sees right through me


Your a star that refuses to shine                                                                           unworthy of your own presence                                                                           One day you will open your eyes.

Do you see me?                                                                                                   Or do you see right through me?                                                                         Will I ever be loved again?

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I daydream about what would happen if I ever saw you again
Maybe it would be in a bookstore
or a coffee shop
or a grocery store
Maybe you would be alone or with your new girl
I would be with my family or with a boy who treats me so much better
We would make eye contact
Or maybe you wouldn’t see me at all
But I am certain you would
However I would just see right through you, because you are no longer real to me
But perhaps you would try to resuscitate me
like a dead flower you try to revive by intense watering
You can try and act like we are still alive
Except honey I died awhile ago
So if we do ever meet again
Don’t try to make small talk
Just take in the image of me
Because I don’t even want to picture you anymore
—  aloseshermind, we are dead
deal | pt 1 (m)

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summary: the years spent working hard had really paid off and was it so wrong to want to rub that in a few faces? The cliché mean girls that often teased you for not doing anything with your hair or clothing, wouldn’t it be great to show off someone like Jungkook? High school reunion au + ceo!jeon

word count: 6,366 

part two | part three 

Eyes like ice, cold and calculating narrow over the rim of a wine glass. Soft lips press to the polished glass, the crimson complimenting tan skin. If it weren’t for the soft dent between his brows you would have assumed he had not heard you. He takes his time allowing the wine to caress his palate, eyes closed as he savors the taste.  As always, he makes you wait until the wine glass is drained of it’s dark contents. You ponder on the taste, if it is bitter upon his tongue much like his words.

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Ti Dom Problems - INTP
  • INTP: *leading something that feels like a particularly pleasant conversation*
  • ENFJ1: You're really insatiable today, huh?
  • INTP: ...
  • INTP: ... what do you mean?
  • ENFJ1: You just have these days when you're like a bird with a metal beak and you just peck and chop and pick everything apart that people say.
  • INTP: ...
  • INTP: ...until it's down to its simplest parts and makes sense?
  • ENFJ1: ...until it's down to its simplest parts and makes sense.
  • INTP: ...
  • INTP: ...
  • INTP: ...
  • INTP: ...oh.
  • ***
  • INTP: *leading something that feels like a particularly pleasant conversation*
  • INFJ:
  • INTP: ...huh?
  • INFJ: have these moments when you dig deeper and deeper and completely forget all the rules of a normal human conversation.
  • INTP: Oh, I'm sorry - I was just really into it and -
  • INFJ: No, it's fine. I WANT you to understand. It's just so ...unusual.
  • INTP: ...
  • INTP: ...funny that you say that. ENFJ said something really similar a while ago. Like, how I keep chopping things apart.
  • INFJ: ...
  • INFJ: ...
  • INFJ: ...yeah, at this point it's not really a conversation anymore. It's an interrogation.
  • INTP: ...
  • INTP: ...
  • INTP: ...oh.

Things I wanted in the MCU:

“Shellhead” “winghead”
“You gave me a home”
“I’m not half as good at anything as I am when I’m doing it next to you. And that’s the truth”
“Good morning, beloved.”
“This is Captain Handsome ordering you to rock n’ roll on that 45.”
The hug and fly
“Cap and Iron Man couldn’t make it. CSI and Grey’s Anatomy are new - they’re fighting for the remote.” “Be funnier if it wasn’t true…”
“Any excuse to get me to hold you” “you see right through me”

What I got in the MCU:

“Big man in a suit of armor. Take that off what are you?”
“Everything special about you came out of a bottle.”
“Did you know?” “I didn’t know it was him.”
“I’m sorry, Tony. But he’s my friend.” “So was I.”


Dear Anon,

I see you’re going through some hard times right now. Let me just say that when you do have the courage to come out to you family, friends, co-workers, etc. that you don’t let anything they say deter you. You are who you are, and that’s all you’ll never be. You’re you, not someone else. I never understood why people wanted to be like everyone else, a world full of the same people with the same qualities and interests would be boring. So don’t change a thing about yourself.

The people who stand by you will be your friends no matter what, and the ones who don’t accept you…you don’t need that kind of negativity in your life. Don’t ever feel ashamed of who you are. Hell, you’re inspiring ME to come out. Have you ever heard of being a panromantic asexual? I hadn’t until I figured out what I was. So…I hope you find out who you are.

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“You can do it, da? I believe in you.”

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talk about their friendship :) it's a bit banal tho

Oh trust me my dear anon this won’t be boring!

First i want to start with the fact that kihyun and wonho are the longest trainee since they arrived in starship before other members,so there is already this long term friendship going on. 

The main important reason why i ship kiho is because of the way they supported each other in no.mercy! Kihyun and Wonho were together since 3rd mission until the very last mission they were always in the same team and from that i noticed how much kihyun took care of wonho as hyung and how much wonho look after kihyun as a dongsaeng! 

When wonho was practicing for his solo mission kihyun came up to him and cheered him before he leave.

I don’t know if you know but they showed 2 sec of kihyun literally sitting on wonho’s thighs while wonho was doing his sit up :)

^^(this is from ep 3 btw if you are curious). I mean you have to be pretty comfortable with each other to be able to do this. (gosh this ss always gives me extreme feels but i should move on)

In no mercy when they go out they were always next to each other and sit next to each other! After they went to k.will concert wonho talked about how he first met kihyun and acted out how kihyun was like when they first met. I found this really sweet and wonho is always teasing kihyun just to make him laugh!. 

this was when wonho was cheering on segyero and when wonho forgot to introduce the segyero team kihyun was there to remind him about it. 

When kihyun was nervous wonho cheered him by saying “show them what a main vocalist can do”. 

hugging after their last mission together.

when wonho’s name was announced as a member of monsta x kihyun willingly put his hand out to hold wonho’s hand probably to show that he is happy and glad and appreciate that after so long they are finally in a team together!

Now that was just short no.mercy friendship kiho that i have in mind rn. after debut,i see fancams where wonho would tease kihyun and tickle him. there was a show champion backstage video where wonho said he wasn’t sure how his performance turn out well and kihyun told him he did well and in the same video they were sweating and wonho wiped kihyun’s neck with a tissue and etc.

On kihyun’s birthday last year they had a fansign and mind you kihyun have his own jacket on and wonho gave his jacket to kihyun to show that he care. action speaks more than words right?

so kihyun ended up with  two jackets 

there is a fancam where shownu accidentally hit kihyun’s lips with his elbow during a fansign and wonho came screaming at shownu for hurting  him and asked kihyun if he was bleeding. 

These little moments where they take special care of each other and how they always support each other is what makes me love kiho so much as an otp and i love their friendship so much i can’t explain it in words. They are not touchy obvious otpbut they stay a distance from each other while supporting each other and i just have a weak heart for them two being sweet to each other.  

WOW ok this is longer than i expected but i shall stop here. Please appreciate kiho and their friendship :)

so, i noticed that my human bill turned a year old this month (ayy same birth-month!) so I thought it would be funny and interesting to compare him to the first real drawing I ever made of him (theres more but they are all sketches and TERRIBLE) and OH BOY CHECK THIS OUT the guy changed a lot! I love it tho, it’s a good change and he went through a lot of that but I’m super at peace with where he is right now. I really wanna draw my AU as a comic now.

I’ll remind you

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: angst, slight swearing, death of a child, some fluff 

Word count: 2090

Summary: After a hunt gone terribly wrong the reader reveals a little secret to Dean to comfort him.

A/N: Omg guys I almost cried while writing the first half of this. Btw if someone already wrote a fic like this I’m gonna die. I was so proud when I had this idea lol. Gif is not mine [x] 

Silence. Silence was surrounding you; it weighed heavy on your chest and made you feel helpless and lost.

Dean drove the Impala through the dark night without saying one word. His grip on the steering wheel was so tight that you could see his knuckles turning white. The only sounds you could hear were the engine of Baby and the rain which drummed wildly on the roof of the car. Sam was fast asleep after the exhausting hunt you guys had just finished. You on the other hand couldn’t sleep; you were trying to focus on which raindrop would make it down the window, you were staring at, the fastest. Images of the hunt that had gone terribly wrong flashed through your mind. Tears burned in your eyes, blinking them away quickly you tried to think of something else.

This time it was really bad. It had been a kid. Jake Simmons.

The three of you had tried everything to save him in time before the vampire who had captured Jake and his parents, who were dead long before him, could hurt him.

When you had arrived at the nest it was too late. The little boy, who was no more than five years old had laid there on the cold floor of an abandoned warehouse. His clothes were all bloody and his teddy bear was a few feet away from him, also stained with blood.

Every time you closed your eyes, the sight of his lifeless body would send shivers down your spine.

So you silently sat in the backseat, with Jake’s bloody teddy bear clutched in your shaking hands, while trying to ignore the urge to cry uncontrollably.

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32 - dust motes, Baze/Chirrut

for this meme

Hoth and Jedha, for all they both suffered from a near permanent winter, were different. Snow had been rare on Jedha, too cold and dry for it to ever form. Hoth was soft where Jedha had been hard, permafrost making most forms of farming and burial impossible. It was not an easy place to live, but the people of Jedha were adaptive and stubborn, and they made it their home for thousands of years and would have done so for another thousand if the Empire had not wiped it all away.

But they survived and adapted, as was their wont, although Baze privately admitted that Chirrut was having a much easier time with the snow then he was. Baze sunk while Chirrut had mastered the trick of walking along the thin layer of ice on top.

“If you say the Force guides you,” Baze said, breathing heavily as he struggled through the drifts, “I will throw you into that snow bank.”

“The Force has nothing to do with this,” said Chirrut, tapping his shoulder with his staff. “I’ve always been lighter on my feet than you.”

As Chirrut grinned smugly, always so pleased by his own imagined wit, Baze grabbed his ankle and tumbled him into the snow.

“Is this the fabled lightness?” he asked while Chirrut flailed and cursed him with language so filthy it made young Luke blush to hear.

They were all finding their feet, some easier than others. Bodhi, raised in the holy city, was taking to Hoth well, better than Cassian and Jyn, who had still not learned the art of how to proper layer clothing. And even Luke, born on a desert world, was faring far better than K-2S0, who complained the cold was freezing his joints. The consensus among the rest of the base was that would have been a blessing.

He and Chirrut were probably acclimating the best to the rigors of an ice planet, having survived the worst that Jedha could offer, but even so the longing for his home had settled so deep in his bones that it had replaced the very marrow. Perhaps that was why Leia of lost Alderan had taken to sitting with him as he worked to repair the few large artillery the rebellion had. She knew what it was to be unmoored, to be made of loose iron fillings with no magnet to pull all the disparate pieces together. It hurt in a way Baze didn’t know anything outside of Chirrut bleeding and near death could hurt.

But Jedha was lost and Chirrut saved, and Baze let the warmth of Chirrut in their bed seep into his hollow spaces. In this, at least, it was not so different than the winters they weathered in the holy city, Chirrut pressed against his back, cold nose tucked against his neck, arm heavy over his waist, one knee wedged between his own. Even as a skinny thing, Chirrut took up more than his fair share of space, a habit he had never out grown.

Baze watched his breath hang in the air before his face, and he thought of Jedha’s red dust, forever staining clothes and skin and even the buildings until whole cities looked to be carved from the land. In the home they made after the temple fell, Baze would wake up like this, Chirrut held tight to him, watching those same red dust motes float gently in the one slanting sunbeam their windows let in. It had been a peaceful moment in a life with too few of those.

“Baze,” Chirrut murmured, nose tracing a cold line along Baze’s neck. “What’s wrong?”

Baze watched his breath shape and then reshape itself before his eyes. “Nothing,” he said, and took Chirrut’s cold hand in his, tucking both above his heart.

  • [while Voldemort is training them]
  • Bellatrix Lestrange: I’m never gonna catch my breath
  • Barty Crouch Jr: Say goodbye to those who knew me
  • Rastaban Lestrange: Boy was I a fool in school for cutting gym.
  • Narcissa Malfoy: This guy’s got ‘em scared to death!
  • Severus Snape: Hope he doesn’t see right through me.
  • Regulus Black: Now I really wish that I knew how to swim!
  • Voldemort: BE A DEATH EATER!

Shawn Mendes x Reader

Word count: 1,074

A/N: Anon requested ; Shawn’s about to go on tour and y/n is sad so before he leaves he gives her Leo so he can protect her and its super sentimental and sweet and symbolic. I hope this is alright!


I wake up to the sun bleeding through the blinds, leaving rainbow reflections on the wall. I turn over to see Shawn’s bare back, his hair messy. He’s leaving to go on tour again today, a day I’ve been dreading for weeks now. We’ve basically spent every day together, trying to make up for lost time in advance. I hate it when he goes away for so long. I’m always so happy to see him pursue his passion and his love for music but it hurts so much to be separated for so long. I trace my finger lightly down Shawn’s spine, making the hairs on the back of his neck stand up. He groans as he turns over to face me. He rubs his eyes lazily before placing his hand under my chin, his thumb gliding along my bottom lip. “Good morning, beautiful.” He croaks, his voice so deep, as it always is when he first wakes up. “Not a good morning.” I say to him, pouting playfully. “I know… Hey-” he says lifting my chin up so our eyes meet again. I try to smile but Shawn sees right through me, knowing how I really feel. “2 months, then I’ll be home for a little while and I won’t let you leave my side. I promise, baby.” He says, trying to comfort me.

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