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WTF have I never seen this before? It’s from 2013 (includes stuff from seasons 1 - 7), but it’s almost 20 minutes of the showrunner(s), writers, producers AND J2 talking about what a great/interesting character Castiel is, how important he is to the show & narrative and how Misha is the perfect actor to play him.

I assume this was shared far and wide when it was first released in 2013, but perhaps now isn’t a bad time to re-share some Cas/Misha love ^.^


Michael Wang, “Extinct in the wild” project 

in the pictures: Ambystoma Mexicanum (aka: Axolotl, Assolotto, Pesce camminatore del Messico) extinct in the wild - 2014 / Brighamia insignis (aka: Ululu, Alula) extinct in the wild - 2014 /  Epalzeorhynchos Bicolor (aka: Labeo bicolor) extinct in the wild - 2013

seen @fondazioneprada, Extinct in the wild, Milano 2017

“Extinct in the Wild”, conceived by American artist Michael Wang (1981), brings together flora and fauna that are no longer found in nature, but persist exclusively under human care, within an artificial habitat. Labelled with the officially designated term “extinct in the wild”, these species have left nature behind to fully enter the circuits of human culture.
In this project, natural beings such as plants and animals are transplanted into an exhibition and cultural space. In the age of extinction, such displacements are not only aesthetic devices but stand for actual strategies of survival.

Michael Wang conceived an exhibition in which three glass and aluminum enclosures with artificial lights accomodate these extinct species within the space of the Nord gallery, where a selection of photographs is also exhibited. Some of those species, such as the ginkgo (Ginkgo biloba) are common in cultivation. Others, like the blue cycad (Encephalartos nubimontanus), are some of the rarest species on earth. Some animals have persisted in artificial conditions for many years, like the aquatic axolotl (Ambystoma mexicanum), which was known only from the Aztec canals of Mexico City, most of which have long been drained. Angel’s tears (Brugmansia suaveolens), a plant with fragrant white flowers, disappeared from the wilds of South America with the extinction of the species that distributed its seeds. Nonetheless, its religious significance as a potent psychoactive drug insured its survival in traditional cultivation. Several species have survived only through heroic human efforts. The Hawaiian ōlulu (Brighamia insignis), for instance, whose last specimen was recorded in 2014, was rescued from extinction thanks to a team of botanists who hand-pollinated the very last individuals and collected seeds, by rappelling into the steep ocean cliffs on the island of Kaua’i. The exhibition is completed by a series of 20 photographs, taken by Michael Wang from 2014 to the present day, which portray different extinct in the wild species and the original habitats where they lived prior to their extinction in nature.

notes taken from the Fondazione Prada website

Bill Skarsgård x Reader

Bill Skarsgård x Reader

Requester: Anonymous

Prompt: A story/imagine where the reader is working as an extra on set and has a crush on Bill but they’ve never interacted or had much to do with eachother until she accidentally messed up one of the scenes so they start arguing in private, she had a panic attack/asthma and he comforts her.

Warning: Panic Attack but fluff

Note: Bill Skarsgård is sexy. Enjoy! X3! 

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Your heart was racing fast as you looked around the crowd of people as extras for the new IT movie. You liked to star in movies and plays as an extra character since being in front of so many people gave you stage fright.

Especially when you were nervous like today. You some how were able to get a role where you get to talk to Pennywise the Dancing Clown. Aka Bill Skarsgård, aka your crush you’ve had seen 2013.

You had a bad fangirl crush on him that kept getting worse as he starred in movies like Atomic Blonde, Simple Simon, Hemlock Grove, etc. You had fallen head over heels for him but you knew he’d never be able to even glance your direction but now you were going to meet him.

Well as Pennywise, but then he’s probably going to just walk away and take a 5 minute break afterwards. You were fidgeting uncontrollably looking this way and that but the director already told you he wasn’t going to show up until the scene.

“Awwww you looking for sempai?” Your friend Shelby teased nudging you.

She was also an extra but she was supposed to be in the way background unlike you. You wanted to but at the same time you didn’t want to switch roles with her.
You were so nervous your hands were shaking as you read the script trying to remember your lines that you highlighted with a fluorescent yellow marker.

You were simply supposed to walk down the street. Pennywise would come out and manhandle you to the wall and you would scream, “Get away from me! I don’t want to die!”

That’s it and then he bites down on your neck or something and then the scenes over. Simple. You should be able to remember that Right?

“Notice me Senpai.” Shelby whispered.

“Will you stop!” You growled.

Shelby simply laughed until the director called they were starting the scene in 5. You felt sick to your stomach and weak in the knees. This was a huge leap for you to become one of those people who just walk down the street minding their own business to suddenly becoming an actor with voice lines and everything.

“Dude are you freaking out?” Shelby asked.

“Of course i am! Im going to be attacked by my actor crush in a clown suit. If I screw this up I screw everything up! I won’t be an actor, I will humiliate myself, I will-”

Shelby tightly gripped your shoulders and shook, “Calm. Down. Drink some water and relax, everything’s gonna be fine.”

You nodded and took a long gulp only for bells to ring signalling it was time. You choked and accidentally splashed some water on the floor as you choked and coughed and hacked.

Eventually though you were able to fix yourself and the makeup department came over and dragged you to a chair to do final touches. You flipped your hood up for  the scene and stuffed your hands in your hoddie pockets pretending to listen to music.

The director called action and you tried to pretend to be laid back and chill looking down at the ground.

Keep your cool.

Keep your cool.

Keep your cool.

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The Queen’s Emerald Brooches

  1. Scroll Cambridge Emerald and the Round Cambridge Emerald - These two brooches are called fraternal twins and Part of Queen Mary’s Cambridge Emerald collection. The round has a cabochon cut emerald with a suspended emerald pendant, The scroll was used in Queen Mary’s stomacher.
  2. Delhi Carved Emerald - A large carved emerald, hexagon shaped with one side a rose, the other a plant. Surrounded by brilliant-cut diamonds. Given to Queen Mary by the Ladies of India at the Delhi Durbar, 1911. Queen Elizabeth II has only been seen wearing this in public recent years starting in 2013
  3. Emerald and Diamond Sarpech - 1st seen on Her Majesty in 2013 Royal Ascot, it was reportedly sold at Christie’s in 2011 for $65,643. With a 1920s Art Deco design this brooch is named a Sarpech due to the curved central shape being an Indian inspiration.


i’ve seen Zombillenium before, back in 2013 when i was researching for my thesis.  i saw the music video, Skip the Use’s Nameless world and fell in love with Arthur de Pins’ art. i saw a couple of concept art and my one of my fave illustrations.   

i only picked it up again when a workmate posted a trailer of their animated film. and im just aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!!!! instead of doing work, i read their comic all evening and doodled Gretchen (without tattoos).

i wanna watch it so badddddd. but i have to wait till OCT 18. ARRRRRRRRRRGHHH

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do you know hoochoo and meongmool gender?

they are both girls!

이발하다 (ibal-hada) was used in the fanaccounts and refers to cutting scalp hair! to shave facial hair is 면도하다 (myeondo-hada), 수염 깎다 (suyeom ggakk-da)

(list is from memory, not exhaustive) 
his mom: 1, 2,
both parents: 1, 23
his brother: 1
ideal relationship/type: 1, 2, 3
check out home cooking with chef d.o. too, if you can - he brings up his mom often in it, as he’s following recipes she taught him

not in an interview, though kyungsoo has mentioned that he enjoys diy projects, domestic work in general. however, he’s been seen sewing in this 2013 exo cf, if that helps!

it sounds familiar but i wasn’t able to put my thumb on it, apologies! for the very delayed answer, as well.


Tonight, I saw my absolute favourite band for the 7th time. Hadn’t seen them since Reading Festival 2013. I hadn’t forgotten how brilliant they are, but the huge reminder tonight was fucking fantastic. There is no band on this planet better live than Green Day. I swear to you. I’ve seen hundreds of bands from support slots to festival slots to headline shows. Some come close. No one has yet beaten Green Day. Not Frank Turner. Not the Foo Fighters. Not Queens Of The Stone Age. Not Nine Inch Nails. The rest of my Top 5 bands combined have not yet come close. See Green Day. Do it for me. You won’t be disappointed


Aristocrazy 2013

Perfect dresses with amazing embellishments, seen on the 2013 catwalks, by Aristocrazy. Each dress is a showstopper, ready for any party and guaranteed to turn heads. Team up with a pair of skyscraper heels, and you can’t help but be anything but the belle of the ball.

#SaveWOY June Trending Post (Parts 1 & 2)

(Sorry this was late, got important tasks to deal with like work and cultivating my art skills)

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1. What was your reaction to Craig McCracken’s announcement of Wander Over Yonder not returning for another season?

A part of me felt sad inside, and shocked that one of the most famous cartoon creators of the past decade with two critically acclaimed and Financially successful animated shows on Cartoon Network (Powerpuff Girls and Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends), got declined to continue his current animated show just about to find its footing in world-building, character depth, and funnier stories appealing to newcomers, despite airing on a channel with less ratings than the other kids channels (Nick and CN), and starting out that seemed like it’s been done on cartoony comedy or happy go lucky characters tropes like most cartoons of the past.

The speculations leading up to it from a comment by MLP Friendship is Magic developer, Lauren Faust (Craig’s wife)’s comment on the show winning some Annies and then getting cancelled (with an afterthought of Rugrats or Spongebob receiving demand to continue one time), and The Animation Guild Blog’s current production schedule of Wander wrapping up, had me feeling very concern.

Plus with the S1 and S2 ratings on Disney XD not doing very well for Cable TV (this was before Digital Ratings for Apps and Online streaming were considered recently as they didn’t hold much revenue in the beginning to go past Season 2) even if it had a solid start on Disney Channel recently, it was seen as it wasn’t much appealing financially to Disney that they had to cancel it to save money on other new and popular shows they know will make more money and with the new technology that would expand their proof of success. The ratings reasons are what Craig believes more as this is still a business to sustain growth in animated TV brands Disney manages for their economic goals.

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Gravity Falls and Star Vs. are the only shows that can sustain that besides Phineas and Ferb. Plus, unlike P&F being episodic in their wacky stories, both shows are comedies and serialized which those are big gambles Disney normally avoids at that time, which Wander attempting comedy/serialized hybrid format in S1 (where Sylvia meets Wander, yet gets sidetracked by his antics that later start to go through a change to question his instincts and growing to care for him along the way, plus dealing with Lord Hater and Peepers like the final S1 story, though there was a change in her backstory to be a bounty hunter than a taxi cabber) was rejected to avoid more risks.

The final result of S1, even if done well as McCracken did in his previous shows, ended up looking like it’s pretty generic or that Wander comes off as an annoyance in his happy go lucky Mickey Mouse archetype with Sylvia being already a friend, but is annoyed of his antics that sometimes the viewer questions their team up if we don’t see why they ended up traveling together. Or even if Hater stole the show a lot, sometimes they see any scenario as what they’ve seen in Spongebob or other cartoons that done these stories. It’s this notion that some viewers think that the show was cancelled because it lacked a serialized story, or that Craig isn’t taking notes on what new shows are doing that are more beloved. But the truth is that Craig has always wanted to do comedy/serialization for a very long time, and Wander was meant to be his first one to explore it.

Had Disney give Craig more freedom on the serialized part even as they still give him freedom in his comedic tricks in the finalized S1 (which I think the creator-driven model Disney established still had its limits to meet the business goals than just artistic goals, which seemed like false advertisement if someone thinks that you’ll get more freedom here than the last, but still no), it would’ve gotten a better reception and ratings boast to be entertained for kids and adults who can handle silly and clever cartoony stories with an arc to get the adults still interested with the kids.

At least S2 got the opportunity, even if some parts were kinda flawed in handling Dominator’s appearances when the crew were making posts on her presence as serious and still cool, but turned out to be more telling outside of TV than showing that. Or maybe there wasn’t much interactions of the Main 4 together in the third chunk. Which I get it that they went with world-building and focusing on S1 type stories with the arc to back up, but even with a limited serialized format, they could’ve find other ways to keep the interests a bit further. But that’s just my own opinions. I still enjoyed them in the end. And I think even some fans and viewers still liked them regardless and that’s totally fine.

In the end, seeing the cancellation post and its performance since the start to the end really had its ups and downs on how to market and appeal Wander to today’s generation who never grew up with Looney Tunes, or even Craig’s old show, unless they’ve seen the Mickey Mouse 2013 shorts with the same style that they would recognize Wander acting like Mickey. Plus with Disney XD being limited in views despite saving it from being cancelled at Season 1 on Disney Channel (having no ads except sponsors) before Digital Ratings helped other shows now gaining better revenue streams (bad timing apparently). And that it had missed opportunities Disney tend to not allow at first to play it safe before Gravity Falls changed its minds recently. By the end of the show, it’s made clear that it’ll go down in history as being the Invader Zim of Disney XD’s cartoon line-up. A very underrated show by Craig McCracken, who made the Powerpuff Girls and Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends, both more successful and remembered that Wander, well for now as it’s slowly gaining recognition as time goes by.

Perhaps Craig’s new show if approved with serialized action comedy would show what his true artistic choices would deliver now that Disney is now okay with serialization (not Avatar TLA though) thanks to Alex Hirsch and Daron Nefcy for proving Disney wrong.

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2. How did you feel after watching The End of the Galaxy?

A bit bittersweet on how it ended. It had some great moments, don’t get me wrong. The reunion of all characters, Wander confronting Dominator, Peepers and Sylvia teaming up, Lord Hater blasting Dom’s ship and saving Syl and the Galaxians, and Dominator refusing to give in to Wander’s happy offer and just leaves remaining lonely as she’s not ready to change, all were enjoyable to see. Dom not redeemed at this point makes much sense as doing so would be rushed. Though I wasn’t a bit downed that the Main 4 remained going back to the S1 status quo like it goes loop-de-loop since The Greater Hater, the last animatic Dominator passed by, the spaceship, the monkey sounds, and Hater’s laugh, really hit my stomach that it’s the S3 plan we’ll never see at this point.

You really have this feeling of wanting to see more of the Main 4 interactions now that we’ve learned a bit more of them (even though Wander was just along for the ride in Hater’s focused story of dealing with Dominator through his love plans and Greatest in the Galaxy trials). Sylvia, Hater, and Peepers shown more of their strengths and weaknesses through S2, while Wander despite having hints of his pasts, his sad moments of the flower, and his failure to redeem Dominator, didn’t go as further as the rest of the Main 4. But he still had his highlights that still make him a bit enjoyable (well, if you can handle The Battle Royale bits of him going crazy and desperate that is).

Anyways, seeing the finale opens up possible storylines yet to be realized, and a part of me wishes I want to see them now as Frank has been making hints throughout the year and forward, but then again, the other part says that it’s not worth dwelling on them as it’s all show business. But the support of the #SaveWOY and the show’s popularity growing slowly gives me some hope that its recognition would not go away any time soon.

The finale also kinda shows the tip of the iceberg on how S3 would play out, with Wander failing to redeem Dominator that something would challenge his strengths as worse than her, Peepers’ desire to be a better ruler than Hater, Hater’s goodiness close to engulf him even if he doesn’t want to admit it, and Sylvia’s closeness to Wander even more when Wander gets kinda hurt, but at least has room for more silly cartoony stories/gags and character insights with fun song and dance numbers in the mix.

But with all that said, as a pure cartoon’s performance, it definitely delivered with some great moments and a fun status quo end joke to remind us that it’s still a cartoon in the end, not really a Gravity Falls/Adventure Time/Steven Universe show you tend to expect, even if it wanted to try out arcs which would be interesting for a cartoony animated show to do. So perhaps with the animatic cliffhanger saying otherwise, well, I knew that there were more ideas in stores that were originally S2 ones but saved for S3, and it’s up to the fans to see them fully realized.

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Oh my GOD. Like I know I’m super slow and this is probably a well known fact but like, I’m watching the original “The Sound of Music” film and… I have Confidence is basically I Believe from “The Book of Mormon” (or well, the other way round really)?!?! Like some parts are literally the exact same lyrics! Can you hear me screaming, I’m shook, I did not know about this and it’s amazing?!😂 😱

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Hi, I don't really look that much into fanfics but does people prefer b*ttom!Soo for some reasons? The usual 'he smol' kind of stuff? Just wondering because like I said I probably won't go and do my research myself. Have a good day/night

yep! and you don’t need to do research when i can tell you what i know :p

idk if you’ve noticed but fandom tends to assign sexual positions to nonstraight couples based on physical appearance that are stereotypical to hetero/yaoi couples. you know, like

  • the shorter, prettier/cuter, softer=bottom
  • the taller, more handsome/traditionally masculine, muscular= top

therefore kyungsoo=bottom, baekhyun=bottom, kai=top, chanyeol=top, kris when he was in exo=mega top. even if sometimes the difference is minimal.

in society (straight, homophobic society) bottoming is seen as inferior, shameful, unmanly/a girl thing, something to joke about. ofc i’m not saying everyone who likes seeing the boys in the popular positions thinks that way but there’s a lot of close minded ideas surrounding shipping that create a negative environment for those who step out of the popular opinion (ppl will go as far as to harass writers ((LGBT+ writers ffs)) and even fests for having the popular “bottoms” as “tops” can you believe!!). all the bottom jokes and dominant fic preferences reinforced the idea that kyungsoo “couldn’t” or “shouldn’t” or that it would be weird do something as normal in fic as sticking his peepee in another person’s hole. but it doesn’t just stop at fic because some people take fic and headcanons very seriously and this idea has also been dragged out into real life shaping up his image for new fans to learn and spread.

this is a very uncomfortable topic in fandom that would require a lot more time and energy than i have but i thought i’d try to explain this briefly because it’s good to be aware of it and have an idea of why places like this blog or the bottom!yeol, bottom!kai, top!soo or top!baek fests exist (for people to fic in peace and to normalize something that shouldn’t be seen as abnormal in the first place)

fandom trends have been veeery slowly opening a space for top!soo over the years. here’s how i’ve seen the progression:

  • 2012-2013: 99.99999% bottom
  • 2014: top became more frequent (and good!!)
  • 2015: top fic raised in popularity due to his body changes (more muscular and closer to traditional masculinity)
  • 2016-2017: top is more easily accepted than it used to, not 50-50 and prob never will be but it’s more common and easier to find within the more popular ships but it’s still rare for the other pairings

i started reading fic in 2012 and grew disappointed of the way he was usually portrayed and figured out that if i wanted to read something different i’d have to do something. i started bookmarking any fic i read where he topped for its rarity and i liked it so much (because it allowed him to be manly, strong, in control, a caregiver and many more things that i associate with him that most other fic didn’t) that i started hunting it down and posting it here.

ugh sorry if this is too boring and long but it sounded like you had a hunch and i thought this would make it more clear

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Hi! What do you think is the main difference between School 2017 and the previous ones? Is it better than the others? I'm not sure if I should watch it but with your gifs I get confused lol

Hey!! Ahaha, I’m really curious as to why they confuse you, but I’ll try my best to explain. I’m guessing you’ve already seen School 2013, and/or School 2015, so I’ll compare them in one go instead of explaining each drama individually.

  • School 2017 has more romance than School 13, and almost the same amount as in School 2015. Romance is almost nonexistent in School 13, and I think this is the biggest difference between S13 and S15 + S17.
  • School 2017 + School 2015 both deal with mystery in one form or another, whilst School 2013 doesn’t. 
  • School 2017 focuses less on platonic friendships between the characters than School 2013, but the more the drama progresses, the more we see of Eun Ho and Tae Woon’s friends (and enemies).
  • School 2017 also deals with two boy students and their broken friendship, but it’s not the main conflict, like it is in School 2013. 
  • School 2017 and School 2015 both have female protagonists, School 2013 has males.
  • School 2017 has a supportive teacher, like School 2013 has the two homeroom teachers played by Jang Na Ra and Choi Daniel.
  • School 2017 is also showcasing the class differences between the students.

My favourite season (I’m calling it season because that’s the only word I can think of lol) is, and will always be, School 2013. That drama is so special to me, and it’s because it was relatable. The students, who seemed fine at first glance, all dealt with some sort of problem, be it family and/or academic pressure, competition between students, or broken friendships. The focus in School 2013 was on the students and their progression, instead of corruption and student rebellion, like it is in 2017. If there is something missing in School 2015 and 2017, it is this. And I must say, I’m not interested in the actual plot of School 2017. I’m mainly watching it for Eun Ho, Tae Woon and Dae Hwi. Eun Ho and Tae Woon are so cute together, and I really want to see Tae Woon and Dae Hwi make up.

So, no, I don’t think it’s better than School 2013, but I’m enjoying it more than I enjoyed School 2015 because I like the characters in this season more. For the sake of comparison, I love Eun Ho and Tae Woon more than I liked Eun Bi and Tae Kwang. We don’t talk about Yi An. What I’m trying to get at is, if you watch dramas for the characters, like I do, and don’t mind a not-so-interesting plot, try watching School 2017. Aside from the main trio, there are many other characters, although they’re not getting as much exposure as the leads.