Riz Ahmed on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert


You probably think that they are going to fall in love or something.

They don’t. They make a podcast.

My second novel, RADIO SILENCE, is a YA contemporary coming-of-age novel about the extreme pressure schools place on young adults, future choices, YouTube podcasts, friendship, and being just a little bit weird. It comes out in the US on March 28th 2017! I just got these absolutely beautiful proof copies of the book and I’m in love. 

And that blurb isn’t clickbait. The boy and the girl really don’t fall in love.

The UK edition is already out!

Watch the book trailer here

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Hello! :D you're super awesome and your voltron headcanons have given me like 50 years on my life, okay, and I was wondering, Lance is pretty chill but do you have any headcanons abt what's he's like when he's, like, genuinely angry and upset???


  • like you said, lance appears at first glance to have no chill but he’s actually one of the chillest people on the team
    • i mean he’s easy to irritate, but really difficult to anger
    • he’ll “fight” you over stupid shit but there’s no fire behind it
  • he’s absolutely the type of person that’s more likely to get angry on the behalf of others than on his own behalf
  • when it comes to himself, he’s more likely to feel hurt than angry
  • but if you actually get him mad,,,,, hoooooo boy
  • when lance is angry, it’s like half cold rage, half boiling rage
    • his expression is tight when he’s mad. clenched jaw, furrowed eyebrows. he takes deep breaths to try to calm himself down (it doesn’t work)
    • he’s quiet. you’d think he’d be loud but no. you know you really fucked up when lance shuts up
    • if he’s mad because someone hurt his feelings he goes all out. he’s usually super shitty at roasting but he can read people when he’s angry, knows how to hit where it hurts
      • he’s the type to regret the things he says once the moment passes
      • Argument!Lance doesn’t give a fuck though
    • if he’s mad at someone he doesn’t let them speak while he’s talking, he’ll put up a hand to shut them up and everything
    • like I said, usually doesn’t yell. but you can hear the rage in his voice
    • he only starts to yell when someone keeps interrupting him
      • totally an angry crier
      • if he’s yelling, he’s crying
      • this is part of the reason he doesn’t yell during arguments, because it’s hard to be taken seriously when you’re crying
    • also the type of person to cry after getting mad at someone
    • he cries at some point, is what i’m getting at
    • it’s really difficult for him to hold a grudge bc anger passes relatively quickly for him so he’s pretty forgiving once the fight’s over
      •  people have probably taken advantage of this
    • if he’s mad in a battle situation (like, one of the paladins got seriously hurt or something) it’s different
      • he’s not the type to get revenge
      • but if he’s in a situation where a friend is hurt and he has to get them to safety and the person who hurt them is standing in his way. well.
      • most of lance’s mistakes in battle are because he’s being goofy or talking or generally getting distracted by other things
      • there’s no distractions when he’s angry
      • he becomes scarily concise
      • i’m still on the fence about whether or not he could kill someone in cold blood in a situation like this but……. maybe
Intro Song
  • Intro Song
  • John Graham & Yoko Shimomura
  • Kingsglaive Original Soundtrack

It’s the clean version of the introduction song

I still don’t have a coherent definition for what the “ace community” is on Tumblr. Is it all Aces on Tumblr? Is it just Aces on the “pro ace side” of Tumblr? Is it the loosely grouped ace tags? Is it the people who follow a specific set of Ace blogs? I keep seeing people rail against the “Ace community” but I’ve never seen “Ace community” clearly defined, and they don’t always count ace people or people associated with “Ace Tumblr” in the hatred for the ace community. So pls pls tell me what the ace community is. I need to know.