anonymous asked:

Why is sephiroth and cloud called sephikura? Like I get sephiroth but kura for cloud I guess I don't understand

Sure! Sefikura is actually the Japanese ship name. I’m afraid I don’t particularly know why we shifted from using sephcloud to sefikura, but that seems to have been what’s happened.

It’s just the same as English ship names in terms of mashing the two things together, only it uses the Japanese katakana spellings of the names instead. So;

セフィロス  = [Se] [fi*] [ro] [su], Sefirosu

クラウド = [Ku] [ra] [u] [do], Kuraudo

Therefore, combine the two, and you get  セフィクラ, Sefikura. So that’s where it comes from, and why the spelling seems a little odd. xp Hope that helps!

(*there isn’t actually an individual [fi] sound in Japanese, so that sound consists of two characters フィ)