looking at edward nygma during that final scene in 3x14: how it affected him, and how it might in the future.

so I had a lot of feelings while making this gifset and this gifset, and ya’ll might know that I love to take any opportunity to talk about my son edward nygma (and nygmobblepot) so here we go. 

all gifs in this post are from the gifsets I linked above just fyi

starting off with this gif:

maybe I’m just seeing things, but it seems, if you look at ed’s throat and mouth, like he gulps when oswald says that, which just shows that what oswald said affected him in some way, possibly in a way that he never expected. 

if you want to get a little cynical ed’s reaction could just be because at this point he’s still not sure if oswald really does need him, because he’s not sure if oswald is still the selfish person he always believed oswald to be.

either way ed is clearly conflicted and is (not for the first time in the episode) having a visible reaction that displays that. 

then there’s this gif:

sounds very much like that love riddle ed spouted back in 3x04, no? “I can’t be bought, but I can be stolen with one glance. I’m worthless to one, but priceless to two. Love.” not the same, but I would argue a similar concept. and either way, we have ed’s reaction to oswald saying this:

first he has to readjust his grip on the gun, and then he says “you killed isabella” while refusing to look at oswald. in fact he adjusts his grip, pauses for a moment, then looks down as he speaks.

sure, the looking away as he says it could be down to the fact that he’s still clearly broken up over losing isabella, but earlier in the episode we have the scene where oswald is willing to give up his life to protect ed from barbara, tabitha and butch. that’s something ed didn’t expect, when oswald says (while laughing), “does that mean I passed? ed?” to which ed responds with “I don’t know what it means.”

so of course that’s going to play on his mind. before that point (in the gif above) ed’s main motivation and reasoning for being able to go through with the idea of killing oswald, is the fact that oswald killed isabella and also that oswald could never change.

this is ed’s face after oswald tells him he can’t do it (kill oswald):

now oswald has proven he’s capable of change, so ed doesn’t have that reasoning anymore. of course he wants revenge for isabella, what made that easier with butch and tabitha was that he doesn’t like butch, and I’d like to point out that he never intended to kill tabitha. don’t get me wrong, what he did to her was still horrible but he was absolutely willing to kill butch because he thought butch had wronged him, whereas tabitha has never wronged him, they barely know each other. (yes, she wronged oswald, but ed still wouldn’t have killed her for that, because that would take away oswald’s right).

but of course with oswald it’s different. they’re best friends, they’re supposed to care about each other. ed still has motivation: the fact that oswald killed isabella, but he clearly needed more than that. the fact that he believed oswald was seflish and could never really love another person completely destroyed oswald’s excuse/reasoning of “I did it for love” but then oswald proves that he really does love ed, that’s real. and although that’s still not a good enough excuse to kill isabella, ed can no longer rely on the fact that it’s just some throwaway excuse that oswald is using to try and get out of the situation.

I personally would say that ed adjusts his grip on the gun after oswald says “you can’t have one without the other” because it’s just another reminder that his reasoning, his justification for killing oswald has just slipped away. we also see it in these gifs:

in both ed readjusts his grip (in the first one it’s after oswald says “ed, I love you. I know you believe that now), in both (especially the second one) he looks away, and he clenches his jaw in the first one.

really ed didn’t have to kill oswald for killing isabella, and to actually take that final step he needed to justify it (to himself), because oswald is absolutely right. they’re both better together, (well they were before all the drama went down anyway and even then they were fine for a bit, but ed was clueless about what oswald had done). ed knows they’re better together. sure they’ve both grown separately, and no doubt will do in future episodes, but they’ve made a lot of progress because of each other.

also this is going to be the first time since arkham that ed has been on his own. he had oswald, and then arguably he had barbara, tabitha, and butch. and even if he works with those 3 again it won’t be the same, and we don’t know how all of this, and what’s to come, is going to impact ed so really he’s going to be, or at least feel, very much alone.

anyway, moving swiftly on, we have these gifs:

which show something I’ve always said about ed, he does believe in justice, just perhaps not in the conventional way. back right after he killed kristen (during 2x07) a part of him at least considered handing himself in, hallucination/dark ed says “you probably have half a mind to turn yourself in. luckily, I have the other half.” and with jim it’s a fact that ed’s paranoia was the only reason jim (and the gcpd) found out he killed kristen, and I agree it was that, but also that that small part of ed that wanted to hand himself in was still in there somewhere.

flash forward to more current events he punishes butch for killing isabella, now yes this is most likely for pretty selfish reasons, to make ed feel better, but to ed he’s doing it to seek justice for isabella. you could perhaps even use the example of setting butch up for working with the red hood gang. yes it benefited ed anyway because it meant butch was out of the picture, but it was also justice for oswald, someone ed cares about.

I’d say the first gif above is that moment where ed realises that it doesn’t matter if oswald’s changed, he’s still the reason isabella is dead and he needs to be punished, she deserves justice, but that doesn’t make it any easier. 

and I’ll get onto the second gif in just a second, I promise, because it adds to another point.

anyway from this point to the end of the scene/episode ed is more determined that oswald needs to die (or has regained any determination he lost), however, as this gifset shows there are various times in which, although ed has that determination back, he’s still incredibly conflicted, maybe more so.

going back to the second gif above like I said I would, we can see that ed not only went after oswald as justice for isabella, but for himself too. you can clearly see that he genuinely thinks killing oswald will make him feel better. everything else I’ve talked about shows that that’s clearly not the case. on some level ed was aware that killing oswald was not going to change anything or make him feel better at all, hence the times where he looks unsure or stunned, or when he looks away, or when he readjusts his gun, or clenches his jaw, any of the times in the two gifsets (and at other points earlier in the episode).

so when he pulls the trigger, during the bit where he gently grabs oswald’s shirt and pushes him in, ed seems kind of emotionless. he most likely feels some kind of relief at having finally got his revenge and pulling the trigger, but that’s only momentarily, because as oswald sinks into the water he looks like this:

ed is not okay with what he’s done. I really think that him throwing himself into the riddler stuff in episode 15 is going to be partly down to him wanting to distract himself from what he’s done and/or to possibly try and justify what he’s done (to himself). of course I expect the riddler stuff to be about him finally going over the edge in every capacity, but I feel like how he feels about this final act of episode 14 will contribute to that in a really big way.

I could never believe that these facial expressions and actions (and whatever else) are mistakes, cory is too good of an actor for that, I don’t doubt that every single bit of body language was deliberate.

every thing about ed in this scene, no, this entire episode, is so much more complicated and detailed than it first appears. I see a lot of ed hate around, and this post isn’t about whether those people are right or not (I personally don’t hate him), it’s more about the fact that in this episode it’s more complicated. there’s more than just what we see on the surface, and this episode, this final scene, is going to affect ed for a long time to come in some way, shape, or form.

and I think it’s also a clear example of how complex his character is too.

Woman - Happy

This is based on Woman by Harry Styles. Don’t judge me. Just enjoy. 

warning: language, some smut 

I’m seflish, I know. But I don’t ever wanna see you with him. 

“You’re so fucking ridiculous.” You scream at Happy after you get home from a club party. You know that’s probably around 3 in the morning, and you’re exhausted, but you’re also pissed: none of those things ever mix very well. 

“I didn’t fuck her Y/N!” He screams back, throwing his hands up in frustration. 

“You didn’t have to! She basically fucked you!” You retort, slamming doors as you move throughout the house. You hear him let out a growl, but ignore it, too pissed to deal with anymore of his shenanigans. 

I’m selfish, I know. I told you, but I know you never listen. 

“You knew what you were getting into the minute you agreed to be my old lady!” Happy yells, and you hear his boots stomping towards the bedroom, where you’re changing into one of his old t-shirts. Once it’s pulled over your head, you spin to face him, ready to fight. But he’s leaning against the doorframe, a small smirk playing on his lips. 

“Don’t smirk at me like I should be okay with some fucking croweater grinding her ass on you.” You glare at him, crossing your arms over your chest. 

Happy sighs, defeated, and crosses the floor only to pull you into his arms. His hands cover most of your back and he leans his head on top of yours. 

“You don’t have anything to worry about, baby.” Happy mutters, “You’re the only ass I want grinding on me.” 

You smile against his chest. “I’m still pissed.” 

Happy lets out a low laugh, before he picks you up and throws you onto the bed. He grins that grin; the mischievous one. He climbs over you not even two seconds later, and kisses you deeply. before trailing his kisses down your body. 

Before you know it, his lips are everywhere that his hands aren’t, and you know longer have a worry about anyone else, let alone a goddamn croweater. 

Anonymous asked:

idk how to explain this: i have a character who helps with my MC with his struggles and the audience sees her as a good person until we learn that the only reason why she helps him is out of her need to feel like a good person. but how do i make this into something selfish? lot of us do good things to not only help others but also feel good about ourselves

The key difference here is:

- the only reason why she helps him is out of her need to feel like a good person.

-  lot of us do good things to not only help others but also feel good about ourselves

If the only reason she is helping this guy is to feel good about herself, that is selfish. She’s not helping him because she cares about what happens to him. She’s helping him because she cares about how she herself feels. That’s seflish.

If someone is helping a person because they care about what happens to them, and also because it makes them feel good about themselves, that’s a bit more benevolent.

Have a writing question? I’d love to hear from you! Prohibited questions: howto portray/describe things (characters, emotions, situations), specialist knowledge questions (medical, military, mental health, etc.), asking for tropes/cliches or resources, triggering/controversial topics; broad, vague, or complicated questions. See master list & main site for more info!

Haikyuu! Chapter 209 & the Hinata Situation

I was originally going to write this a few days ago, because frankly I had so many feelings about this and so many reasons why half the fandom is wrong that I was literally unable to sleep from too many thoughts.

In the end, I chose against it, and waited until now when I’m a lot calmer in order to - tbh if I’d written this post a few days ago it would have been a mess with no structure and little substance.

So, before going into the chapter itself, I’m gonna go back to some things that happened before, just to make my point.

I will assume that everyone remembers their match against Wakunan, right? The ever-forgotten captain, Takeru, said a few really relevant things. At the beginning of the game, it was made clear that they had hear about Karasuno, and knew to be on guard against Hinata’s quick. It was also clearly pointed out that they held little of that up to Hinata’s abilities - they were convinced Hinata’s power was all due to Kageyama.
Fastforward to later in the match. I can’t remember the exact words he used, but I can tell you it was something along the lines of ‘I thought all of his power came from his setter - but it doesn’t. He has his own strength.’
After they lost, too, Takeru could only think that ‘he wanted to play against Hinata one more time, and to stand on the court more.’

You know Aone. The 'scary’ giant that doesn’t talk? Yeah, he acknolwledged Hinata as his adversary - despite being set on Asahi at the beginning. Even Koganegawa, in ch. 209, seems really impressed by Hinata simply because he got Aone to acknowledge him, from which we can conclude that that is, in fact, quite a feat.

And of course you all know Bokuto, owl boy, top 5 ace in Japan - yeah, he basically adopted Hinata.

Kenma, the boy who never really cared about volleyball and just did it for his fiends? He became excited about playing against Hinata. Even Kuroo admited that Kenma always looks excited when watching Hinata play, and kid eventually admitted that he was looking forward to playing against Hinata in an official game.

I will also have to mention the Shiratorizawa match. I mean, he did enough in there already but I mean, being that adaptable on the court is amazing in the end. He even learned to do a back attack with little to no practice. A lot of last-seconds improvisations on the court are given credit for to Kageyama, but Hinata, to be able to act in that split second, is more amazing than people give him credit for.

I’ll remind you all that, despite being more than 20 cms shorter than Asahi, the ACE, Hinata has the same reach when it comes to spiking and blocking heights as said ace.

Last but not least, Jouzenji’s coach himself wanted to invite Hinata to the camp - had thought that Hinata was good enough to be there. Even the other first years wanted Hinata there.

What does all lf this mean? Hinata isn’t perfect at volleyball - not by far, and we all know that. BUT He’s good. He has potential and he has skill which is all enough reason to be at the camp - which, need i remind you, has the purpose to help the most talented first-years IMPROVE. And Hinata has as much grounds for improvement as any of those other first years.

Bear in mind that at his point, I’m not excusing his behaviour. I’m merely calling out for bullshit everyone who said that Hinata wasn’t god enough to be invited, because he damn well was.

Why was he not invited, then? Because Washijou is a bitter, salty fuck who couldn’t get over himself. He said that he sees no merit in Hinata without Kageyama.
However, we know that Hinata trained enlugh with diferent setters while under coach Ukai senior that he’s able to play with any setter, and even good enough to save failed sets. That is to say, Hinata has the power to play without Kageyama, and could easily learn new attacks. The reason he doesn’t CURRENTLY have any other attacks is because he still concentrated on the freak quick. And why wouldn’t he, considering it’s a really good and unique weapon? That doesn’t mean he doesn’t have the ability to learn new attacks,merely that he stuck to the most efficient one - and that’s where Washijou is wrong.

Moving on, I’m going to finally broach the actual problem here - Hinata showing up to the camp uninvited.

I’m going to point out my purposefully not using the word 'sneak into’ - that’s because he did not, in fact, sneak into the camp. He did not evade security, he did not hide he did not try to sneakily participate. He showed up right in front of the coach, asking to be accepted to the camp. Now at this point, he didn’t know that he was originally meant to be invited, too. Moreover, we hear his reason:

“I want to be a part of a camp where all the top players are gatheed. I just want to know what the top playes are like outside of our matches. What makes them so strong…”

Now. Because of another post I’ve seen before, I’m going to add something. There is NOTHING in this statement even remotely hinting to the fact that that he means to gather info for the team - Tsukki and Kags are more than enough for that. It isn’t entitlement that makes him show up - it’s the purely selfish reason of 'I want to learn what makes them strong…’ (because I want to become as strong, too.)

And finally, I reach the point that I wanted to adress the most. The actual hate against Hinata. He was called selfish, entitled, stupid etc, and I’m going to talk about all that.

He isn’t stupid - he knew that he wasn’t invited, knew that he would possibly not be accepted, and knew that he might get in trouble. He knew exactly how strong those players are compared to him, too, he fully acknowledged their strength, and it wasn’t lack of 'thinking it through’ that caused Hinata to go. It was his choice to TAKE THAT RISK.

He isn’t entitled - other than the previous point I adressed a few paragraphs ago, there’s something else. He didn’t go there expecting to be accepted. He didn’t go there because he thought he was good enough, on the contrary, it was because he thinks he isn’t, but wants to become. This was a point I’ve seen others make before but when Washijou made him a ball boy, no matter how humiliating it was for him, he accepted. He could have protested, said that he /is/ good enough to play without kageyama, but he didn’t because he knew that they owe him nothing, had no reason to keep him there, and so he took whatever he could get. He wouldn’t have settled if he was entitled - but he did, because he knew full well that they weren’t forced to accept him. He stooped as low as to say what he did, humiliating himself in front of people he had already defeated, because that how important he felt it was for him to be there.

He IS selfish - He showed up uninvited, tried to gasp an opportunity that by all accounts, wasn’t his to grasp, he went there out of a purely selfish reason, as I have stated before, leaving his team. What he did was seflish and I’m not going to sugarcoat it - because frankly, there’s no need to. We all know how hard Hinata works, how hard he’s worked his whole life for volleyball, how he once needed to put twice the effort of others in to reach the same level. We also know that the volleyball world is NEVER nice to Hinata.
Fom all the obstacles he meets (like his lack of a club and nearly 0 support back during middle-school; 2m tall opponents;) to all the unfairness thrown to him ( people putting him down because of his height; Washijou refusing to invite him to the camp despite his worthiness;), Hinata was never just given a chance. He ALWAYS has to barrel his own way though obstacles, has to force people to give him a chance. He isn’t given chances and opportunities. So, yes. He’s being selfish. He HAS to be selfish because if he wants to make it in the volleyball world, for him, the only way is to force his way into the volleyball world. He’s learned to be selfish, because he /needs/ to be selfish, and he’s learned to be reckless, because he /needs/ to be reckless. So y'all can hate him for that however much you want, I’m going to be here, being proud of him because he leaned to stand his own ground despite not having any support for a very long time.

So yeah, that’s my input on Hinata’s situation. I am aware that in real life, doing that wouldn’t fly, but I’m pretty that stands true in the manga, too, and Hinata knew that. As I’ve mentioned before, from what I can tell it was a WILLING RISK he took showing up at that camp, and it was his luck to be accepted, even as he was. If y'all still want to hate him, by all means, go ahead. But at the very least, keep in mind the last thing I’ve said about his selfishness, because I still consider that to be an important thing about Hinata.

Ps: As I was writing the tags, I had half a mind to write down #Haikyuu!! Civil War :))

Bow Down to the Devil Part 18

Summary Part 18: Lucifer chats with Sam about the real reasons behind wanting to marry the reader. 

Characters: sister!Winchester x Lucifer, Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester 

Content: Drama

Word Count: 1136

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11  Part 12 Part 13 Part 14 Part 15 Part 16 Part 17

A/N: Poor Sam is all I gotta say :( 

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*SIGHS* do we really have to go through this again.. 

Dan and Phil are on an exhausting tour, away from home, family and friends, probably not sleeping well, and they do not, repeat DO NOT want to be stalked or ambushed or put in any kind of awkward situation being forced to meet phans because certain ppl can’t understand what RESPECT AND PRIVACY means.

For those of you that don’t understand, NO hanging around the theatre door casuing a scene, they are tired after performing and the last thing they need is hoards of ppl screaming at them.

And if you SERIOUSLY think its ok to follow the tour bus and stalk them then you are in need as a reality check.. bc that is STALKING and creepy.  

I understand not everybody got VIP tickets, but at least you get to see the show which is more than a lot of other ppl did.

Put your seflish needs and wants about meeting them to one side, grow up, stop embarrassing yourselves and leave the guys alone.


There is a reason they leave as soon as they finish the show and its to AVOID A MEET AND GREET please respect that. 

and to those of you literally following them from place to place.. GROW THE HELL UP. or you can bet their management are going to step in and you really don’t want that to happen.

lexa: spends 7 episodes doing everything in her power to assure peace, sends people to bring clarke to her so that random warriors don’t kill her due to the bounty on her head, puts her own life on the line to assure skaikru’s safety, fights to the death to prove her strength after its called into question DUE to her decision to spare skaikru, gives clarke all the distance she wants & even offers to let her go back to her people, goes against 97 years of grounder tradition to achieve peace even though skaikru clearly wants to go to fucking war with her, she never even says “i love you” because she doesn’t wanna pressure clarke into anything, leaves clarke in charge of her own decisions at all times (”that’s up to clarke”), literally makes her charges swear to protect clarke with their life, even when she was literally on her deathbed all she cared about was assuring clarke’s safety 

blarkes: lexa is so manipulative and toxic and abusive thank god she’s dead haha stomp on her grave 

bellini: considers dropping clarke into a death pit in s1, threatens tp chop off her arm, indirectly causes the death of 300 people on the ark due to his seflishness, kills 2 grounders at the elevator in polis so he can storm the capital and start a war he can’t fucking end, kills 300 people in their sleep but convinces pike to let ONE live to deliver a declaration of war for no apparent fucking reason, blames clarke for everything that happened despite his having a huge part in it, is super controlling of octavia from like day one scene one, tries to take clarke to pike who would probably kill her just for being a threat to his tyrannical leadership, lets lincoln get executed bc reasons??? 

blarkes: he let octavia beat him up he’s redeemed! what a good guy!!! i’m so glad he’s back to being himself and he can go fuck clarke now that her soulmate is dead!! 

everyone with half a brain:

anonymous asked:

Hey do you ever get really lonely in the sense that you feel like no one is really there when and how you want them to be. Maybe I'm immature and selfish but I get upset because I'd willingly put myself out there for someone yet it's hardly reciprocated. I've expected "too much" and I've always tried changing that yet at the same time I think I should expect something from people who are in my life yet that's lead to basically barely anyone to really be with. Maybe I just need sleep.

normally people tend to expect something from people around them
if im being nice to you, i expect you to treat me the same way
but thats not always the right way
you do something because you want to and not because you want others to copy what you did
i know it hurts when you did everything for a friend or someone else and if you really need them they all find something that is more important than listening to you and being there for you
but then again, how many times have you really told your friend what you think and how you feel?
have you ever told them that you are feeling lonely, that you cry at night all alone and need someone to hold you?
as you said it is selfish, but thats okay. we are all selfish creatures
nel once wrote me a really long letter when i was having a hard time but there is one part that i want you to read:
“i used to think that most people are good to spent time with but not to be trusted. i didnt trust anyone and didnt expect anything. it took me so many years but i reached that point. nobody could hurt me anymore. i was standing up there, all alone. i tried so hard for years only to be alone, sad isnt it. most people think feeling lonely is worse than being alone but thats wrong. if you are alone and have no one around loneliness will follow and there is only darkness beside you that leads you down. if you are lonely and have people around you, you still have a small hope that someone will reach out his hand for you.
if i look back now, those years ive spent trying to not get hurt were meaningless. i hope that you wont end up like this.
you have such a nice and kind heart, dont destroy it with your own thoughts.
you give, expect, get hurt, cry, talk to your friend for hours about stupid seflish things and then try again and realize that there are actually people who are willing to stay with you. there are so many emotions and feelings, why give up on that? getting hurt and hurting someone is essential for us to grow strong.”

A few points to consider before you start thinking Carlos is an asshole.

-If you want to analyze their relationship, you have to forget for a moment that they’re in a show that is all about Cecil. In their reality, Carlos is a person in his own right. He doesn’t exist simply to love Cecil. If Cecil saw him that way, he would be a terrible narcissist.

It follows that Carlos has his own interests, feelings, needs. If he finds things in the otherworld that make him happy, does that make him seflish?  

-You have to make compromises in a relationship. Carlos isn’t abusive every time he asks for something. E.g. asking Cecil not to say he’s “trapped”. If Cecil didn’t respect that, wouldn't that be abusive? 

-We know that Cecil can be super focused on his own work, he sometimes broadcasts relationship details on the radio without consulting with Carlos, and in general is not perfect.  

-Cecil = / = Night Vale .Even if Carlos is happier with Cecil than with anyone else, he might not be happier in Night Vale than anywhere else. Not the same thing.

-I’ll get personal for a moment here. I live in a long distance relationship. My boyfriend lives in the US, and I live in Finland. He is autistic, like Carlos (super-focused on his own interests, social interaction is not easy for him, very introverted). We have plans and hopes about our future, possibly in Finland, because it’s a lot easier to get Finnish citizenship, health care etc.

But let’s say Finland was terrible. Let’s say Finland had Sheriff’s Secret Police and monoliths and Brown Stone Spires appearing, and we had to fear for our lives every day. My family would be dead, because they’d have met some terrible fate in the hands of a librarian or whatever. Would it be fair of me, under those circumstances, to demand that Toby has to live here? It might seem normal and even optimal for me, because I’ve never lived elsewhere, but he would see all the horrible things going on and perhaps not feel at home here. 

And even if Finland is, arguably, a good place for us to live, Toby coming here means uprooting him from his familiar surroundings, culture, and family. And if I can make it to the US and live there, I will be leaving mine. Wherever we live, one of us might always feel uprooted and not quite at home. 

Now consider the fact that CARLOS IS NOT ORIGINALLY FROM NIGHT VALE. So asking him to always live in Night Vale, without even considering any other options, would be selfish of Cecil.

-Note how Cecil agrees with Carlos that Night Vale people aren’t always the friendliest. He’s beginning to realize that, even with Strex gone, Night Vale isn’t a paradise. He might in fact decide to leave Night Vale, or try to change it, in the end. 

-Carlos might be charmed by the desert otherworld/the smiling god.

-Cecil might be charmed by Night Vale/some.. other sinister force.

-Joseph Fink called it a “healthy long distance relationship”, so it’s pretty obvious he’s not trying to write it as abusive. If you see it as abusive, you are not reading it the way Fink and Cranor intended. 

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So I was reading through various comments about people who met with Dan and Phil yesterday, and yet again, it was Dan people were desperate to see rather than Phil.

There was, apparantly a huge crush of people round Dan while Phil was on his own.. now I am going by what I have read, but if this is true, that breaks my heart.

How incredibly seflish that you get the chance to see both of them, which most people can only dream about, and you blank Phil?

Maybe you need to remember that without Phil there would be no Dan, he was responsible for encouraging Dan into video making, gave him the stength and courage to do so… I really don’t care what excuse you have for liking Dan better, it’s just plain rude and incredibly hurtful to Phil. 

it’s really bothering me that people are trying to reach and say taylor doesn’t care about other artists and that shes seflish and only doing this for herself, i mean taylor’s out there on her world tour right now with 2-3 opening acts, all of which she hand picked, and to add to that she sometimes even brings out special guest who are nowhere near the level of fame she is at to perform a song with, giving them some huge exposure to taylor’s audience. stop reaching so far to make taylor out to be extremely selfish

The World: Still Not Revolving Around Me

Recently someone suggested that I was unaware that there are other things in life going on besides me.

They acknowledged that we’re all selfish, but that they would not allow my selfishness to get in the way of their own.

As this is fundamentally what friendships/relationships entail, I took up their offer to part ways and bid adieu.

Oh and yes, ended that conversation feeling infuriated, frustrated, misunderstood and contemplative.

Something I’ve noticed that’s been happening a lot to me (and to my girl friends) is this: Lots of initial interest on the guy’s part, followed with communication/interaction that backs this up, then…NOTHING. Example: giving me your business card and then not responding to my email. Exchanging phone numbers and not replying to my text. Talking/IMing through OKCupid, randomly meeting at a bar on accident and taking my number, saying you’d like to go out sometime and then never calling (Actually happened and to this day, run into this guy all over the city).

I’d like to believe they suddenly got busy, or didn’t get my text, or lost/dropped/broke/misplaced/“didn’t have their” phone “on them”, got caught up with work, were kidnapped, DIED.

Yet we all know this is probably not true.

It’s that we were forgotten, put on a back burner, replaced, or without warning, dismissed.

When someone wants to talk to you, THEY WILL.

Now you are left with three options:

  1. Contacting them again and acting as though nothing is wrong. I believe this is called “giving them the benefit of the doubt”. Until, of course this continues to happen and you’re left looking/feeling pretty damn foolish and eventually having to choose from the following…
  2. Confronting them about it. This seems like the direct approach, the one that will provide the most answers and perhaps clear the air. It’s also a sure fire way to put them on the defensive and/or make you look like the crazy girl, the one asking for too much, they are figuring will come out eventually.
  3. Ignore them back. This will probably give you the most satisfaction, though it lets them off the hook and still leaves you with unanswered questions and hurt feelings.

It’s not that I expect anyone to keep up with me on a daily basis, as nice as that would be sometimes. I know that I’m impatient and in need of attention and prefer to have a little bit of contact to feel needed and wanted. It’s something I’m aware of and that I try to keep in check.

But you can’t text someone “good morning” for days in a row and then stop for no reason and think I won’t notice. You can’t see me for weeks on end, five, six days in a row and then drop off the face of the Earth for another five days without me thinking something’s wrong. You can’t have lengthy conversations one day and then send one word replies the next without me believing you’re bored or have become disinterested.

I’m not trying to make assumptions. I don’t think I’m crazy.

I wish the guys who did this would step back and realize how their actions can be interpreted. Maybe it’s not their intention to create such confusion and frustration. But their lack of agreeing/understanding that it might, makes it that much worse.

I may not be the sun, but I’m certainly worth more than this.

We all are.


Tumblr Veronica Roth Q+A

What is your favorite quote from one of the characters in the Divergent Series and why?

My favorite quote is probably when Tris says, “I am seflish. I am brave” in the first book. She says that only to us, not to anyone else. But it was the moment when I figured out her character, because only a very particular person would say something like that, and be so honest with themselves about it. At that moment I knew I wanted to write about her.

I think what really bugs me about the Laurel hate is that it’s, more times than not, a decision being made to hate her.  Instead of having issues, and wanting them addressed, it appears the audience out there who don’t like the character don’t want to ever like that character, no matter what happens to rectify these issues. As someone who has watched ‘Haunted’ already, I can say that Laurel owns up to her actions and her role in bringing Sara back and the consequences that they’ve brought about for the city, for her friends, and for herself.  She doesn’t blame anyone else except for herself.  Her problem with Oliver in this episode is primarily about his hypocrisy and attitude towards Laurel doing something that he can do without anyone making a big deal out of it. As a fan of the character, I felt like a massive weight had been lifted and I felt relieved by the end of it, almost as if all the tension built between Laurel and Oliver had been stripped away and healed over. The main issue I’ve had with Oliver since day one is his hypocrisy, especially towards Laurel and Thea, and the fact that it is addressed and he seems to be growing from it in this episode has redeemed him for me. If you consider Laurel seflish, if you think she blames everyone for her problems, and if you have had issues with her throughout the series, this is the episode that addresses it in the same way it addresses my issues with the Oliver character. For anyone out there who has continuously claimed, “I want to like her but I just can’t,” this is the episode for you. For those who continue to hate, to ridicule, to judge, and to hold onto negative feelings week in and week out, then that’s not something the show has to rectify. You have issues, they’re addressed in this episode, and if you still hate her, then it’s not on the writers, it’s not on the show, it’s not on the character, it’s all on you.