seertime art

“Don’t be scare anymore, my child.
Because the end of your fears is here!”

Night Terror by rebornica. Available in all videogame stores!

Welp, I just tried to make it look like it was the cover of the game.
 But I think I failed. Yeeeh, sorry. Also, I have to say this:
Rebby roo, I’m so proud of you about how are you dealing with all of this.
Keep it like that, buddy! And Vince, treat well Rebby!~

Okay, this is a sweet sweet headcanon that I came out of Vendetta and Miss Mahogany after I listen to this song.
These two troublemakers are really good on dancing.
Especially on swing.
If one day they’re eating at a restaurant, and they are feeling in a really good mood and the music has a incredible rhythm, they’ll dance. And all the people on the dance floor will be like:

“Oh man, take a step back because they know how to move!”
Miss Mahogany & Vendetta by rebornica​~

“Constellation” // Gravity Falls AU

Part: X | 2 | 3

AU where Dipper becomes a guidepost for those who are lost, because he is the representation of “The big Dipper.” And Mabel, is a shooting star who makes wishes come true everytime someone has the luck of see her traveling through the sky. But they’re not the only ones who are watching the mankind from up there! There are others constellations and asterisms.
Even another pair of twins, just like them!

Oh man, it’s been awhile since I wanted to work on this AU!
There’s a loooot of story behind this!
Yeah, it’s going to be fun to work with this!~