“One of the greatest enlightened men was Ramana Maharshi, in South India, on the mountain of Arunachal. He was not a man of many words; he was not very educated either. He was only seventeen when he escaped into the mountains in search of himself. He was a very silent man, and people used to go particularly to have a taste of his silence.

One thing very miraculous was watched by every comer: whenever he sat in the veranda of the temple, waiting for people who wanted to sit with him in silence, a cow used to come without fail, exactly at the right time.

She would sit there, and people could not believe it: "What kind of cow is that?” And when Raman Maharshi moved inside his room, and everybody dispersed, the cow would come close to the window and put her head inside - just to say goodbye, every day. And then she would go back. Then tomorrow she would ome again.

It went on continually for years. But one day she did not turn up, and Raman Maharshi said, “She must be either very ill or she must be dead. I must go in search of her.”

The people said, “It doesn’t look right for a man of your heights to go in search of a cow.” But Raman Maharshi did not listen to the people, he went. People followed, and the cow was found. She had fallen in a ditch.

She had become old. She was coming, she was on the way, but she had slipped and had fallen into the ditch.

But she was still alive, and as Raman Maharshi reached her, sat by her side, the cow had tears in her eyes. And she put her head into Raman Maharshi’s lap and died.

Raman Maharshi told his people,“A great temple should be made in her memory here, because she has died enlightened - she will not be born even as a human being.” And even today the temple stands there, with a statue of the cow inside.

Perhaps we have not made much effort to communicate with animals, with trees, with mountains, with rivers. Certainly their language cannot be our language; some other ways have to be found.

But in silence many people have experienced a harmony with the trees, with the animals, with the birds.

So it is not only a parable, it is also an indication of a possibility for the future. Man just has to explore… there is so much to explore! But we are engaged in trivia. We are not concerned with the real and great values of life. We are not concerned even with life itself and its different forms.

All these are different forms of the same life which we are made of - the same stuff. There must be some way of communion.“

Excerpt from "Zarathustra the Laughing Prophet”
Chapter - 20 : The convalescent

One of my new favorites in the healing crystal realm is Seer Stones. Some people also call these Window Quartz. They are created when a quartz specimen is tumbled smooth in a river, marring and smoothing the outside.

From the untrained eye, they look like normal river stones. When one side is cut and polished however, it produces a beautiful window that can be used to see deep into the stone!

For those who practice magic, seer stones are a must-have. They are very good for gazing and scrying, and can help you gain knowledge about past lives as well as your path after death. Simply let it know your intention and it will reveal this to you, according to the lore! Just in time for Halloweeeeeeeen!!

Seer stones are said to jog memories from past lives! How cool is that!

Tip from a Seer

Sometimes it can be difficult to see spirits or even sense them, but sandalwood incense does wonders! Take time to get into a relaxed state and light some when you plan on doing some spirit work. I find the smoke+smell combo works wonders, even with my awful sense of smell (its pretty much dead). 

anonymous asked:

Do you know of any ways to make yourself more sensitive to spirits/non physical entities?

Personally, I have always found going into their domain and just sitting with them has always helped me. Which is why it’s so weird for me to live in a city! I’m used to the wilds (albeit domesticated wilds of large parks, but wilds none the less) and to spirits in forests. 

But, you have that otherness in you as well. Meditation (yes, -I know-) is one of the keys. The old Scottish seers would stare at a fixed point to access their trances. Whether you focus on a single candle flame, or upon your breath, or even just a spot on the wall, you are training your will to sit there for long periods of time, focused on one thing, or no things. 

Intuition is a muscle that must be trained. Sure, the natural power can be passed on, like in some families, but for the rest of us mortals, we have to train ourselves to see into the Otherworld. 

Daniel Schulke gives in his Viridarium Umbris one of my -favorite- exercies, which, sadly, I do not use enough (I like zoning out on a spot on the wall too much). In my copy it’s on page 442. It’s called the “Apple of the Eye”, and it concerns training the Seer’s Gaze. It is precisely the art of gazing, and training the eyes to see into liminal spaces. 

One of RA’s ploys, which I have not yet used to any great extent, is what he calls the “Amnesia Ploy”. It concerns going out into nature somewhere, and then “imagining that you have amnesia, and can not think, speak, or reply in your known language”. This little bit of method acting forces you to just use your senses, rather than words to describe things. It sounds crazy, but the few times that I have done it on the train station, I have just gone so deep into trance and have had to have people repeat what they’ve said a few times before I can understand them. RA has an entire essay on the blog “American Folkloric Witchcraft” called Forgetting Human. In his normal loquacious manner, RA takes the reader into how -he- senses the Other. It mostly is replete with little mind tricks to start thinking in a “spirits are out there” frame of mind. I know in his book The Resurrection of the Meadow he asks the reader to start seeing spirits in everything. Imagining spirits under your feet in the rocks and trees and shifting airs. 

Much of our “blindness” to the spirit world is because we don’t live in a culture that keeps them in mind anymore. When you start treating your life as if you have spirits around, then they will be around. Be warned: Once you see them, they see you, and they will never stop seeing you, and you will never stop seeing them. 

That was a bit all over the place, but I hope it helped!