Magic is an exchange.


I love this quote from Nashville writer Honest Lewis. The moment I read it I smiled and sighed. The role of the witch can be brilliant, exciting, enlightening, shamanic, challenging, and exhausting all at once. Our work is in energy. Our work is at the crossroads, on the hedge, at the shore, at the altar, in the forest, in the cosmos. We listen, counsel, share insight, divine, hold space, conjure, and manifest results. It is only fair to contemplate this statement: it rings true with our ancestors and has been spoken of in our legends and mythology. Magic is an exchange, so allow the offering and its process to heighten power and awaken wisdom for those who seek you out.


What if…

What if Damien really does just want everyone safe? What if he truly is struggling to come to terms with it all?

What if the detective does really grief over his lost partners? And now has trust issues and wants us safe?

What if the Colonel can’t handle the death of a friend and is slowly going crazy in denial and anger?

What if the Butler truly liked having Mark as a boss and only wanted him to be happy? And now is relentlessly keeping things tidy, because that’s the way Mark liked it ?

What if the Chef truly does just love cooking and was happy to finally be someplace where he can cook? And now is just in another place of chaos and can only trust his little buddy?

What if Selene just can’t accept Mark is gone? What if she is right, in that there is something bigger going on, and now she has fallen to it?

What if Mark just wanted his friends to be friends again? And now it might have cost him his life?

What if they are all innocent?

(I may have just given myself to many feels)


What if Jim is actually Jim?!


For my own future reference, I wrote this between the 3rd and 4th ep. (I believe) but was thinking about this since the 2nd.


Quick character concept for Caranthir. My HC Caranthir is a seer who sees horrific visions of his siblings’ futures and their descendants. Not too sure if I want to make the crow raven (my bad, thanks ali-labyrinth) a regular feature but we’ll see:P I should just tag my art the unhappy Feanorions:P