to look awesome so I’ll choose this pair for my casual walks.

Available for men, women, and kids’ designs, in 12 color combos, the Crocs Retro sneakers are available in all Crocs concept stores. So what are you guys waiting for? Grab your pair and walk it on!

Thanks for reading my post and have a great day ahead. :)

It was my first time wearing a lilac shorts and I can say that it highlighted my outfit of the day as a blogger stylist for a fashion show. Today was really superb for I have met a lot of new Mass Comm student friends from San Sebastian. The gang was really fun to be with, they were very open to talk about blogging, styling, reading and yes, we had a lot of things in common. I think after this scene, someone from their department will emerge as a resident blogger of their school on which I am rooting for.

Speaking of students, almost all of them are very inclined to fashion but do not have yet their clothing identity. One of the things that I always tell them whenever they ask inquiries is to seek inspiration from their favorite fashion bloggers, build one’s personality, choose their most comfortable style genre and work it from there. Usually, being unique is something we can not have overnight, it’s something from within that we need to know first before anything else follows.

Brands: Blazer - Main Street SM Men’s Fashion, Buttoned down - Hang Ten, Lilac Shorts - Uniqlo Ph and Kyl’s.

This look was posted on my look book page, please hype it here

Photos by Justine Buenagua

Thanks for reading my latest outfit post. Have yourself a great day ahead. Bump with you guys soon! :)


I always consider myself as an aspiring blogger not a legit one so I can contain and stop myself from bragging about all the things that I have and will gain in the future. I was once a reader of some blogs before, inspired and from there I started to pursue my dreams. If you saw my first ten earliest posts, I think all of them were very disorganized and disastrous so I tended to read more articles so I can improve myself more and hopefully I can inspire others too.

I am always very happy whenever I am receiving messages from random readers and honestly it inspires me to do best. In these difficult days, sincere appreciation is worth to be treasured so please keep it coming for I am really head over heels every time I am reading them.

Speaking of being positive and joyful, I wore my shades of blue and earth colors to contrast and create a good semi-formal combo. What do you guys think? Blazer - Main Street, Pastel blue top - Thrifted, Belt - McJim, Pants Bench and Oxford shoes - Thrifted.

Also, this look was posted on my lookbook page, please hype it here.

Photos by: Rudstin Estrellado

Thank you for reading my post today and have a great Sunday ahead! :)


The rainy season is not yet officially starting but I am quite sad that summer is about to end. If that’s the case, pastel pieces will no longer be the trend for pale colored-clothes will arise and hit the market soon. No matter what the weather will be, I will stick to my own personal preference. I am not closing doors to whatever styles may arise but I’ll choose the look on which I am very comfortable with, to wear plain colored-pieces.

If you guys are curious on why I love lively but plain colors, here’s my explanation. A part of my personality is to be bubbly at all times and I can say that with the lightness of the color I am wearing, it only means that I am easy to be with. Another reason why I am not into prints is that my attitude can easily be predicted without any pretensions or hypocrisy. Always remember that a good guy should not be on the negative side, so always deal with other people nicely.

On my look, I combined all the colors that are fun to look at. Also, I wore a strong black loafers to add a twist. Fedora - Kultura, Orange (ˈär-inj) pastel buttoned down - UniqloPH, Leather bracelet - Jag PH, Watch - Cotton On, SLR - Nikon D3100, Shorts - Collezione and Loafers - Salvatore Mann.

I posted my look on my look book page here. Please hype and put a heart on it!

Thank you for reading my post and have a great day ahead. :))

Solar-powered dream.

If I will be a singer-songwriter for a day, I will make my first song entitled “Solar-powered dream”. I don’t know if it is weird to hear but let me explain my side first before reacting to this. In my own take, I believe that there’s always sunshine despite of everything. It adds fuel to our dreams because I know each of us believes that as long as there’s tomorrow, we can make things happen.

I still remember, back when I was a kid, my mom asked me what do I want to be in life? I responded back and said that I wanted to become a doctor someday. Unfortunately, I was not born to a well-off family and supporting my tuition fee for a medical degree will be hard for them. Still, I am not losing hope.

I may be saddened about what happened but I think I am okay with it. In case that I will not fulfill my dreams, I will make sure that whatever my children wish to be in the future, I will work hard for it. I want them to live the life that they enjoy. I think my solar-powered dream will be forever young and I will never lose sight of it.

Outfit details: Sunnies (Sprinto), Tee (White and Lemon Store), Watch (Tomato Ph), Chino Pants (Oxygen) and Brogue shoes (SM Milanos).

Photos by Excell Neri

Thanks for visiting my post, bandmates. LOL! Have a great day ahead. See you around, earthlings! :)

Adidas Crazy Cool Shoes - Represent your running color!
I have been looking for a nice pair of shoes as my gym buddy and good thing Adidas came up with a new line called CRAZYCOOL. These pairs provided a maximum value of flexibility, breathability and comfort. Adidas improved its design and construction with an all-around 360-degree ventilation as well as a high flex midsole to create a dynamic look and fit.

This lightweight shoes with breathable materials can actually help a person to work out well. If you are a type of person who loves running and endurance training, this will not hinder your performance. What’s good about the shoes is that it can represent your color in a stylish way.

If you guys want to take advantage of these pairs - you have the option to visit the nearest Adidas stores. Each pair will cost P5495 that comes with colorful ways. Thanks for reading my post and have a great day ahead.
Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen House.

Together with my Japanese roots, I am accustomed on eating noodles, ramens and alike. It’s one of my favorites aside from rice meals for i found ramen healthier than succumb myself on eating makis, sushis or sashimis. Luckily, I was invited to try Ikkoryu Fukuoka just to give my honest opinion on what are the things that are delicious or not. Generally, I must say that i adored all the dishes’ smell and taste.

Whenever I am visiting a new restaurant, I am always circling around the place and checking all the interior designs. I think my keenness is good because I can easily judge if the diner is giving importance to every detail in their store. Who would love to eat in a disorganized resto, right? As i roam around the place, i just remembered a typical restaurant in Nagoya, maybe plain but very inviting. They also taught me on how to eat a ramen meal. Here’s how (I missed the last step):
1. Smell the food.
2. Scoop a little soup and taste it.
3. Eat the noodles and make a loud sip noise. (I like this part)
4. If you want a more flavorful soup, savor a sesame seed sauce.
5. If there’s a remaining soup, don’t waste it. Mix it with rice and enjoy!

Heading out to food tasting, I started to be excited because I will gobble Ikkoryu’s proud delicacies. Let’s start with appetizers, I tried Edamame, the Japanese counterpart of our local peanuts and Chicken wings. These food may look simple but mind you, once you’ve tasted it, you will forget that you still have a main course to eat.

After trying the appetizers, I started to taste their Ramen. My first on the list was Special Vegetables, unlike other eaters, i am more into vegetables than fruits. I started tasting the soup and heaven was the only word I stated. By the way, when they asked you if the noodles will be thick or thin, always say thick. Why? If you are a slow eater, the noodles will not become saggy even if the soup is already cold.

Next soup that I tried was Ajitama. This soup was more of a protein-rich meal plus the taste was very distinct because of the combination of tender pork and onion leaves.

In addition, I have also tried the Black Garlic soup. I thought it was more of a squid’s ink that made it black but it’s more of onions. It was well mixed, mouth watering in an umami way.

I was really full but I need to move on and gobbled chasu. Unlike the other soups above mentioned, I think the soya was really evident on the soup that made this food better. Also, this meal was beneficial to women with breast cancer tendencies for it will help lower the risk.

Also, this meals served as my side dishes: Gyozas (the herbs were well mixed with the meat), Chicken Fried Rice (best mix with sesame sauce) and Pork Meat with veggies (counterpart of Korean’s dish – i forgot the name, sorry).

If you guys want to visit Ikkoryu Fukuoka. Please head out to these following stores:
Level 5 East Wing, Shangrila Plaza and 2nd floor, SM Aura in BGC. For more inquiries, please be updated with their FB page or call (02) 477 8333.

Thanks for reading my post and have yourself a great day ahead.:)


All of the remaining College and University classes will officially start tomorrow and everyone is rooting for a style most especially the Freshmen. One thing that I’ve noticed is that 1st year students wanted to impress their classmates so they tend to wear something big on their first day (over accessorizing, layering, etc). Little did they know that the first day high was the “find everything” phase meaning they need to look for their new set of friends, classrooms, canteen, library and so on. In line with this, I will suggest a look that is appropriate for this kind of adjustment but still comfortable and smart-looking to wear.

Instead of giving only an advice on what to wear, I will also provide these freshies with things they must know when entering college.
1. Never forget your COR (certificate of registration). SInce it’s your first day, you need to present this as your temporary ID for you to enter the school and have it sign by your professors.
2. Bring a pen and paper. Aside from your COR, of course you need something to write on. Some professors start their lessons as early as your first day so you must be prepared and avoid being a leech when the class starts. (LOL).
3. Mingle, smile and have fun, making a lot of new friends will definitely ease your burden on looking for your next classrooms. Also, take college life seriously but do not forget to inject happiness while you are studying so always laugh and smile!

4. You need to bring personal things too like handkerchief, perfume, etc. Remember, first impression lasts so always make yourself presentable. The more you look clean, the more you will attract people.
5. Do not be afraid to explore your school. There will be an instance that you will find a superb place to hang out depending on your personality. If you are a shy type, you will always find yourself resting under the trees or library but if you love socialization, usually student’s area will be appropriate for you like school plaza, canteen, etc.

Also, If you are really lost on looking for something to wear, go and flaunt your basic pieces. I think it is the easiest style to look good without compromising your comfort most especially on first day. If it rains on your first day, then you can wear your cardigan or jacket but if it’s sunny, you can go and showcase them what you’ve got.

Basic top - Uniqlo, Cardigan - Folded and Hung, Pants - Oxygen, Watch - Quartz and Dr. Kong Philippines.

Also, this look was posted on my look book page here.

Photos by: Ben Bigalbal

Thanks for reading my post. I hope some of the information that I provided are helpful. Have an awesome “first day high” peeps and enjoy the rest of the school calendar year!:)