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knight of time <> seer of heart?

Time and Heart done <HERE>

Knights and Seers are blatantly stated to be a strong combination, with Seers as the tactician and Knights as the warrior when working together.

Read <HERE> for Karkat and Terezi shenanigans; there’s not much more to add to that. The two have a long-winded relationship. 

Kankri and Latula sure have talked at each other. While talking about Karkat and Terezi’s relationship, Kankri brings up to Latula that he doesn’t notice everything about her, because that would be bad for their friendship (note: he’s super lying). He seems to be either sarcastic or rude by going on about it and how he has “platonic” feelings for her.

Dave and Terezi have somewhat of a turbulent relationship. They first speak when Davesprite tells Terezi to back off from John, since she had gotten him killed and caused the timeline offshoot he came from. 

Otherwise the two work closely together before gang all meets on the meteor. 

They planned out the troll’s discovery of the kids.

Most of their plans worked through Dave’s power and knowledge of his Aspect, as is with most successful Seer/Knight relationships.

She tried to set up an arrangement for him to reach god tier, which would require him killing an alternate doomed self. Terezi at least did this to test the boundaries of a “doomed” self. 

Which actually just created a new Doomed Dave who just experienced a cruel fate and a life lesson for Alpha Dave.

They dated for a while on the meteor until she put priority over her kissmessitude with Gamzee, or at least Dave felt that way. After that they don’t really have any interactions, including in the Alpha timeline.

A Knight of Time and Seer of Heart, then, could have a complicated relationship that ends up going relatively well. While they may start out on good terms, it would take time for them to become true friends, and even longer to reach a romantic level. They could start out anywhere from the bottom, or cold/distant, but warm up relatively quickly. They would likely start out on better terms, though. 

Obviously the Seer of Heart would strategize along terms of Heart (emotions, goals, romance, heart/soul) and the Knight of Time would carry this out with their own expertise. This would both require trust and allow it to build over time. Considering a Seer of Heart would possibly work with the Knight’s innermost personal goals, dreams, and emotions, the two would probably need a deeper connection than other possible Seer/Knight combinations in order to work most effectively. They could also work together to extend the Seer’s visions/ideas to others. The Knight could also assist in helping the Seer understand a bit more about Time in general, and the way they go about certain tasks may bring new knowledge to the Seer. 

Intuitively, their friendship would be one based upon deep conversations of themselves and some of their most personal topics. Although this typically happens with Seers, it would multiply for a Seer of Heart. Considering a Seer of Heart would likely have a notably high amount of empathy and ability to feel sympathy, this would not be misplaced. If the Knight felt uncomfortable with something (as is understandable with intimate conversations), and the Seer was unable to assuage that, then the relationship could go sour and the Knight might become distant. 


Seer of Heart

Seers know everything about their aspect, and understand it completely. Heart is the aspect of the soul, and is also heavily based on emotions. That means a Seer of Heart has a deep understanding of themselves and others.

Analysis: The heart aspect seems to be deeply rooted in feelings. Both of the Leijons have a deep interest in romance, and Meulin often acts as a matchmaker for her friends. It is speculated that the Seer is the passive counterpart to the Mage class; where Meulin seems to have taken a more active role in her friends’ relationships, a  Seer of Heart would be more subtle. 

Rose, as a Seer of Light (the aspect of luck), was able to see which actions would help lead her friends to victory. Likewise, a Seer of Heart can tell which individuals will make good matches, and which relationships are doomed to fail.

It isn’t all about the gushy romantic stuff, though! Calliope has told us that the term “heart” is synonymous with the idea of the “soul”. A Seer of Heart is capable of understanding the thoughts and feelings of others, even if they might not agree with them. They are incredibly empathetic. Even the most stone faced people are going to have a hard time getting anything past them. 

Alignment: Neutral good. 

But what does it mean?: A Seer of Heart is basically the team therapist. Because they can clearly understand where two conflicting parties are coming from, they may be able to mediate more easily than most other classes. 

A Seer of Heart is by no means a mind reader, but they might seem that way to other players. Their powers are very similar, except they read a person’s emotions, rather than their thoughts.

On the battlefield, they are more likely to take on the role of tactician than to be on the front lines themselves. Their gift for strategy comes from knowing who should be allied with who, and which players would be more likely to clash with each other than with the enemy. They would also easily be able to read an enemy’s weaknesses, giving their team the advantage of knowing who should attack specific enemies. 

A Few Ideas

Heir of Life - Assimilative touch
Maid of Void - Spontaneous creation of nonentities
Prince of Time - Temporal Deletion
Rogue of Space - Spacial Position Reallocation

Seer of Breath - Motion Detection, Internal Map
Thief of Heart - Identity Thievery
Witch of Hope - Belief Manifestation
Page of Doom - Codex Manipulation, Ability to Dictate Universal code after Realization

Seer Of Heart

A seer of heart would be able to guide others with their knowledge of heart.

This makes a seer of heart able to guide others with their knowledge of instinct and personality. This can be useful because it means their guidance would be similar to how someone would have done nor, meaning they would be okay with it in most situations.

A seer of hearts main abilities come from the fact they can guide people with their knowledge of soul/self. Because of this they would know exactly what someones true feelings are in any situation and can then guide either that person or others with the information. With this power people that might go against the rest of the team would be caught before they even have a chance to do so.

Matchmaker, Matchmaker,
Make me a match,
Find me a find,
catch me a catch,
Matchmaker, Matchmaker
Look through your book,
And make me a perfect match!

My God Tier is Seer of Heart, Maker of Matches, Shipper of Ships, Arbiter of Arguments, Prognosticator of Pretense…

“Hey… you should go touch the butt.”

I assure you that I will very likely see through your bullshit, but I will also be hard pressed to not see every ounce of good in you, too. The moment I find out which fictional character you are crushing on, I will ship you, and I will meddle endlessly until my ship becomes “canon.” You will be teased, mercilessly, I am not sorry.

I may even make you crush on characters you never thought you would. I will paint them as your perfect match, I have the power.