seen this movie a hundred times already

Movie Night

This was a really fun request to do and I hope you enoy it. Feel free to request anything else.

“Come on, Papy. It’ll be a lot of fun,” Blueberry practically begged.

“You’ve already seen the movie like a hundred times already, bro.” Papyrus responded boredly.

“But you’ve always left before the end. You owe it to me to stay and watch the entire movie with me,” he pouted.

Papyrus sighed and looked down at his brother. There was no way that he would be getting out of it. He really didn’t think that the movie in question was really worth getting his brother upset at him and he would just have to suffer through it. It was only of hours of them sitting on their couch and staring at their t.v. screen.

“Let’s get changed into our pajamas first,” the tall skeleton said.

He seemed to have appeased his brother since he skipped off to get change. Papyrus briefly thought that he had gotten himself into something horrible before going to get into his own pajamas. His brother was already sitting on the couch waiting for him with pop and popcorn. It was strange to see the smaller skeleton drinking something that he would normally avoid like the plague but, figured it was because this was considered a special occasion to him.

“Start whenever you’re ready,” Papyrus said as he collapsed onto the couch.

Blueberry looked a little too happy to hit the play button and ignore everything around him. He was mindlessly eating and drinking as he watched the movie. Papyrus found it kind of funny that his brother was acting like he was in some kind of trance and didn’t think that it would end up doing anything good for the smaller skeleton. The movie wasn’t keeping his attention very well so he kept an eye on his brother instead.

It wasn’t until they were about a half hour through the movie when he noticed the other’s near constant shifting. Papyrus wasn’t all that surprised since the smaller skeleton had been drinking since the start of the movie. He thought it was definitely more interesting than whatever was going on on the screen. This was probably going to make his brother upset at him but, it was his way of making up for the fact that he had to watch a horrible movie with him. His eyes stayed focused on his brother’s abdomen and noticed a slightly bigger than normal bulge.

“Do you think we could pause it for a minute?” Blueberry asked nervously.

“You’re the one that wanted to watch this movie,” Papyrus teased.

“The movie is amazing but, I think I drank too much.” The other responded.

“I’m sure you can last another hour and a half,” he challenged.

Blueberry seemed to consider what he said before putting the remote on the coffee table. He still didn’t sit still and his hands seemed to be hovering near his crotch. Papyrus wondered if his brother could actually last that long since he wasn’t very big. There was a small bit of worry that the smaller skeleton would end up hurting himself because he was trying to prove a point.

Papyrus wouldn’t put his brother in any kind of harm’s way so he would stop the other if it looked like he was truly in pain. He was glad that he had something to watch that would actually be entertaining. It was strange to see the smaller skeleton in this situation since he was always careful about his day and followed a strict schedule. The fact that he was still drinking pop was making him curious as to how much he was actually planned on drinking before he burst.

The other skeleton tried to keep his hands from going in between his femurs but, he was finding it harder and harder to resist as the minutes ticked on. His stomach felt overfilled and tight from how much liquid was inside it. It was a wonder that he kept forcing himself to drink. Blueberry knew that he could forget about the rest of the pop if he truly wanted to but, something about it made him feel like he was ditching one of his responsibilities. There wasn’t a lot that stopping at this point would do since he was already filled to the brim and had to wait for the movie to end before he could deal with it.

“I don’t think that I can wait for another ten minutes,” Blueberry cried.

“But you’re doing so well. There has to be some way for you to wait until the credits start rolling on the screen,” Papyrus responded.

“That’s way too long. There’s no more room in my stomach for anymore liquid,” he almost shouted as he crossed his legs.

“Would you even be able to get up at this point?” The tall skeleton asked curiously.

He froze as he slowly took in the question. It had slipped his mind that he would have to get up and go upstairs in order to get to the bathroom. There was no way he was getting off of the couch without losing control. His brother didn’t seem like he would help him in any way. Blueberry whined and shoved his hands into his crotch. The fact that his hands felt damp didn’t make him feel any better. He was quickly running out of time to move.

Papyrus was smiling at the smaller skeleton as he tried to hold on longer. He knew that the other skeleton wasn’t going to make it and it was amusing to watch him lose all control over himself. It was kind of cruel of him to make his brother wait when he was on the edge of completely bursting. There was still a bit of time for the other to figure out if he wanted to give up or not.

Blueberry wiggled around as he tried to get off the couch. He didn’t know what he was going to do once he got up but, he hoped that it would at least help him last a little longer. His pants were showing a large wet spot down to his knees and there was a spot on the cushion. There was a constant leak coming out of him and it made it way harder to keep from making a large mess. A yelp escaped him as a pair of hands grabbed him and pulled him into the larger skeleton’s lap.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Papyrus questioned.

“Going to the bathroom,” Blueberry whined.

“The credits aren’t rolling yet,” he pointed out.

“I can’t wait any longer,” the smaller skeleton responded.

“Then let go if you can’t wait that long,” the tall skeleton said.

“But it’ll make a huge mess,” he argued as he tried to get out of his brother’s grasp.

“I’m not going to be letting you go anytime soon,” his brother replied.

Blueberry wiggled as he struggled to make his brother let go. He really didn’t want to make a bigger mess than he already had. His bladder didn’t like the fact that he was moving around and  spasmed. It made a large spurt come out and make his brother’s lap slightly damp. There wasn’t anything he could do to hide it but, the fact that he was wetting himself on his brother made him freeze. That was the last straw for his poor bladder and it let go.

His hands did nothing to help and his face glowed bright blue. Blueberry leaned back against the other skeleton as his body relaxed and he soaked both of their laps. The relief made him feel light headed and moan.

Papyrus couldn’t stop the grin from forming on his face. His brother was definitely being more entertaining than the movie and he had made the night much better. He watched as his brother’s face contorted with his relief and as the wet spot grew to be the length of both their pants. Papyrus didn’t really care that he was wet or that the couch was ruined.

“Thanks for making it up to me,” Papyrus teased as his brother finished.