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Sorry to bother you, but may I please ask for a session analysis of a session with a Seer of Time, Witch of Void, Page of Rage, Sylph of Breath, Knight of Hope, Prince of Light, Thief of Heart, Maid of Doom, Mage of Space, and Rogue of Mind? (Idk if it helps or not, but the Witch and Knight are <> with each other?) thank you for your time! Your blog is Amazing!!!

No bother! Thank you for being nice. ;v;
Let’s first see what all of them can do: 

  •  Seer of Time, one who knows about the death and the timeline in the session and sees destruction. Passive. Invertion is Witch of Sapce.
  • Witch of Void, one who manipulates the irrelevance, ignorance and darkness in the session and manipulates with secrets, misfortune and plot holes. Active. Invertion is Seer of Light.
  • Page of Rage, one who exploits the anger and negative feelings on the session and protects the conviction and strength of others. Passive. Invertion is Thief of Hope.
  • Sylph of Breath, one who creates ideals, goals, paths and directions on the session and preserves the freedom and inspiration. Passive. Invertion is Prince of Blood.
  • Knigth of Hope, one who exploits the beliefs, miracles and joy in the session and protects the optimism and dedication of others. Active. Invertion is Rogue of Rage.
  • Prince of Ligth, one who destroys the illumination, importance and information in the session and destroys with knowledge and fortune. Active. Invertion is Sylph of Void.
  • Thief of Heart, one who steals the soul, inclinations and uniqueness of others and steals with individuality, preferences and personality. Active. Invertion is Page of Mind.
  • Maid of Doom, one who creates fate, sacrifice and punishment on the session and preserves the order and hesitation. Active. Inversion is Bard of Life.
  • Mage of Space, one who knows about the creativity, originality and physical space and knows through movement and propagation. Passive. Invertion is Heir of Time.
  • Rogue of Mind one who steals the thoughts, memories and decisions, and steals with logic and judgement. Passive. Invertion is Knigth of Heart. 

We can already see that this session is very well balanced. Having the same amount of active and passive players. This session could have the following pros:

The knowledge of the right moments when the players should act from the Seer. A good distribution of misteries and discoveries from the Witch. A good conviction and strenght boost from the Page A good focus on goals, missions and inspirations from the Sylph. A person who is always there to support and encourage the players from the Knight. Nice tactics and high probabilities of kicking butts at team fights from the Prince. A skilled spy with great charisma so they can befriend many NPCs from the Thief. Good organization and concern for priorities from the Maid. Foreseen events of creation and movement from the Mage. Nice distribution of decissions, thoughts and logic from the Rogue.

This is all pointing to a potentially unified team! So congrats, you only have to be friendly to each other. You also seem to be very powerful in team battle, and sburb in general. You have however the following cons:

A potential failure or detachement on the Seer, as the visions of death and destruction could be too much for them. An overshadow of the session because of the Witch, who can also keep many secrets, encourage them and reveal them to their please. Early on the session, you will not have the help of this Page, and they would most likely take care of themselves first. A huge source of misguidence from the Sylph, as they might create the wrong goals on the team. A possible detachement from the Knigth, as they can use the beliefs of others to their own adventage. A lack of information and fortune because of the Prince, who is also most likely to leave someone blind. A lack of core in the team due to the Thief antics, they could make everyone feel bad about themselves as well. A Maid who could take sacrifices to an extreme and heavily doom the session. A potential failure or detachement on the Mage, as their Space tasks might scare them away from their role. A dangerous distribution of bad decissions and horrible memories and thoughts from the Rogue.

These are all pretty bad, yeah. You have 3 dangerous players (Witch, Prince, Thief) that if not well controled, can do more bad than good. As well as players wiht lots of aspect problems (Seer, Mage, Rogue). I will now give some tips on how to avoid problems in the session.

First of all, seers tend to take their aspect very seriously and reinforce it on others. Luckily, players like the thief, rouge, maid and knigth can counter this.
The Witch would tend to give no importance to some things, even people. And with the Prince this can escalate further. You at least have the sylph and the maid to counter them. You already have the Witch in <> with the Knight, so they might encourage them to give things more importance and have faith.
You need to give the Page time, be careful as you don’t want the Maid, Thief or the Knigth to push them too much. They have to grow up in their aspect a lot before becoming powerful.  Probably the Sylph and Seer are better for them.
As you have two players who can take the importance away, this Sylph will have a tough time with creating ideals and preserving them on people. You could have the Page, Maid and the Knight to encourage them.
The Knight could end up hurting others without noticing, as they have such powerful beliefs and often migth betray other’s faith. I am sure that their moirail, the Witch, will provide a good help with it, and then the Knigth will learn to have more balance.
The Prince can easily leave the session with misfortune and ignorance, or hurt someone. Of course the Witch will provide a good counter if they side up with the team. Knight, Maid and Mage can be good or better.
You can keep the Thief aligned with the team with the help of the Mage, Rouge and Prince.
The Maid can be helped on their lack of aspect by the Sylph and Page.
The Mage will have problems with frog breeding and their aspect in general, as they repel it. The knight would encourage them to try and understand the space on them. Others who can help are the Sylph, Maid and Page. You better keep the Mage away from the Seer, or they could get easily influentiated by time and thus invert.
Finally, the Rogue could spread the wrong decisions and thoughts among the team. The Prince could deny these statements, as well as the Witch. You can help the Rogue to be more aligned with the team with the Sylph and Knight.

Oh, wow. That was a long one! Thanks for asking, I hope this helps! :”3c

Binding someone’s mouth.

objective: to make it someone can’t talk about you, too you, or at all depending on what you want. This can be with a real physical poppet, but it can also be done as a quick visualization in your head. It has been effective for me done both ways.

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  1. Get a poppet to represent the person you are binding. It’s better to make it yourself and fill it with things that represent/symbolize that person to make it more personal to them.
  2. Put red thread on a sewing needle and start sewing the mouth of a doll. Chant, “Open lips say too much. So i seal your mouth; I bind it shut.”
  3.  Tie off the thread at the end of the mouth. Hide the poppet away somewhere it won’t be bothered or messed with.
  4. To remove the binding cut the thread from the poppet’s mouth.