sef gonzales


After the 1990 Philippine earthquake, Teddy and Mary Loiva emigrated to Australia with their two children, Sef and Clodine. While they were close-knit, Teddy and Mary were somewhat controlling, with high expectations of what was expected of their children. Unfortunately, Sef wasn’t academically gifted. He didn’t excel in high school and never received decent grades in university.

Another issue Sef had was his obsession for lying. While he was failing in university, he claimed he was a successful businessman as well a model and singer. In fact, he had a so-called “fan” website. However, this website was actually set up by himself. He even frequently lied about having cancer. Eventually his lies started to crumble around him. His parents soon discovered that he was failing university and that he had been falsifying his grades. The relationship between Sef and his parents became tense, even more so when they told him they disagreed with the girl he was dating. It was around this time period that Sef began to plan their murder.

At approximately 4:30pm on 10 July, 2001, Sef’s plans were put into place. He entered Clodine’s bedroom, armed with a baseball bat and two knives. He grabbed her by the throats and started to bludgeon her with the baseball bat before stabbing her in the neck and chest. Her cause of death was a combined effect of compression of the neck, blunt force trauma to the head, and stab wounds. Both Teddy and Mary were at work whilst this brutal attack took place. Mary was the first to arrive home, at around 5:30pm. As soon as she entered the family home, Sef slashed and stabbed her to death. Teddy came home at around 6:50pm and he too was stabbed to death by his son.

Following the bloody murders, Sef disposed of the weapons and his stained clothing. In an attempt to throw off the investigation, Sef spray painted “Fuck off Asians KKK” on a wall inside the house, hoping it would make the murders look to be a hate crime. Sef then picked up a friend and drove to Planet Hollywood and a video game centre. When he came home, he called the police and told them he had chased intruders from his house before discovering the grim crime scene.

It wouldn’t be long until Sef was a suspect in the murders. He had provided an alibi but several neighbours had seen Sef’s car in the driveway at the time of the murders. He later provided another alibi in which he claimed he was at a brothel, sleeping with a sex-worker. The sex-worker he claimed he slept with refuted this claim, saying she had not been with Sef at the time. He was soon charged with the murders and as found guilty. He was sentenced to life without parole.