So our school is pathetic for only getting Snoop Dogg, you say?

First, it’s not “the school” that picks the artists. It’s the Homecoming people. So if you want to have a say in what goes down during this week, join the Homecoming Committee.

Snoop Dogg is NOT cheap. Just to book him, it’s anywhere from 80-100K.  Add to that Cold War Kids, who are about 40-50K. And 25-30K for Sammy Adams.

So that’s anywhere from $145- 180K that was spent to bring these people to our “pathetic” school. 

We get three performers. FSU only has one performer and that’s T.I. who is irrelevant. UF only has one announced and that’s Josh Turner. And UNF doesn’t even get a concert!

Anyways, my point is to be grateful for the fact that we have lots of great music to choose from and great times to be had. So stop complaining and calling our really awesome school pathetic. 


This is who we are: unrivaled, unshaken, united. Fifty years in the making with a spirit that is second to none. Charge On, UCF!


Join us for our first meeting of the Fall semester to learn more about VOX: Voices for Planned Parenthood at UCF! 

We’ll show you how VOX gets down by reviewing past events and presenting our campaigns for the semester. Come holler at us if sex education and reproductive rights sounds like your kind of party. 

There will be SWAG and condoms galore!