Okay, but let’s talk about Dave and Terezi for a second, specifically their fraymotif.

screenshot taken by terezipyropeofficial

Terezi and Dave used their combined powers to “revive” Dirk, after Dirk was killed by Spades Slick via dozens of point blank gunshot wounds. We can assume this death was heroic, as he didn’t begin to revive on his own, and he certainly didn’t deserve a “Just” death. So for a few seconds of the flash, Dirk Strider was permadead. 

But then Dave and Terezi used their classpect powers in conjunction with each other, in the fraymotif you see above.

Now, from the image, we can get an idea of what exactly their combined power actually is. You can see Dirk and Jack English doing a variety of different actions, with the timeline splintering off in different directions based on the choices Dirk makes as to how to go about fighting Jack. 

Once the fraymotif fades, Dirk is fine, and is in a much different situation combat wise than he was originally- the battle never went in that direction, so he never died. This is, obviously, time travel- that’s clear from the get-go. But what’s remarkable is that it’s a type of time travel we’ve never seen before in Homestuck. 

Time travel in homestuck- even John’s retcon powers- involves the person in question physically traveling back in time, so that if they want to change their own actions, they have to carry a conversation with their past self and convince them to act differently. In Terezi and Dave’s fraymotif, though, nobody actually physically travels back- at least not in the sense we’re use to.

Considering that, in the picture above, every cyan branch represents a barrier between potential timelines- there’s actually no duplicates in the image. Every given timeline shown has one Dirk, one Terezi, and one Dave. Rather than there being two of someone, because someone went back and changed things “manually”. 

Mind as an aspect represents choices, the reasons people have for making those choices- and other choices they could have potentially made. Combine that with time travel, and it’s clear that their combined ability is to retroactively cause people to make different choices than they originally did. Dirk never died because he never made the combat decision that led to his death. It’s a type of time travel that leaves no fingerprints- nobody runs into another version of themselves, nobody meets anyone from the future.

you just happen to make a different choice than you would have originally, probably not even realizing something is different.

and odds are, only the player(s) who did it are aware.

it’s a form of time travel where you BECOME your past self, rather than encounter them. and that’s remarkable. that’s unprecedented in homestuck. seamless time travel like that has endless potential, it’s like an “undo” button in photoshop. considering that it forces the person in question to make a different choice, it’s arguably a form of mind control.

in conclusion:

terezi & dave are a fucking powerhouse. 

I mean I guess you could headcanon collegestuck Rose as color-coding her notes and keeping an impeccable notebook that she graciously loans out to her classmates and intimidating everyone with her competence and brilliance but like… have you seen her bedroom. Have you seen how she reacted to her quest.

I’d bet my nonexistent collection of wizard statues that by the end of her first year in college, Rose is one of those people who participates in class discussion constantly and is always willing to debate the readings, but turns in sloppy papers riddled with typos and lacking a coherent structure. She’s the student who has an A+ in participation and an average of 60% on most of the written assignments, mostly from points off due to lateness. If you stopped her and asked her about the prompt for one of her assigned papers, she could give you a verbal treatise about her position on it complete with paragraphs and footnotes, but an hour before it’s due she’s writing fanfiction and getting into arguments on the internet and reblogging aesthetic posts. 

Her classmates think she’s the most intimidatingly smart person in the course. Her friends know she’s a hot mess. Her teachers tell her she has a lot of potential but they don’t think she’s applying herself. They’re all right. 

also i think a big part of eyeball’s character is that she’s starved for attention/affection

And then, when she talks about getting a pearl, aka another gem to lavish attention on her (and i’d bet some gems even develop relationships with their pearls, which is probably what she wants)

someone give her some real love and attention oh gosh