there’s a garden
where I go
if you meet me there,
no one will know.

In the springtime,
in the sun,
we can be alone without anyone.

all the butterflies
and the birds
keep a secret–no, they won’t say a word.

but they watch us,
and they know,
and they’re happy as they see our love grow.

we’ll sit for awhile as I drink in your smile
it feels like a dream that’s come true.

my head starts to buzz
and my heart fills with love
over you.

baby, can’t you see,
you could be with me.
we could live in side a garden of ecstasy

you could be my queen,
I could be your dream–
our lives like a fantasy.

baby, set me free,
let me be your bumblebee.

now the flowers
are in bloom
and you’ve chased away my darkness and gloom.

when the wind blows
through the trees
and your voice is like a song in the breeze

my doubts disappear
every time that you’re near
clouds seem to run from the sky

the thought of your kiss
sends my soul into bliss,
I get high.

baby, can’t you see
you could be with me
we could live inside a garden of ecstasy

you could be my queen
I could be your dream
our lives like a fantasy

baby set me free
let me be your–

like a serenade,
every word you say,
has me fallin’ more and more in love with you.

like a party beat,
you are oh-so-sweet,
every day is honey–
tastes like honey–
feels so alive
take me back to the hive!

baby, can’t you see,
you could be with me.
we could live in side a garden of ecstasy.

you could be my queen,
I could be your dream–
our lives like a fantasy.

Baby, set me free,
let me be your bumblebee.

reflection spell

a spell for when you are not looking to curse someone, but wish for them to see how poorly they have treated you.

you will need:

☠️crow bones/piece of mirror/piece of glass

🌶pepper (cayenne is good)

🔥red, orange, and yellow ribbons/candles


  1. cleanse your space.
  2. take the bones/mirror/glass and coat them in the pepper. remember all of the injustices as you do so.
  3. wrap the ribbons and tie them/drip the candles along the object. recite this incantation as you do:
    “with this reflection that you see
    you will taste how you’ve treated me
    while these colors hold you tight
    you will remember me in sleep tonight”
  4. to break the spell, cut the ribbons/scrape some wax off. dispose of properly or cleanse and reuse the items.
You Are Home

You are home

You are light

And sound

And touch

And see

You are breath

Calm beauty

Flowing beneath my lungs

Filling me with life


You are comfort

Arms to melt into

Divine, essence

Warm, resonating

You are such warmth

You are light

You smile

And I am saved

You smile

And I wonder

Just how

How have I gotten so lucky

As to have you

You are being

You are here

You are now

You are with me


You never leave

Always stay

Always, day

You are belonging

You make me feel

As if I am okay

As if I have strength

You make me feel

As if I have life

But most of all,

You are home

You are where I belong.

And you are where I shall be.


Depeche Mode ‘A Broken Frame’
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Purple Jewels (M) 01

Word Count: 6,494
Member: Jimin x Reader x Jungkook
Genre: Smut, (Supernatural????) Eventual fluffyness & Slight angst

Genie!Jimin ⇢ Part One | Part Two | Ongoing

When you fall in love with Jungkook and he isn’t there to catch you, a sudden surprise shows up to give you a little bit of help.


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CEO! Daniel

[credit to owner of pic!] (also bless ur soul because wow this photo wrecks me every time i look at it)

should i make a part 2???


  • you looked up at your new job with a long sigh
  • it wasn’t too long since you found out that you got a job that you’ve always wanted 
  • the thing was that
  • it was working under someone that you didn’t really feel comfortable working with 
  • see
  • you were the secretary for the CEO and that person so happened to be Kang Daniel, who was widely known in your years of high school to be the one to kind of drift around girls 
  • he didn’t even date them, he just flirted with them and made them think that they were one day going to date him 
  • you didn’t have any of that though 
  • one random day through out the year you went up to him while he was sitting around during lunch and said 
  • “kang daniel if you break one more of my friend’s hearts i’m sure you’ll see a heart in the shape of my fist coming in contact with your face” 

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anonymous asked:

Like if emily has a twin or was evil i would actually be so shook. Shook to the end of time. Shooker than when ezra turned round in ravenshood. More like ravensSHOOK. I feel the shookness in my bones just thinking about it

It’s always been the eyes. Always been the smile. The deception behind them is something she’s concealed very well. She needs to play the victim all while being the mastermind behind the scenes. Everyone she hurt, controlled, killed where just pawns to get to Alison.

It all started when they were young teens without a care in the world. Emily had a little crush on Alison but it just grew past infatuation. Alison truly had something about her that made Emily nervous but also intrigued.

After Ali’s death, Emily was rocked the hardest. She had written a front to back letter to Alison before she died, telling her how much she hurt her whenever she would make advances and Alison would shut her down. She regretted every word she wrote. That’s why she started everything out of denial…that was gradually turning into delusion. That’s also why every girl she’s been with either was like Alison in a way or had something to do with Alison. And with each girl, she had a look. The moment she realized how there were traits of Alison within them. The moment knew she wanted them.

Maya marched to the beat of her own drum and was daring like Alison.

Paige was a victim of Alison’s bullying. In a way, being with Paige, she was still tied in to Alison in her mind.

Samara and Sabrina, both small blondes like Alison, Samara having blue eyes like Alison as well

Talia, lowkey, bold, and unavailable just like Alison.

When Emily finally had Alison, it was like a dream come true. Everything she’s worked for payed off. Right off the bat, Emily left Paige for her. Not only did she have sex with her almost immediately but the song playing during that scene was incredibly telling as to how Emily feels towards Alison. Think about it….out of every love song they could have put for their first time, it’s a song referring to an obsession.

Since you’ve gone I’ve been lost without a trace.
I dream at night, I can only see your face.
I look around but it’s you I can’t replace.
I feel so cold, and I long for your embrace.
I keep crying baby, baby, please…

Oh can’t you see
You belong to me?
How my poor heart aches with every step you take.

Every breath you take
Every move you make
Every bond you break
Every step you take
I’ll be watching you.

Every single day
Every word you say
Every game you play
Every night you stay
I’ll be watching you. 

This even showed the next night when Alison stayed over. From night all until school the next morning, Emily stayed up and watched Alison sleep. It didn’t even bother her that she had zero sleep to function for the next day. She was locked in such a trance in Alison’s presence, time passed by as if the hours turned into seconds.

“Every breath you take, every move you make, I’ll be watching you….”  

But then it didn’t take long until things fell apart. She separated from Alison because she wasn’t fitting the role that she’s created for her in her head all those years she’s been away. She wanted Alison to 100% depend on her so she can be her savior. But with Alison being sketchy, she disbanded from her. 

And that’s when Sara came along. The biggest Alison replacement of all.

Emily saw the Alison she wanted within Sara. That’s why she clung onto her with a hawk grip, not letting anyone get close or be with her without her there. She refused to let anyone change Sara or take her away. Sara hadn’t seen her mother since she was brought back into society - Emily pushed her to get EMANCIPATED right away. In order to do so, you have to prove to the courts you have a place to live and source of income. Emily told her she can stay with her and got her a job with Caleb. This way, Sara would have no choice but to depend on Emily. Exactly how she wanted it. Exactly how she wished Alison would do to her. 

When Sara betrayed Emily, she felt like her own creation turned against her. Her rage at this very thought is what caused her to physically knock Sara flat out. All these years of Alison toying with her, Alison dying and she being in denial, being with Maya and her being taken away similar to Ali, trying to find other girls to fit the Alison void in her heart but failing, being with Alison herself but not even her fitting the mold, and now Sara hurting her like this, all that pent up aggression came in the form of a violent right hook.

When Emily left for college, she was finally going to purge herself of all that Alison drama by being far away. And she was doing well until her father died. Then, as she told Toby, she felt there was no point to anything. She drowned spent all of her father’s money, leaving the country, drowning in alcohol and women but she still was hurting. She wished she had someone, anyone to lean on and take care of her during this hard time.

Then, a letter from Alison appears and everything she tried to disassociate herself from came rushing back all over again. 

She came back to Rosewood via Alison’s plea and even went as far as doing the things that she asked of her. When Charlotte died, Emily realized how Alison was changing. She was vulnerable. Just like how she’s always wanted Alison to be towards her. Just so she can be the knight in shining amour in her story.

That feeling Emily got from that…it was like a high. She wanted Alison to be like that towards her all the time. When Alison checked into Welby, Emily knew this would be the perfect way to create this kind of dependency. If Alison is warped in the mind, she’ll need someone to take care of her. That’s where Emily can step in. When Emily visited Alison in Welby, how Alison was begging her not to leave her, it not only fueled Emily inside but she knew her plan was working. Why else would Emily so easily leave when Alison was crying out for her? She needed to build up that dependency. And when Alison got out and needed someone, who was there for her?

This was exactly what Emily needed. She needed to be Alison’s savior. The eggs, as being played into now, was a plan she came up with while Alison was held up. It was her ultimate go to. By the time Alison comes out and falls into her arms, if she ever got the idea to leave her, she would not. Why? Because now a baby is forever their bond now. That’s why she was “behind” Alison’s decision to abort until Alison finally realized the baby was Emily’s. Now all of a sudden, Emily is telling her to keep it. And Alison did.

Everything she’s ever wanted, being with Alison since a young teen, is finally coming together……Even if she had to force a hand in making it happen.

Talk about being SHOOK.

Jealous - Doctor Strange X Reader [SMUT]

Title: Jealous 

Pairing: Doctor Strange x Reader

Characters: Doctor Strange, Reader, Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes

Request: Hello! I was wondering if maybe you could do a Doctor Strange x reader fic where he gets jealous for some reason or another and it ends kinda smutty. Thanks! By @psychofangirlfromhell

Summary: When the Doctor gets jealous the reader decides to bring out the little green monster in him for some fun…

Warnings: SMUT, of course :)

A/N: If I wasn’t on the naughty list before I sure as hell am now…. ;) I hope you enjoy @psychofangirlfromhell, sorry it took so long xx 

“O, beware, my lord, of jealousy; It is the green-eyed monster which doth mock the meat it feeds on.” Iago from the Shakespearean play Othello. It ‘twas my inspiration for this wonderful

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l-o-v-e - peter parker

Originally posted by olvrsfelicity

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Summary: L-O-V-E was the perfect emotion to describe you and Peter.

— Inspired by the song “L-O-V-E” by Nat King Cole (listen to it here!!)

Requested: no

Warnings: no (so much fluff tho wowowowow)

Words: 1520

a/n: so here’s peter imagine after 5373628 years!! i hope you all enjoy and this is so fluffy omgomgomgomgomgomg:))


L is for the way you look at me

You always attempted to ignore the enticing yet new feeling that would creep into your veins every day. When your voice was hushed down to a whisper, your chapped lips slightly open, and your big, bright Y/E/C were gazing lovingly into Peter’s, your heart would quicken its beat while your mind, that was once filled with scrambling thoughts and tactics, but was now pulled to halt, your world would come to a sudden stop. You hated to admit it, but it was so utterly true. Having a heart so young yet filled with such adoration for one person can cause your brain to rewire itself to prefer this new fascination you had gotten yourself tangled into.

But when  your glazed orbs would lock with Peter’s, you swore to yourself you would never love anyone ever as much as you loved him. You didn’t know what it was that caused your mind to set itself on Peter so quickly.

Maybe it was the way his beaming smile would curl as he came within sight of you. Maybe it was the butterflies that flied around your stomach at his sweet and soothing touch, his calloused fingertips would rake slowly up and down your arm as you lied together on the couch. Maybe it was the moments your different yet colliding personalities would counter off one another as you chuckled at something, his laugh dancing through your ears in pure bliss.

Or, maybe it was the way those beautiful, so so beautiful, brown eyes sparkled into your gaze from down the hall, hearts dancing together in the air around the two of you. And, maybe it was the way his stare pulled you into a still trap as his nose would rub against yours as he prepared to softly kiss your needy lips.

That’s what it was.

The way he looked at you as if you were the only soul he could ever, will ever, bring himself to love for eternity.


O is for the only one I see

You knew. The exact moment too.

That day his eyes were focused on his chemistry assignment while yours were focused on him. Your eyes would scan his figure as his eyes never left the paper once, his back muscles sneakily poking through to be seen underneath his blue sweater  while his tongue peeked out to lips his lips in hesitation.

You had been sneaking glances at this boy for over three months now, and now matter how many times you prayed those gorgeous, bright brown eyes would turn around catch your gaze, it didn’t happen.

Due to your quiet, reserved manner, you knew you would never have the balls to go up and talk to Peter. Your brain would remind you every day, “While you’re staring at him as if he was the only person in the world, he’s never going to reciprocate”.

Your heart would flutter as he would look around the classroom casually, but then deflate as he would never make eye contact with your shy figure in the corner. Your thoughts in chemistry didn’t consist of atoms, cations, anions, and whatever else. They were consumed mostly of him, the boy you didn’t even know. No one else in the classroom mattered in your eyes, not even your teacher. Your eyes would flutter over to his figure numerous times throughout the period, secretly hoping that one day he would catch your stares and lock eyes with you, and that’s when you would be sure to smile sweetly at the handsome boy before you.

But, you ended up embarrassing yourself instead.

That same day, your feeling were urging stronger due to the fact his hair was curled slightly more today, and your eyes couldn’t help but gaze enticingly at the small curl that lay softly against his forehead. You wondered to yourself all period how someone could not even try an ounce and look so perfect, and how in the hell he could never catch your obvious stares.

Apparently so did your teacher.

“Mrs. Y/L/N, how about you spend your time gazing at your textbook rather than Mr. Parker.”

Your eyes immediately snapped to your teacher’s hard stare, and your cheeks instinctively flushed a bright red as everyone in the classroom whipped their heads around to face you, and snicker. Your eyes locked with your teacher’s and your heart dropped into your stomach as you attempted to process this seemingly sudden reality.

You feel Peter’s head whip around quickly, and for the first time, stare at you. Not daring to move to his new gaze, you fixated your eyes from your teacher’s down to the textbook lying open on your desk.

The snicker’s died down as your burning cheeks huffed a sigh defeat, your eyes scanning the pages of the book, no ounce of attention being paid to it.

Your heart was no beating quickly as you dared to lift your head slightly and peek out of the corner of your eye at Peter. But, your stomach soon churned as your Y/E/C hit a glorious and captivating brown.

Your teeth tugged at the bottom of your lip in embarrassment as Peter’s eyes locked with your for the first time.Your eyes scanned his face quickly, a smile beginning to form across his small lips. Your heart leaped as your brain signaled your flustered features to smile back, Peter’s pearly white’s popping out at you with such joy.

His lips curled as yours stayed closed, but turned up in embarrassment.

But, it was worth it. That was when Peter knew you were the only one he’d ever see.


V is very, very extraordinary

Nothing about you was boring. Peter was sure of it.

Everyone has their little imperfections, quirks, etc. But Peter began to think you had none of that. The little things you considered annoying, gross, or even ugly he perceived as incredible.

As your sweet voice would chirp on as you two lied on the couch watching a movie, about all the things you’ve been doing wrong lately, Peter would zone out. Your tone discussing the matter sounded flustered, and annoyed with every single detail you discussed. But Peter would pay no attention to you bad mouth yourself. His mind was focused on the way your emotions would manipulate your feature.

When you begin to rant about how you failed a test that you studied for, and how you knew you could’ve done so much better if you only did this and that and so on. Peter would gaze up to your eyebrows. He would watch the skin around them crinkle in frustration at yourself, your features turning dark instantly.

Then, you would blab on about how disliked the way you looked that day, or how you felt like people judged you for wearing leggings despite the fact you thick thighs that you hated. Peter would despise to see you talk horribly about yourself, your body specifically. His eyes would daringly linger on your legs when they adorned the pants, his hormones startling inside of him as they would hug your body so well. His stare would move to your lips, seeing them push themselves against one another at the defeat that would wash over you.

Your pink lips caused his urge to kiss you to grown, his eyes never looking away from the part of you he loved so much.

Everything about you was extraordinary. Nothing about you was boring, and he loved every part that was you.


E is even more than anyone that you adore

Peter never knew he could adore so much about one person. You never dreamed of someone as special and inviting as Peter to ever love you.

When the two of you began dating, you started to question yourself. How could someone like him, love someone like me?

It was odd really. You dared yourself to be content with the truth. That Peter adored you, and there was nothing you could about it. You didn’t want to of course, but it was just the way of it. You were never confident in yourself, so for this to happen was a whirlwind.

But, it didn’t matter. No matter what you did, or how you acted, or what you said, would never distance Peter at all.

When his soothing voice would brush softly against the shell of your ear, whispering sweet nothings to you, your heart would thump with the energy flowing between the two of you. Or, when his beautiful eyes would help his gorgeous smile form a soft expression as he laughed wholeheartedly.

Peter could feel the butterflies thump against his rib cage as your soft fingertips would run themselves through his curled hair, lulling him to sleep.

Being in love with one another was alluring. Almost as if being in love at such a young age was only crafted for the two of you.

Peter knew he would never be able to release himself from the grasp you had him in. But, he didn’t care. Nothing was ever going to change the fact that his love for you was something he could never grow tired of.

But not matter what anyone said, your hearts would never separate. Your affection for Peter Parker was much too steady for anyone to ever sway you.

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How RFA+ bby V and Baeran spend their first anniversary with their MC! It can be as mushy as you want it to be haha ✨

This was super sweet! Somehow, this took us three hours to do…Hope you enjoy it! 


  • He was the King of Romance
  • But on your anniversary, he was the nervous King of Romance
  • He didn’t know what he wanted to do for you, so he made up several plans and decided to go with whatever seemed best on the day
  • However, he didn’t expect you to crash them
  • He wakes up to a delivery of those edible bouquets made out of fruit
  • There’s also a small bag in his mailbox with two shirts: one has two thumbs on it and says, “This guys loves his girlfriend” to which you inform him you have the matching opposite one
  • And the other is a really nice one suited to his tastes
  • You send him a text to meet you at his favorite cafe, and when he does, he finds you already bought him his favorite pastry
  • But he’s a step ahead of you and had picked up your favorite drink from the coffee shop
  • After your little breakfast, you tell him you have one surprise for him later in the evening
  • He takes this chance to execute one of his plans
  • He takes you to the beach, stopping by at home to change your clothes
  • You guys let loose a little and play around
  • You bury Zen and make draw a six pack in the sand
  • He clears his throat, “MC…I have an eight pack.”
  • You blink before drawing a weird, strange sixteen pack
  • He surprises you a little later by taking you out onto a boat
  • Not only is a lot of fun, but he stops the boat right before sunset and you two have a soft moment
  • Just as the sun is setting, he thanks you for your little surprises in the morning and gives you a tender kiss on the lips
  • You feel his hands go by your neck, and you think he’s just cupping your neck
  • But then he pulls away and you feel a slight weight around your neck
  • You look down and see a necklace with a small heart charm
  • It has your names engraved in it along with your anniversary date
  • Neither of you feel the need to say anything, so you two just hold hands and enjoy the moment together


  • The day before you anniversary, Yoosung tells you that he’ll be taking you somewhere in the afternoon
  • Sure enough, the next day he’s at your doorstep,  your favorite flowers in hand
  • He’s super nervous at first, giving you a compliment about your outfit
  • He relaxes a little once you’re driving on your way there
  • He takes you to a sculpture garden
  • You two spend a lot of time walking around pretty flowers and gardens
  • He’ll say super romantic things while holding your hand, or compare you to some of the flowers
  • But then, you two loosen up and go looking at some of the funnier sculptures
  • A lot of pictures for memories
  • There was one of those things where a person is disguised as a sculpture
  • Poor Yoosung was the victim and he almost went crazy because he swore someone touched his shoulder
  • He was a good sport about it though, once the truth was revealed
  • He takes you inside a little cafe/restaurant thing inside the cafe that’s italian themed
  • You’re too excited to give your gift to him, so he lets you
  • You got him a brand new tablet, because his was so old and it was starting to hurt his bad eye
  • You also had this long card where you give him encouragement and reaffirm your feelings for him
  • By the end, Yoosung feels so supported by you and falls in love with you all over again
  • When you’re done eating, there’s this small gazebo that you two find and you sit in it
  • Yoosung had this planned…and he waits for a couple to walk by
  • Then he brings up a conversation about love and he starts going on this speech about how much he loves you and about your future together
  • Then, he pulls out a small ring from his pocket with a silver ring
  • You’re kind of freaking out because this is going kind of fast and what is he doing?
  • You calm down a bit when he says it’s a promise ring
  • “This ring is my promise to you that I will always love you, and one day, when I can fully support you, I will marry you.”
  • You shed a tear because it was so sweet and full of emotion
  • You manage to hold in most of your  emotions until you get back to your place where you and Yoosung crash on the couch
  • He comes back with some snacks and sits down next to you, and you just  can’t hold it in anymore
  • He’s mid sentence when you just grab his face and kiss him passionately
  • Safe to say, your anniversary ended on a good note


  • She spends the whole week leading up to it overthinking everything
  • She wasn’t sure if you two were getting each other gifts, or if it would be too much–you hadn’t discussed anything and she was really nervous
  • In the end, she just decides to go ahead and get one for you
  • She gets a simple bracelet, but with several charms
  • Each one represents a memory you two had together
  • Besides, she thought it might be something she could add onto for you everytime you had a significant moment
  • Meanwhile, you got her front row tickets to a musical that she has been wanting to see for a long time but has denied herself due to either work or finances
  • The day comes and you two exchange gifts first thing in the morning, both of you hugging each other tightly by the end
  • Jaehee’s not really a spontaneous person, so she has something planned in the evening but nothing else
  • But you improvise and drag her out to different places
  • You guys explore the town together, finding new spots to try later or stop in a few shops
  • There’s a lot of laughing and smiling and just enjoying your time together
  • Then, for dinner, Jaehee treats you to your favorite restaurant
  • All in all, it was a lovely day


  • You guys have many occasions to completely go big on things, so you wanted your first anniversary together to be more subtle and intimate
  • So you two do some normal things
  • You take a walk in the park together
  • You got a nice–not super fancy–restaurant and eat and talk
  • And then you go back to his house for the evening
  • He says he just wanted to watch a movie with you and relax, so that was good enough for you
  • When you get there, he suddenly mentions that he recently installed a new bed of flowers in his garden and asked if you wanted to see
  • You were skeptical…since it was night time, but you agreed
  • When you step out into the garden, dozens of soft lights go off, there’s a fountain running nearby
  • Roses among other flowers are set along a path to this hammock under the open night sky
  • You playfully scold him since you guys were supposed to “keep it simple”
  • You say that it’s nothing equal to this but you got him a small gift
  • He’s been into a lighter clothing faze, so you gave him a shirt with sushi cats on it
  • His eyes light up and he thinks it’s the best thing
  • “MC, you got me a gift…I’m glad I got something small for you as well!”
  • He pulls out a small box holding  a pair of diamond Jumin this is not small
  • After you two exchange gifts, you go enjoy the hammock he set up
  • The rest of the night is just you two talking, settled in each other’s embrace under the stars 


  • Before he can even go to you first, you show up at his house with an envelope in hand
  • Inside is a note that says, “I said I wanted to kiss you in the sky, so…” and on the bottom is just an address
  • He doesn’t know where it goes, but you two hop in the car and he puts it in the GPS
  • You two arrive and it suddenly hits him what you got him: a helicopter ride
  • He’s so excited, he’s hugging you the whole time while walking to the helicopter
  • You gear up and set off on the tour
  • It flies over the waters and there’s a magnificent view, and you’re even allowed to open the doors at one point
  • And he really does kiss you in the sky
  • After it’s over, you two go to a cute little cafe restaurant and spend some time walking around town and talking
  • When it nearing dinner, you two go back to his house
  • He says he has a surprise for you now
  • He puts you in a blindfold and leads you around the bunker until finally he takes it off revealing a room completely and authentically themed country
  • It wasn’t cheaply done…he put a lot of thought into the detail
  • He even ordered authentic food and dessert so it would be the ultimate experience
  • After you finish eating, he pulls out two smaller gifts for you
  • Weeks before, you had a joke about wanting a blanket with his face on it
  • Well, he delivered and you had a huge fluffy blanket with the dorkiest picture of him on it…it was a joke, but you actually really liked it
  • The second gift was a small glass plaque with a your favorite couple pictures together engraved inside along with your anniversary date
  • At the end, you two relax on his couch…under the large blanket with his face on it


  • Neither one of you wanted to something super big or super fancy or super public
  • So you plan a small outing together in the city and just go with whatever you feel like doing
  • You two try a bunch of different foods from large waffles to those huge milkshakes or ice creams and maybe some different cultural foods
  • You had no idea Saeran was taking secret candid shots of you on his phone
  • You would catch him sometimes smiling at his phone, but he would never tell you what he was doing
  • You stumble across a carnival/fair going on and decide to go
  • You two go on the smaller rides, like the Ferris Wheel and boat rides
  • You drag him on those love rides for the laughs
  • You weren’t sure what was making you more sick…the shaky boat or the couple making out behind you
  • The photobooth was his favorite part
  • It was one of those where you can draw on faces and add stickers
  • He drew a heart around you two for his copy, but he wouldn’t let you see it
  • You somehow sneaked a view anyway
  • Saeran manages to win you a small panda from one of the booths
  • You have him hold it while you go to the bathroom, and when you come back a small bracelet is attached to it’s paw
  • He’s shy when you notice, so you try not make a big deal and just kiss his cheek as a thank you
  • You can tell he’s getting tired, so you go home and unsurprisingly he crashes and falls asleep on the couch soon after
  • You sneak to the kitchen and bake him some of his favorite sweets
  • When he comes in to take a taste, he finds your gift there as well
  • There’s a whole basket of nick-nacks like some books, cookie mixes, personalized mouse pad, and other smaller things that you noticed he likes


  • He invites you to come over late afternoon
  • When you get there, there’s flowers on the table while he’s cooking you a huge lunch
  • There’s also a small box of chocolates with your name on it
  • In front of you is another box with a ribbon and a small note prompting you to open it
  • Inside is a photobook where V had filled the whole thing with pictures of you two
  • Beside each one is a small note about when it was, what you did, and something he loved during the memory
  • You’re melting with each page, and then on the last one there’s a small slot with a locket inside
  • He already has your and his picture inside
  • Just as you’re about to call a thank you, he comes in and gives you a small peck
  • He brings out a full meal and you two talk and enjoy each other’s company
  • At the end, you bring out your gifts for him
  • You’d bought him brand new camera lenses to help him as he rebuilds his photography business
  • But he’s even more touched by the pile of letters neatly stacked in box
  • You had written one everytime something small, yet significant happened between you and him the past year
  • To end the night, you just wanted to relax together
  • So he sets out a blanket in the backyard, you bring some soft candles for lighting, and he also brings some snacks and wine
  • It was probably more romantic than any fancy dinner in your eyes

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