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I am literally seething with jealousy at all 3 of them. Now I just need Ryan Reynolds to go on and kiss Stephen and 2017 continues to be fantastic.

13. We made the mutual decision to go to this party separately and when I arrived there was this asshole flirting with you an I’m trying not to make it obvious I’m seething with jealousy but it’s really difficult.

As he looked in the mirror for the millionth time, Nico fixed the collar of his shirt again. Will like when he wore platinum gray and he lived for making that blue eyed boy happy.

Despite having been dating for about two months, none of their friends knew yet. Nico believe that telling everyone would only be a disaster. Not only because of the teasing but because once people were a couple, suddenly every little action was over analyzed until the relationship was ruined.

Will had agreed to not telling only because he never really cared about people’s opinions. And he secretly thought it made the relationship hotter.

After their midterms, the whole living hall had decided to host a party in the lounge. They planned to get stupid drunk and stay up until morning only to sleep it off the next day. They deserved it for managing to get through a semester of college. Will lived on the floor under Nico’s and they had agreed to get there separately, just so no one would suspect anything.

When he felt he looked perfect, he left his dorm and started for the lounge on the third floor. From the elevator, he could hear the shouts and laughter and music. When they opened, he was greeted by several college students- the upperclassmen in baggy shirts and jeans, the underclassmen a little more dressed up for the party. Regardless of grade, they were all laughing and tipping back beer bottles. Nico wasn’t very sure how they would manage to keep the R.A from getting upset with them.

Then Nico saw the R.A kissing one of the upperclassmen near the stereo and he realized even the R.A wanted a break.

He walked through the crowd trying to be subtle about looking for Will. He found him near a group of friends closer to the television screen that hung on the other end of the lounge. “Hey guys,” he greeted the group.

“Will, come on, let’s go dance,” someone said. Nico glanced and had to keep himself from scowling. It was the Brazilian student who always wore a bandana with the Brazilian flag on it so nobody would forget that he was Brazilian.

“I don’t dance,” Will answered, blushing.

“It’s a group dance,” Annabeth interrupted. “Just follow the others.”

“I can teach you,” Paolo the Brazilian said, flashing a smile. Nico clenched his jaw and stuffed his hands in his pocket.

He looked at Will who looked incredibly uncomfortable as he glanced fleetingly at Nico. “Uh, I really just want a drink.”

“I’ll get it for you,” Paolo insisted. He left and Nico glowered after him, reminding himself to hold his tongue.

“I’m surprised you left your dorm,” Percy told Nico, wrapping an arm around Annabeth. “What’s it like to be out of your natural habitat?”

“Very funny,” Nico said rolling his eyes.

“I like your shirt,” Will noted innocently. Nico smiled and raised his eyebrow suggestively. Will looked away to hide his own smile.

Then the Brazilian was back. “Here you go,” he said, uncapping the beer bottle with his belt buckle.

“Oh that’s cool,” Percy noted.

“Yeah, you should add it as a skill to your resume,” Nico grumbled.

The others glanced at him questioningly, so Nico busied himself with drinking from the beer he’d grabbed on his way here. A few hours later, he was sitting grouchily on the leather couch glaring at Paolo as he tried scooting closer and closer to Will near the window.

Percy nudged him and gave him a questioning look. “Why do you keep giving Paolo that look?”

He shrugged. “I think he’s annoying.” Percy furrowed his eyebrows, but then Annabeth tugged on his arm to go dance. Nico returned to silently seething, watching as Paolo brushed a strand of hair from Will’s face. Will blushed and backed away. He turned and laughed awkwardly, his blue eyes meeting Nico’s in a plea for help. Nico shrugged.

“Why don’t we dance?” Paolo suggested. “I can teach you, watch.” He put an arm around Will’s torso and pulled him closer.

Without thinking, Nico got up and grasped Will’s arm to pull him away. “Okay, that’s enough,” he snarled. Paolo blinked in surprise and cringed away. “Leave him alone.”

“What was I doing?” Paolo asked.

“Pathetically trying to flirt,” he scowled.

“Um Nico?” Will said, tugging his arm. “Nico people are staring.”

“Well, he’s cute,” Paolo protested.

“Well, he’s mine!” Nico snapped back.

I knew it!” Percy shouted. “It worked!”

Nico turned to the others who had been listening. It was a handful of people, but it was a handful more than he would’ve liked. Annabeth and Percy were smiling victoriously, the other few people only looking at them in shock. “What worked?” Will asked.

“You guys really suck at being secretive, and we were offended that you didn’t tell us you were dating, so Percy asked Paolo to flirt with Will, knowing it would piss you off. You admitting to dating Will is just a bonus.” She high fived him and raised an eyebrow at them.

“Well now that everyone knows, I’m going back to my dorm,” Paolo said. “Congrats.”

Nico turned to look at Will, his face burning in embarrassment. “You know, green looks good on you,” Will said with a smirk. “And now that it’s not a secret anymore-” Before Nico could react, Will pulled him into a kiss to which Nico responded to wholeheartedly.


Kaia watched them as they kissed. Seething with Jealousy. 

“ Are you fucken kidding me?” She spat with disgust. 

“ First I get here and he ignores me, and now this? You have got to be kidding me.”

“ Did you talk to him when you got here?” Aleah said frowning at her friends stubborness 

“ No, because I thought he would… I mean we were talking all month for fuck sake, the least he could do was acknowledge me…in real life.” 

“ Do you think maybe dancing with that guy -”

“ Don’t be ridiculous Al, it was only dancing, besides I danced with you for an hour and he didn’t seem to want to dance so I accepted someone else’s invitation to dance.. where was the wrong in that? I’m so done with this. I need a drink” she said before storming off to the bar. 

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Dunno if you're still taking them but i have a vikings prompt: during a feist someone starts flirting w Athelstan and he for the first time flirts back. Ragnar sees this and gets very jealous. He takes Athelstan to his bedroom and makes a move on him. Partly because he's being possessive and because he's scared he'll leave him like his wife and son.

Even in a hall full of people, Athelstan was always in clear view of the earl.

No matter what table he sat at, what corner of the longhouse, who-ever sat with him - the earl always, without fail, saw and heard Athelstan. Which is also why that tonight, during this otherwise festive feast, the earl was seething with jealousy as he saw a situation unfold right in front of him.

A beautiful woman from a neighbouring earldom had been drinking mead and sharing the roast with Athelstan for hours, little innocent giggles and smiles turning to far, far more the further on the night went. The little monk had been gentle and kind, as always, never letting the guest feel unwelcome, and for that Ragnar was grateful. But he was not very grateful for the adventuring hands from the woman on Athelstan’s legs, the fingers that twirled through his growing locks of hair.

The earl sat on his throne for hours in silence, head pressed against his clenched fist and his ice-blue eyes locked on the priest and the woman. His children, slaves, even Aslaug tried to grab his attention through the night, but nothing seemed to be able to pull him away from his view, from his thoughts. All Ragnar noticed was the little whispers shared between them and the arms getting slung over Athelstan’s shoulders, the little experimental kiss that was pressed to the edge of his lips—

And was returned with one, and a bright smile.

Ragnar felt a fire burning through his whole body.

“Athelstan!” he called, as he had surged up to a stand, his voice booming over the loud talking and cheering in the hall. Everything quieted down for just a moment, all eyes on him, until they all returned to their usual business. Athelstan, however, was looking with wide eyes at the earl, excusing himself from the woman’s grasp as he slowly stood up. Even though he was a free man - although only just very recently having become one - he was still obedient to his earl, obedient to his old master. His… friend.


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[drabble] i still get jealous

Title: i still get jealous

Summary: four times dan seethed in jealousy, and one time phil acted on it.

A/N: japhanfic!! i almost didn’t write anything bc i have no idea what’s in japan so all the locations are p vague :x

A/N 2: title from – you guessed it – the nick jonas song i used this ironically im soz

A/N 3: written in one sitting on my phone so like theres no read-more i am so sorry

A/N 4: my phil glossybutt is sick so this is dedicated to him we’re filming on thursday and friday u little shit get better (im jk i was sick when we filmed two weeks ago too im soz pls get better ilu no hetero)

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Secretly Dating Happy

Secretly Dating AU- we made the mutual decision to go to this party separately and when i arrived there was this asshole flirting with you and i’m trying not to make it obvious i’m seething with jealousy but it’s really difficult

By the time you got to the party the clubhouse was packed with people. The music was so loud your ears would probably ring for hours after you went home.

You’d never felt more at home than you did at a SAMCROW party.

Being Gemma’s daughter you had been raised to love the club, something that came naturally. You grew up knowing your brother and Ope were going to prospect after high school, and that your life would forever be tied to the MC.

As much as you loved the club and all the men in it you never thought you’d be an Old Lady. You saw how some of the men you loved treated women and you never wanted any part of that.

But here you were at the bar downing tequila shots like no tomorrow and ignoring whatever it was that Rat was babbling on about all because Happy had some black haired bimbo in his lap.

To be fair you knew the girl in his lap, April, and she was lovely you were just so jealous you felt nauseous.

He wasn’t even your fucking boyfriend.
He wasn’t your old man.
He wasn’t your anything.

You’d been seeing each other secretly for almost a year but you didn’t have any claim to him.

Because you wanted to keep it a secret.

Because you didn’t want your mom butting in your business, because you didn’t want things to be awkward between Jax and Happy if you two decided to call it quits.

But now he had April in his lap and he didn’t look like he was going to ask her to move any time soon.

What pissed you off even more than Happy getting way too comfortable with April was that if you even glanced at another man Happy was quick to remind you that you were his. That until you told him to fuck off for good you’d always be his.

So you found the nearest prospect and attached yourself to him. Your stomach was still burning with anger and your chest kinda ached because what if Happy was sick of all this secret shit?

You flirted with Kenny, the newest prospect, and he was responding well, holding you close and whispering in your ear. And then suddenly he took an entire step back. His arm dropped from around your shoulder and from around your waist.

You turned to meet Happy’s angry gaze.

“Do you need something?” You asked raising your eyebrow.

“What are you doing.” It was a question but he didn’t care about the answer much because after a second of silence he grabbed your arm and dragged you to one of the rooms in the back.

You really didn’t appreciate him man handling you, and he must have figured as much because when you reached your destination he let you go immediately and sat across the room from the door so you could leave when you felt like it.

Happy was good like that.

“What the hell is your problem?” You were going to yell at him anyway.

“Why were you flirting with Kenny.” Happy got straight to the point.

“Why were you letting April crawl all over you?” Neither of you really believed in beating around the bush.

“It doesn’t matter. I’m not your Old Man.”

“Then I’m not your Old Lady.” You turned to go to the door.

“It’s not my fucking fault you aren’t my Old Lady.” He said it loud enough to stop you in your tracks and when you turned back around he was gripping the arms of the chair so tightly.

“So what? You’re going to throw the fact that I want to keep our- whatever this is- private in my face because you want me to be your Old Lady?” You want to rip your hair out.

“No, that’s not what I was doing.” He stood from his sitting position but he didn’t move toward you.

“Then what the fuck was that?” You yelled at him.

He just stared at you and that did nothing but piss you off more.

“I can’t fucking do this, Happy.” You walked out the door.

You didn’t even make it three feet down the hallway before you felt his arms around your waist.

“You’re not leaving me.” He said it in a growl, like he was completely prepared to physically detain you if necessary, not that he ever would actually do that.

“Why the fuck not? You obviously aren’t happy. And I can’t deal with you-”

You were cut off but him turning and pinning you against the wall.

“Because I fucking love you.” He was seething with some emotion you couldn’t identify.

You were speechless.

Happy wasn’t really the kind that expressed his emotions a lot. He chose to let his actions make what he felt clear.

It probably frustrated him he could properly show he loved you because of how private you kept your relationship, if you could call it that. He couldn’t look at you for longer than three seconds without raising questions.

So now he had to tell you. And that probably frustrated him more.

“….what.” It wasn’t the most intelligent response. It wasn’t the response that really showed how you felt, because your entire body was numb with how calming those few words were, even growled the way they were.

“I love you. And I’m not going to lose you because you’re scared of your mother or Jax or for any other reason you might have. You either want me or you don’t.” He was staring so intensely at you.

You didn’t notice you were gripping his shirt until now, didn’t notice you were holding him in place.

“Hap, I love you too.” You told him.

“I know you do, baby.” He was pulling away slowly, so you weren’t pressed against the wall but you held him in place.

“I don’t want you to leave.” You told him, not quite sure what you meant just knowing that your entire body was buzzing with a need to be pressed against Happy. Not in a sexual way but just being physically close.

“I’m not leaving, girl.”

“We can tell my mom. I don’t care, I just really don’t want this to end.” It was honest and it seem to make him a little more satisfied.

“You going to be my Old Lady?” He asked placing his hands on your hips.

You didn’t hesitate before nodding.

You were so nervous to tell your parents and Jax and the rest of the club you were with Happy but whatever their reaction was at least you had Hap.


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Imagine turning to the Dark Side when you realize that Anakin, your best friend, loves Padme and not you.

——— Request for anon ———

It was a deep and carnal betrayal that burned within you, twisting the power that seemed to lick around your body in waves of rage. A jealousy like that shouldn’t be catered to, fed, or nurtured, and you knew when you started developing feelings for your friend that it was a step on the path to the Dark Side.

But you loved how it made you feel. The warmth around him. How happy just his smile made you. At least, until you had seen him with Padme, so in love and blind to any affections you held for him.

And yet, when you had asked what drew Palpatine towards you, he wouldn’t call upon the seething jealousy that seared nearly all of your senses, but the shame that you could not feel happy for Anakin’s happiness.

I kid you not!

I just back from my date. We met for coffee at 10am and I got home at 8pm, so I’d say it went well :) But here’s the amazing and hilarious bit: We got up to go to lunch and I pulled out my car keys. I have a Captain America bobble head keychain. He saw it and kind of laughed, then said something I’ll never forget. “I know Captain America.” I was like what? And he explained that he grew up in Boston and went to school with Chris Evans. They were pretty good friends but he hasn’t talked to him in a long time. He said he’s a really nice, cool guy but even in high school he just knew he was going to be an actor. He was just super determined and ambitious. After a while my date would just be like, dude we get it lol.

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  • Eliana: Before I post it on Insta, y'all need to appreciate this picture
  • Eliana:
  • Eliana: And yes before you seethe in jealousy, we got all sorts of souvenirs for you motherfuckers
Delilah Co-Signs.

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Long haired Misha is hot.

I now imagine Cas wanting to be more like Sam and thinks it’s all about the hair.

@raspberrymama - He’s seething with jealousy, it’s only a matter of time before he pops in & uses that angel blade as a biblical styling tool, the sultry [sulking?] trench-coated Delilah to his Samson.

Tengo hambre.

[Doesn’t bother with putting on decent clothes since it’s late at night and the guests are either out or sound asleep] /I can’t fucking sleep./ [Hisses as she tosses and turns in bed, bothered by the fact that he’s out probably fucking bitches. Getting up, she puts her hair in a loose bun and heads out of her room in just her thin shorts and top with no bra underneath] Hmm.. Eggs. [Plucks them from the fridge and heats up the stove, craving a snack to help distract her from the thoughts going through her head–the thoughts that’ll make her want to touch herself or seethe with jealousy and regret] Hola? [Jumps slightly as she hears someone stumbling through the front door] /Who is that?/ Is someone here..? [Walks to where she’s hearing the ruckus before parting her lips as she sees who it is] Dallas? /What are you doing here?/ It’s so late.

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Japhan 2015

A Forever Thing - snazzydan

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Summary: Phan being excited 5-year olds, married and domestic in Japan. Domestic Bants.

Light Of A Thousand Stars (ao3) - stylinshaw

Summary: “But he’s Nick Jonas,” Dan says, eyes wide. “How the fuck do I reply? ‘Hey buddy, sorry but I’m not in London, sucks for you.’"

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Summary: God seemed to bestow both bad luck and a horrible sense of timing onto Peej because he keeps walking into action that he doesn’t want to watch nor hear.

When I’m In Tokyo - dantiloquent

Summary: a quick drabble because these two nerds are in japan.

worclip replied to your post:when it comes to alfred and matthew like i see…

My headcanon is that Matthew doesn’t care that Alfred gets all the attention because Matthew doesn’t really like getting the sort of attention that Alfred receives. It’s sort of a national character trait that one would associate with Canadians.

this is how i see it tbh, unless it’s something he’s actually interested in or supposed to be good at. yeah- i don’t think he’d be jealous or hate alfred over not being given attention…like tbh why would he? Alfred doesn’t just overshadow him, he overshadows all the other Americans! they’re kind of used to it…like yeah they may all find it annoying at times, but it’s not like they or matthew would be seething with jealousy lol. it’s a ‘oh well, that’s how it is’ kind of thing. 

Fic: Months later.

I lied. I totally wrote more after the Twenty percent stories. 

There were just some prompts I couldn’t help but do. :


we made the mutual decision to go to this party separately and when i arrived there was this asshole flirting with you and I’m trying not to make it obvious i’m seething with jealousy but it’s really difficult

Kiss Meme: Giggly Kiss

Kiss Meme: Jealous kiss.

Word count: 5.695

In which there is secret dating, creeps, and pretty dresses. 

Rating: T. 


Somehow, this whole secret dating thing was working out just fine. It had been a couple of months, and they’d been working on setting some boundaries (as of now, there would be no Ladybug and Chat Noir kissing. Far too risky). They had managed to go on some dates, and with Paris being as big as it was, they’d yet to run into anyone they knew. As far as school was concerned, the game was ‘how many kisses can one sneak upon the other’. And so far, the answer was plenty. Marinette had no idea how their friends had not caught them just yet.

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