seer's tower

Song: The Seer’s Tower
Artist: Sufjan Stevens
Year: 2005
Why it’s Dope: Gorgeous production that has an undeniable organic power to it, passionate lyrics that scream of doomsday vibes, feelings of vastness, and a sense of unbelievable solitude, piano melodies that shift perfectly with the ever-changing composition whilst also providing the piece with a musical center, and a vocal performance from Sufjan Stevens that is poignant, pure, and soulful.

  • friend: hey whatcha thinkin about?
  • me: ha school stuff u know
  • also me: at the end of "john wayne gacy jr." sufjan inhales and exhales audibly, giving the impression musically that there were meant to be lyrics sung in that particular section, a narrative and musical continuation of the lyrics "look beneath the floorboards for the secrets i have hid" but were passed on to take a breath. a similar thing happens at the end of "the seer's tower", after the lyrics " still i go to the deepest grave, where i go to sleep alone" but this is followed by a sharp intake of breath, with no apparent exhale, just soft, melancholy wailing. in this article i will be discussi

the Seer’s Tower. my verge.