I wrote this card for the cutest most carefully put together little lady.

Lost in thoughts of things to do as I packed up my book, she caught my attention coming through the University doors ahead of me.  As she stopped to chat with someone on her way I filled in a card. On my way out I passed it to her saying: “I couldn’t help but notice your ‘head to toe’ attention to detail."  She smiled and said "Thank you,” as I continued on my way:)

-K.M , Waterloo.ON

You are wearing a nice tank top :)

“I was riding down the street, minding my own business when I saw this girl I kind of know eating dinner with her friend at a sidewalk cafe. I decided to "bump” into them. I said Hi, and the girl I kind of know happened to comment on how good I looked in my tank top (which I’d actually just bought, and put on immediately, from American Apparel down the road). As I was leaving, she handed me this card,  which filled me with satisfaction and gave me a keepsake to remember her compliment from earlier, which made me feel great:)“

-M.T, Waterloo


One night at my favourite bar in Waterloo, I was out for an evening of dancing with a friend. We were at the bar ordering a gin and tonic ( x 2). During the time before ordering we had noticed that the bartender serving us was friendly, good looking, and great at his job. We decided that he needed to be recognized for all these great qualities. After recently receiving a Seen Card from a fellow Moksha yogi, I had one in my purse that night. I pulled it out, (I also had a pen- you can never be too prepared) wrote FAAAANTASTIC in the blank on the card, and my friend handed it to our bartender on my behalf as he leaned in to her to take the order.

He loved this card so much that after pouring her drink he told her to take it for free! We reminded him that we ordered not one, but two gin and tonics.  We were ready to pay for the second drink, of course, because how lucky could two non-single girls be to receive two free drinks in one go? Well, when our bartender finished making up my drink he also gave it to me for free! He was very grateful to have received a compliment and smiles, and we were very grateful as well!

I am not endorsing using the SEEN CARDS for your own means, but if you happen to receive the Karma in the form of a free Gin and Tonic, then by all means enjoy every sip. :)

-K.S- Waterloo

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