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Hey Madame, I don't want to be rude or anything but I was curious what happened to The Seer. I really enjoyed it and can't find any other good creepypasta comics. Are you going to continue it or pass it onto someone else? Or are you just leaving it?

If I’m entirely honest, the series fell victim to time. It was years ago when I started working on the project, and I was still in school. I had a lot more free time, and so did my awesome group of voice actors. However, over time as I left school and had to become an “adult” I found myself with MUCH less free time to draw, and my interests had started to drift elsewhere, as they naturally do as the years pass. I also started to have difficulties keeping a voicing staff together, because they are all individual people with their own lives and priorities outside of the project. I DID have a full plot planned out for the series, I just ran out of time and steam to make it happen. Perhaps if I only had to worry about audio editing, instead of writing and drawing the comic too it wouldn’t be such a herculean task for me now. Maybe if I had a fresh new artist to pass the plot and vision on to, the series could go on. But as far as things have been in the past, with me writing, drawing, and editing on top of my other Youtube content, it’s just too many hats to juggle alone.

Sycamore, ash, moss and loam
Wrap your roots all around my bones
And when they come for me
When they call my name
Cast my shadow from a bellow’s flame

With WMV being out for me, I’ve been making some of these for my close friends. This one features another character from @solunarian. This is Miranda Milden, a blind Gilnean seer who has been involved with Melathor’s story since he moved to Surwich. He will often talk about her in his journal entries.

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Countries I’ve lived in: the philippines!! i’d like to move abroad for a while tho in the future deffo
Favorite fandom: right now im firmly in batfam hell but i dont actually like the fandom…probably the star trek or hbo war fandom?? that’s where it’s been the most fun and non-stressful lmao
Languages I speak: just english and tagalog lmao i tried to learn spanish for a while but my attention span is nonexistent
Favorite film from 2015: well obviously..the force awakens!! but also mad max!!
Last article I read: an AV club article about the beyonce VMA performance during my study break like 3 hours ago
Shuffle your library and put the first three titles: the story of tonight (reprise) - hamilton cast / razorblade - the strokes / the seer’s tower - sufjan stevens
Last person I dreamed of: oh my god probably my happy crush 
Any phobias or fears: i have a very irrational fear of cockroaches. it’s rly. rly bad
How would my friends describe me: small and angry..definitely
How would my enemies describe me: small and angry and annoying LMAO
Would you take a bullet for someone: probably..not….
If you had money to spare, what would you buy first: a bunch of hardbound comics i want and also a $100+ backpack (probably kanken lmao)

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Serenity Sunday - Sjofn!
In the world of Kore, Sjofn is a Goddess of the Bruids who governs relationships and love. She is referred to quite often in “The Seers’ War” ForeverGreen novels and appears in “Part Two - The Spider and the Fly” as a God-post.

In the real world…
In Norse mythology, Sjöfn is a goddess associated with love. Sjöfn is attested in the Prose Edda, written in the 13th century by Snorri Sturluson; and in three kennings employed in skaldic poetry. Scholars have proposed theories about the implications of the goddess.

In chapter 35 of the Prose Edda book Gylfaginning, High provides brief descriptions of 16 ásynjur. High lists Sjöfn seventh, and says that Sjöfn is “concerned to direct people’s minds to love, both women and men.” In addition, High states that from Sjöfn’s name comes the Old Norse word sjafni. In the Nafnaþulur section appended to the Prose Edda book Skáldskaparmál, chapter 75, Sjöfn is included in a list of 27 names of ásynjur. Otherwise, the name Sjöfn is thrice employed as a base word in skaldic kennings for “woman”.

Regarding the information given about Sjöfn in Gylfaginning, John Lindow says that the word sjafni does indeed appear listed in the þulur as a word for “love”, yet that outside of this description no information about the goddess is known. Lindow states that some scholars theorize that Sjöfn may be the goddess Frigg under another name. Rudolf Simek says that Snorri may have derived his etymology of Sjöfn from the Old Norse words sefi (“sense”) or from sefi (possibly “relation”), but that the scant references to Sjöfn do not allow for much more of an elaborate explanation for the goddess. Simek says that, accordingly, Sjöfn is viewed as a goddess of “marriage and love, or else one of relationships” and that Sjöfn is among several goddesses mentioned in the Prose Edda “who are matron-like guardian-goddesses.”

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I am imprinting on @cyborgrhodey like a lost duckling. Show me the way to TonyRhodey’s Recdom oh wise seer!

Okay, the pun was truly unintentional but it happened and I love it. If you didn’t get the pun then you’re a pure soul and I do not intend to corrupt you <3

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I have read your answer about virtues (very interesting), but I want to ask you an information: each role of the Seer has an important virtue, but could I know what is the Mage's virtue? I know that nobody of the PnF Gang is the Mage (except when Phineas pick it in the game) but I'm writing a fanfic inspired from The Seer and I want to know what virtue the Mage is, if possible...

Mage doesn’t have a virtue. The positions they held don’t possess Virtues, it’s the characters that do. Isabella was the Archer because she had courage and a fierce heart. Not because her virtue was Loyalty. The only one whose virtue mattered was the Seer’s because of obvious reasons.

No more Seer questions please.