seer of the void

Going Grimdark and Inversion

Let me be upfront when I say that, as far as I know, there has only ever been one example of a character going Grimdark in Homestuck: Rose Lalonde. Jade’s brief time spent as Grimbark!Jade is not the same since her shift was caused by Her Imperious Condescension’s mind-control, not the Horrorterrors. The Horrorterrors are the key to becoming Grimdark, and as Rose displayed, they don’t control you; they invert your aspect.

Aspect inversion is a tricky subject. How the aspects invert is fairly simple - each aspect has an opposite, after all:

Breath - Blood

Light - Void

Time - Space

Life - Doom

Heart - Mind

Hope - Rage

But class inversion is harder to pin down. There is the Passive-Active dichotomy that Calliope discussed with Dirk (Prince is active while Bard is passive), but this is not an inversion. Inverting someone’s class would require finding the class that acts as its direct opposite. As such, I will be using @classpect-shet​‘s Class Inversion Guide, which can be found here. The inversions of classes are as follows:

Heir - Mage

Seer - Witch

Knight - Rogue

Page - Thief 

Maid - Bard

Sylph - Prince

For example, if I were to go Grimdark, I would go from being a Knight of Rage to a Rogue of Hope: one who distributes inspiration and positive emotions through inspiration and positive emotions. A Mage of Space would become an Heir of Time. Et cetera. When Rose went Grimdark and succumbed to the Horrorterrors, she became a Witch of Void: one who manipulates nothingness and ignorance through nothingness and ignorance. The meaning of her words were concealed to the point where no one could understand what she was trying to say. In other words, manipulating her secrets to make others ignorant. She managed to obfuscate the troll’s viewport of her and those who she was near, creating a Blackout. Vriska said as much when she tried contacting John after their encounter with Jack on the Battlefield when she advised him to get away from Rose so she could see him.

Unlike Trickster Mode - which is incredibly unlikely to occur even with a Cherub influence in their session - going Grimdark is a very real possibility for a session so long as players (probably Derse-dreamer) have a connection to the Horrorterrors. How one would turn it off is a matter of debate. Rose only returned to being a Seer of Light when she died, so there’s no way of knowing if it can even be stopped aside from death.

So yeah! Grimdark! I’m not sure how to end this, so I’ll just add a badass picture of Grimdark!Rose

A Few Ideas

Heir of Life - Assimilative touch
Maid of Void - Spontaneous creation of nonentities
Prince of Time - Temporal Deletion
Rogue of Space - Spacial Position Reallocation

Seer of Breath - Motion Detection, Internal Map
Thief of Heart - Identity Thievery
Witch of Hope - Belief Manifestation
Page of Doom - Codex Manipulation, Ability to Dictate Universal code after Realization

OFF Classpects

The Batter
Prince of Heart
Land of Spectres and Purification

Maid of TIme
Land of Credits and Masks

The Judge
Seer of Void
ClawKind, AnneurysmKind, SclerosisKind (last 2 based off his in-game attacks)
Land of Secrets and Riddles 

Knight of Rage
HandKind, FistKind
Land of Anger and Military 

((i couldn’t give him a face since he’s a goddamn bird))
Mage of Life
Land of Libraries and Orchids 

Heir of Hope
i couldn’t come up with a weapon kind
Land of Sugar and Factories

Page(s) of Doom
Land of Corruption and Burning 

Thief of Heart
Land of Sweets and Emoticons 

Sylph of Space
Land of Ham and Frogs 

The Queen
Witch of Heart
i dont know what to give her either
Land of Love and Gibberish

Seer of Void:

The Seer is the passive knowing class. They gain knowledge of their Aspect through the Symbolic Manifestations, Visions, Prophecies or Magical Items. Void is about Obfuscated Knowledge, Irrelevance, The Metaphysical Void, and Nonexistence. This means that the Seer of Void would be able to see all that is hidden, whether it be invisible objects/beings, the secrets of a person or the forgotten knowledge a person holds. They would also be an excellent ambassador to the Horrorterrors.


Seers often struggle with their Aspect, and are prone to indecisiveness because they often tend to overthink each and every detail and the possible consequences of their actions. A Seer of Void may oftentimes be unable to differ between important and irrelevant knowledge, and some may be huge tattletales, incapable of keeping secrets from others.

For example Terezi Pyrope, the Seer of Mind, she was able to see the consequences between every single one of her choices and was therefore constantly overthinking her decision to kill Vriska in the pre-retcon timeline, which lead to her spiralling down into a pit of depression.

A Seer of Void would have a profound taste for the occult, palm-reading, horoscopes and the like, they would gain a lot of knowledge from very absurd sources.

The Seer of Void has to learn how to choose parts of their Aspect and put their knowledge of it into use.


  • Omni-Perception: The Seer of Void is able to know the obfuscated, leading to them being able to know everything in existence, as long as they don’t know of its existence yet. At the beginning of their Journey a Seer of Void would be able to know what is behind walls or in boxes. The more they progress the more the bigger the radius would become. At their full potential they’ll be able to see every part of their Session, seeing where the Black King’s Scepter is or what is currently happening in the Prospitian throne room.
  • Oblivion: The Seer of Void is able to know which paths ensure Void, and are therefore able to locate where to place an item so it will never be found by someone else again. At first the Seer of Void could banish objects directly into the Furthest Ring, but once they become stronger they’ll be able to only temporarily hide them, maybe banishing an important item to the void only to be found later by teammates that desperately need them.


In a Session with a Seer, their Aspect will have huge effects on every action that happens in the Session, without anyone knowing of it. In a Seer of Voids Session the Old Ones may have a huge agenda that involves the Session and it’s the Seers Job to uncover the truth without endangering their teammates.


FORMIDO CANTICUM - The Seer asks the Noble Circle of Horrorterrors for help in a fight and is granted extreme strength and access to the dark majyyks.

TAZ Classpects because why the fuck not

Merle - Maid of Life  Affinity with plants, healing, standard Life stuff; he’s the one who comes back to life more often than anyone else. Merle also partially embodies and allows himself to be protected by his aspect by having a wodden arm, he puts his powers to the service of others and is a servant to his god Pan + he would look cute in a Maid outfit

Magnus - Knight of Heart  Intense feelings, emotions and splintering/modification of one’s soul (Magnus soul being bound to the mannequin, and then migrating to a clone); needs to protect others and be their Knight, he defends their souls by being the first one to refuse the Chalice’s thrall

Taako - Rogue of Space  You gotta have a Space player, and it works with his spells like Blink (stealing space to go into another dimension), his black hole spell and his Black Tentacle Porn™ thing, which would translate in summoning the Horrorterrors; it’s also funny to imagine him absolutely hating the fuck out his frogbreeding duties, and finding an absurd way to break the game to get around that - with Magnus helping as his Knight role suggests and laughing in the distance. The Rogue thing is obviously because Taako fucking loves stealing shit.

Lup - Thief of Time  Again, gotta have a Time player, and the red Time robe sure suits Lup: she basically finds a way to supercharge her powers in the last cycles, meaning she steals the Time she’d have to live to concentrate all that energy; I also like do twin duality between Thief/Rogue and Space/Time

Barry - Page of Doom  His interest in necromancy suggests an affinity with Doom, plus he’s killed pretty much immediately in the first arc but pops up again with a half-life, mirroring the habit of Doom players to sort-of-die. His necromantic ablities develop slowly over the course of almost a century, but once they do he becomes an incredibly powerful Lich, exactly as a Page should.

Lucretia - Seer of Void  She is in charge of writing the journals, Seeing and registering everything so that it’s not lost; more importantly, she’s also the only one who Sees and remembers after everyone elses’ memories are lost to the Void (forgetting and hiding is a central part of the Void aspect) - she inititally didn’t understand why her aspect would be Void and not Light, closer to her journalkeeping, but once she feeds said journals to the Voidfish (a minor Horrorterror who embodies Void in Sburb) she understands.

Davenport - Mage of Blood  Davenport is the captain of a ship which runs on bonds, the equivalent of Blood, and guides his crew using his knowledge pertaining said aspect, as Mages do; after the memory-wipe he also guides Lucretia by constantly reminding her of her Blood bond with the other crewmembers

Odyssey 2018 Datamined names
  • Ah Muzen Cab – Punch Void
  • Ao Kuang
  • Artio – Arctic Seer
  • Bellona
  • Cernunnos – Krampus
  • Chaac – Techno Storm
  • Da Ji – Seiko Saddler
  • Fenrir – Inugami
  • Ganesha
  • Geb
  • Hades
  • He Bo – Pixel Russ
  • Hel – Order and Chaos
  • Izanami – Mommified
  • Nike – Fallen Angel
  • Raijin – War chief
  • Serqet – Kuno Ichi
  • Susano – Yurei
  • Vulcan
  • Ymir – Bellyache
  • Ullr (T5) – Fire & Ice
  • Frame – Fire & Ice
  • Emote Skin – Smite Time
  • Jump Stamp – Let it Now
  • Return Call – Hindu Pantheon
  • Return Call – Salty
  • Pedestal – Beetle Print

We’ve got a pretty interesting request this time, folks: Seer of Void, courtesy of glazelazer! Thanks for the chance to do this one, glaze!

Void is the Aspect of secrecy and the unknown.

Seers lack their aspect, and must look for it.

A Seer of Void is fascinated by secrets and the unknown, and chases after it relentlessly.

Everybody has secrets. It’s just a fact of life. Maybe not bad secrets, like that they’re a serial killer, but little secrets, like enjoying trashy romance novels or being gay. It’s perfectly natural to have things you want to hide. The Seer of Void, however, does not have that luxury. They were never permitted to hide anything. Maybe they lived in a totalitarian society where everything is monitored. Maybe they were famous and under scrutiny every day. Maybe they just had nosy parents. Regardless of the whys and hows, everything the Seer ever did was on display.

The Seer of Void is a very secretive and quiet person. They are extremely sensitive to prying, and tend to keep their problems close to their chest. They have a deep fascination with the concept of secrecy, and love learning new secrets to keep. They would love it if you told them your secrets, but even more they would love to know why you kept it secret. The secrecy is often more important to them then the actual content of the secret. Often, they will keep things hidden from their friends simply because they can, and there is no pressing reason to tell anyone. They adore secrets for secrets sake.

The Seer class and the Void aspect make for an interesting, and not entirely stable, pair. Seers are dedicated to discovery; Void, to hiding the truth. This happens sometimes; a serious mismatch between Aspect and Class can have very unpredictable effects. This shows in the contradictory behavior of the Seer of Void: they have a deep desire to understand that which is unknown - but the moment they understand it, it becomes known. It is not possible to truly understand the Void, and this can lead to a deep frustration for the Seer, leaving them feeling never quite satisfied.

Conquering this dissatisfaction leads to full realization for the Seer, and it is likely a very humbling experience to realize that they cannot, in fact, know all the things. All Seers must eventually learn the limits of their knowledge, but the Seer of Void must acknowledge that their knowledge is nothing but limits; they know what it is they don’t know, and little else. However, knowing first-hand the power of secrecy, a Seer of Void is an expert in information control, with a keen insight as to exactly how a given secret being kept or told might effect those around them.

Now, for the powers. You would not BELIEVE how long it took to come up with these.

Seers receive visions of/from their Aspect, and use them to guide others.

Void holds sway over the concept of NOT; things which don’t exist, as well as things which are hidden.

The Seer of Void sees all that is hidden and all that is NOT.

Important Void safety tip: DO NOT STARE INTO THE FURTHEST RING. Seriously, don’t. It’s not good for you. The Seer of Void could probably do this. They shouldn’t.

Seers of Void might experience some early trouble with their powers. Void players “black out” scrying attempts of all kinds. However, once they’re adjusted, their visions will be strong enough to puncture the thickest “black out”. The Seer sees a great many things; for one, they have incredible night vision. They can see things which are hidden, and secrets that nobody knows occasionally make themselves known to them. Trying to hide something behind a door or under a cloth will never work against this Seer; they can see right through disguises and deceptions with ease. And god help you if you tell a boldfaced lie to their face.

Upon achieving full realization, the Seer gains incredible insight into the nature of the Void. It does not only cover “this which is not known” but also “that which does not exist”. They can see into the infinite realms of possibility to view how the present might be different if different choices had been made. They see things that are impossible, usually, things long lost to the Furthest Ring, and understand how they could be retrieved (ancient cursed weapons cast into the limitless space can be great trump cards). They may also be able to see into the Furthest Ring, but w already covered that.