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Persona 3/4/5 Team Combat Headcanons

so like. here’s some personal headcanons about sees, the investigation team, and the phantom thieves and how they fight.

S.E.E.S: the members of sees are definitely the most experienced in one on one combat, because 1) you’re capable of asking them to split up in tartarus and 2) minato doesn’t give them specific orders, merely general ones, so the members have better judgement. however as a consequence they’re the worst of the three teams when it comes to all working together, compounded by the fact their overall friendships seem to be weaker.

Investigation Team: Conversely, Yu and the Investigation Team spend so much time together and their bonds are so tight that they excel at team fights, especially with Yu there to direct them. they’re not incapable of fighting solo, the fighting games prove that, but they’re not as used to it as sees.

Phantom Thieves: They fuck with the dichotomy. They’re not bad at fighting in a team or one their own, but not a lot better at one or the other. Rather the Phantom Thieves are FANTASTIC at out of the box combat strategies and using their combat skills in unusual ways to gain an edge. 

all this taken into consideration:

-If you get one member from each team and make the three of them fight, the persona user from sees is likely gonna kick ass.

-conversely, if you get the entirety of all three teams to brawl it out, the investigation team will take it home, even though they’re smaller than sees and only tied with the phantom thieves. yu is just that good at co-ordinating with the help of rise.

-BUT if you get the standard sized 4 character teams, the phantom thieves are gonna whip out some crazy out of the box plan and wreck their senpais.