The Heart Aspect and its God Tiers/Classpect Roles

Keywords: Irrational Impulses, Instinct, Emotional, Feelings, Biased and Personal, Empathetic, Passionate, Showing Off, Strong Weight on Single Possibility
Symbols: Hats, Souls, “Inner Self” Your True Uniqueness

Heart is one of the 12 Aspects of Homestuck. Its Opposite is the Aspect Mind. When I think of Heart, I think of the Inner Soul that exists within every person that makes them who they are. Your Heart is what is “You”, what makes you Unique and Separate, standing out from the Crowd. It’s the Instinctual Impulse to feel Emotional about something, no matter what else happens. Heart is Irrational, since it’s driven by pure Feeling. Heart is Personal, It’s Empathetic and Passionate in all things. It’s Showing who You are, embracing your Biases and being Unique. Heart might not always have a justification for what it feels strongly about, but the strength of their Emotion means they are not easily wavered from their point of view. Heart will never give equal weight to every possible choice or possibility, because they give special favor to any single outcome they consider morally the ‘right’ thing to do. Heart has a strong sense of self and will always know itself. It has a strong moral compass to boot, never being lost or confused about what’s right or wrong.

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dystospia and i were discussing god tiers for the cast of SNK and the one that we both 100% agreed on was Marco being a Seer of Heart.

because the Heart aspect translates to “self/soul,” as the Seer of Heart, Marco is able to see the true selves of his friends and use this knowledge to guide them. for example, he can see Jean’s potential as a soldier and encourages him.


Seer of Heart

Seers know everything about their aspect, and understand it completely. Heart is the aspect of the soul, and is also heavily based on emotions. That means a Seer of Heart has a deep understanding of themselves and others.

Analysis: The heart aspect seems to be deeply rooted in feelings. Both of the Leijons have a deep interest in romance, and Meulin often acts as a matchmaker for her friends. It is speculated that the Seer is the passive counterpart to the Mage class; where Meulin seems to have taken a more active role in her friends’ relationships, a  Seer of Heart would be more subtle. 

Rose, as a Seer of Light (the aspect of luck), was able to see which actions would help lead her friends to victory. Likewise, a Seer of Heart can tell which individuals will make good matches, and which relationships are doomed to fail.

It isn’t all about the gushy romantic stuff, though! Calliope has told us that the term “heart” is synonymous with the idea of the “soul”. A Seer of Heart is capable of understanding the thoughts and feelings of others, even if they might not agree with them. They are incredibly empathetic. Even the most stone faced people are going to have a hard time getting anything past them. 

Alignment: Neutral good. 

But what does it mean?: A Seer of Heart is basically the team therapist. Because they can clearly understand where two conflicting parties are coming from, they may be able to mediate more easily than most other classes. 

A Seer of Heart is by no means a mind reader, but they might seem that way to other players. Their powers are very similar, except they read a person’s emotions, rather than their thoughts.

On the battlefield, they are more likely to take on the role of tactician than to be on the front lines themselves. Their gift for strategy comes from knowing who should be allied with who, and which players would be more likely to clash with each other than with the enemy. They would also easily be able to read an enemy’s weaknesses, giving their team the advantage of knowing who should attack specific enemies. 


@u@ A comic strip for my friends. Please open it in full view. Or you can see it here.

In their God tiers and stuff. 

  • Mike, Knight of Light.
  • Neetu, Knight of Light.
  • Jaden, Mage of Time
  • Me, Prince of Breath
  • Megan, Seer of Heart

I went around asking them their text color and typing quirks and Mike was the only one who didn’t answer me right away so I made his text normal black font and stuff. @_@

Mike, your nipple piercing are weird. @A@

Matchmaker, Matchmaker,
Make me a match,
Find me a find,
catch me a catch,
Matchmaker, Matchmaker
Look through your book,
And make me a perfect match!

My God Tier is Seer of Heart, Maker of Matches, Shipper of Ships, Arbiter of Arguments, Prognosticator of Pretense…

“Hey… you should go touch the butt.”

I assure you that I will very likely see through your bullshit, but I will also be hard pressed to not see every ounce of good in you, too. The moment I find out which fictional character you are crushing on, I will ship you, and I will meddle endlessly until my ship becomes “canon.” You will be teased, mercilessly, I am not sorry.

I may even make you crush on characters you never thought you would. I will paint them as your perfect match, I have the power.

Something of an emotional vent. Worked on this all night… I feel a little better for it. Photoshop was kind to me tonight, so I drew in it and learned a lil bit. Maybe I’ll relook up those tutorials so I could learn more.

Bluh… I think I’ll leave my emotional nonsense at this. It’s probably me being overly sensitive anyway, yea?

Oh yeah. Was also kindda inspired by a semi-fan adventure that I’m supposed to be working on… But I’m not, largely due to my own faults. It was fun to help plan out anyway. :3

Classpect Analysis - Seer of Heart

Just goes to show, compliments get you everywhere kids.


See this post for my analysis on the Seer


How many times have you heard the phrase “follow your heart”? Just defy all logic, ignore those around you, and go by what you feel is right. Follow your passions, your emotions, your soul!

That’s pretty much Heart in a nutshell. Heart is the aspect of emotions and passion, the inner desires of the body. Heart is also what makes your personality and the way you are on the inside, despite the outside forces of societal convention and pressure.

On the emotional side of this Aspect, Heart is what you feel despite logic.  It is your emotions and desires that you just can’t help feeling, no matter how much you think to yourself otherwise. This is why Heart is often associated with love, because more often than not, love is created between two people despite all obstacles stating the contrary.

Now keep in mind, Heart isn’t necessarily tied to any specific emotion, except for maybe passion. While Hope is positive emotions, Rage is negative emotions, Life is confidence, and Doom is doubt, Heart is sort of…the sum of those feelings. And all of those feelings combined lead me to the other half of Heart; the inner self.

In the words of Calliope:

UU: a path rUled by the heart aspect can be a joUrney of splintered self.

UU: to Understand the heart aspect better, yoU might Use it interchangeably with the word soUl. 

Pretty much, all of your emotions, as well as your innermost quirks and various likes and dislikes, make up your inner personality. This is what people talk about when they wish others would look at the real them, and see inside to their true self. 

Now of course, being yourself is all fine and dandy, but there’s still the matter of conforming to society, peer pressure, and how to balance all that out without losing who you really are. This is why Heart is the inverse of Mind, the Aspect of logic and the outer self, because Mind is what keeps Heart in check (just like how Doom keeps Life in check). If you just act on your emotions without thinking, you might do something stupid like, oh I don’t know…

Pouncing at the psychopath who just killed your friend…

Or becoming a psychopath yourself.

Seer of Heart

A Seer of Heart is “one who understands Heart and understands through Heart.” In simpler terms, a Seer of Heart works to understand the inner selves of others and guide them through their passions. 

On the emotional side of things, a Seer of Heart strives to understand the feelings of others and learn about their inner impulses and desires. No matter how well someone tries to hide it, a Seer of Heart knows exactly how they feel. Uncomfortable? Angry? Secretly envious? A Seer of Heart sees that and uses that knowledge to better guide the group.

A Seer of Heart also has the ability to see a person’s true personality, despite the masks they may put up. Even if someone doesn’t know who they are themselves, a Seer of Heart is able to help them realize their hidden desires and inner self.

However, a Seer of Heart must take care when manipulating others, and utilize the logical thinking of Mind in order to realize when it is and when it’s not okay to mess with others’ emotions. The human Heart is a powerful thing, and when pushed over the edge…

Well, let’s just say they don’t call it a “heart attack” for nothing.

*SEER OF HEART* (Someone asked for this outside of my inbox!)

A Seer is essentially “one who knows/sees/understands their aspect.” Typically Seers are the most knowledgeable of their group, always providing useful information when required.

Heart is equivalent to Soul, so it has much to do with the matters of the metaphysical rather than the physical. Heart is an aspect of feeling and emotion, and may in fact relate to matters of love. Heart also has to do with splintering and dividing, be it the player themselves or quirks/traits of the player of Heart.

A Seer of Heart is one who knows/sees/understands Soul and matters of the Soul. They would have knowledge of the true feelings of those around them and would be able to tell if someone was lying, as they would be able to tell if someone is speaking against their heart. This Seer would also have a very easy time understanding people. They are very good sympathizers and will just seem to get people. A Seer of Heart would also be a master negotiator, as they always know the price someone will be willing to pay by peering into their feelings. As all Heart players are splintered in some way, this Seer may be blind to their own emotions and feelings. This doesn’t mean they wouldn’t care about what they feel themselves, but they would instead be ignorant of their prescence! They would have a difficult time deciding how they feel on a subject, as well as having trouble listening to what their heart is telling them. Any feelings they experience would be dulled and numbed until they would be able to overcome the splintering! However, this is just one instance of splintering. It can happen in any number of ways.

Title: Seer of Heart

Character Traits: Quiet, Observant and an Avid Shipper of the People in your Group

Path to Ascension: A Seer of Heart would off themselves on their Quest Bed with the full intention of f*cking sh*t up in their session. They might be leaning towards Grimdarkness or they could be just snapping like Damara because of personal reasons. Whatever the case, they would think that going God Tier would mean extra power to do so. But instead, going god tier would put everything in perspective, flinging them away from the dark side to the light side.

Powers: A Seer of Heart can see into your soul! They will be able to successfully deduce your motives, personality, flaws, and assets with a single glance. You’d never be able to hide things from them because they can see your motivation for doing something. If they looked deeper, they could see every scar, every blemish from every failed romance in a person’s past, present, or future, even if they don’t know when each scar was given. A bonus power would be the ability to see your soul at whatever point in time they wished. If they went far enough into the future, they could see when the soul burns out. I’d imagine that the Seer of Heart’s “HeartVision” would be like looking at the lamps on LOCAH, Jane’s planet. The different colors would correspond to their eye color, which would get tainted by outside influences like Grimdark or Trickster. The other things you can read are projected into your brain as emotions and thoughts. 

Strengths: They’d be an excellent spy because they’d be able to read the plans of the enemy. Bye bye super-secret plan, Jack Noir! They’d also be able to identify dangerous players early, and try to deal with whatever was making them dangerous. If there was a Seer of Heart in the beta kids’ session, maybe the Seer of Heart could’ve prevented Rose from going Grimdark.

Pitfalls: The downside to this ability is that you have to be close enough to see them clearly, and without the aid of a magnification device. Trying to spy on enemies would be next to impossible unless a Void player is helping out. As for psychological effects, watch for social awkwardness. They can see potential crushes and may find it hard to interfere in situations where the two people are talking. Also, a Seer of Heart could lose their sense of self after seeing everyone else’s souls. Make sure they have a best friend/moirail to get them out of their own heads and back in the game.

Inverted Title: Witch of Mind