Chinese Gif App (How to Use it)

Hi everyone! 

Just going to be doing a quick HOW TO tutorial or demonstration on how you can make a cute GIF like the one I posted up yesterday by using this cute GIF chinese app. Since some of you guys have been asking me how I created this and where I created this GIF from just keep reading this blog. ;) 

So this App is a chinese app that you can download for FREE, yes thank goodness its FREE LOL. on your IPHONE. (From the App Store)

 1. So just go onto your Search and type in (GIF) 

It’s the last one (Xiamen Meitu Technology)

2. The App is Free so just finish Installing it to your IPHONE

3. So once its done downloading, just click on the app.

4. To make a picture gif, click on the one with the red box around it. 

5. When your ready to make a picture gif just click on the Yellow circle 

6. Once your done with whatever face expression you did LOL. 

wait for it to load through. (Green loading) 

7. After that just click on the Yellow Box for it to continue through. 

8. So this is the fun part, (Decorating and making the color effects change)

just choose the different color effects you want ^___^

After your all done with editing your GIF then just click the yellow box 

to continue. 

9. wait for it to load and finish completing your gif.

10. Now this is the hard part that people get troubled with, 

The red box is what you want to click, because that will send your GIF to your email

11. so this is what is going to pop up, where the red arrow is, thats where you want to put your email address on. 

12. So here is an example of what I would do to send my gif to my email. 

GIF Example :

LOLS so here is the GIF example I made for you guys. 

It a keychain my bfs mom gave me ^___^

I really hope you guys enjoyed this HOW TO ^__^ 

Hope this blog post was informative and helpful to you girls/guys 

who use this app or is going to xD

- Much LOve SeeSee