A very rough translation of the behind the scenes questions asked to tarjei (Isak)  and Josefine (Noora) from SKAM (video below)

Question: Is Isak gay?

Tarjei: You will have to see

Q:What happens with William?

(*both shrug*)

Q:When will Sana their season (When will sana have her season? or when will sana be in this season?)

(*both shrug again*)

Tarjei: It does not know we have not started (I do not know we have not started)

Q: When is the 3rd season coming on tv in norway?

(*both shrug agian*)

Tarjei: it will be a surprise.

Josefine: I don’t know (*in english*)

Q: How do you think Swedes are going to take the series?

Josefine: I think they are going to hate it…..

Tarjei: They are going to be so jealous that we have something that they have not managed.

Both: (*laughing as they say it*) No, we hate swedes.

Tarjei: I’m just kidding, I’m just kidding making it clear!

Josefine: Nah it’s going to be fine!

All credit to Skavlan youtube channel!