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Don't you hate when people think they are good enough to make additions to your collabs with Kei? I saw one of Yuri P that was horrible and is2g I thought it ruined your post tbh...

I’m sorry but no?? if anything, you’re ruining the post for hating on their addition
and I’d like to ask you something, what makes you think you’re entitled enough to demean another person’s art? if you’re going to look down on someone because they “ruined the post,” please leave. you aren’t welcome here

i’m only halfway through petals to the metal and i still have no effin clue what these guys are supposed to actually look like but??? i wanted to take a crack at it??

You’re allowed to be excited about the little things. You’re allowed to be goofy. You’re allowed to be dorky about your favorite tv show, to make blanket forts, to enjoy cheesy movies, even just to sleep with stuffed animals. You’re allowed to do any of the things that make life a little more bearable. It’s fine, ok?

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if you think OC muses should be treated with the same respect as canons. 


Some Fantastic Beasts’ sketches from my twitter



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Toby Stephens and Rupert Penry-Jones in Cambridge Spies [2003] and Black Sails [2014 – ]


They all look so cool. So perfect. Its nice to see all of their official titles too.

Jaal - Resistance Fighter

Drack - Veteran Warrior

Liam - Crisis Specialist

Peebee - Rogue Academic

Vetra - Drifter Mercenary

Cora - Biotic Commando

(I mean I dont think we’ve seen them all before, especially not together, so its nice to see)

Jaal’s makes me think that the Angara have probably been fighting the Kett for some time which is why they’re so okay with the new species. (At least some of them. Maybe there is also infighting among the Angara. Who knows? I’m excited to find out though)


Costume swap bc why not

It always strikes me when fanfiction authors leave notes like “sorry this chapter is late I was just in the hospital next one will be out sooner” “I apologize for not posting for a week I had to fly to my cousin’s funeral but this chapter is longer to make up for it” “sorry this is late I was in a car accident so I’ll only be posting once a week while I recover :)” like WTF these people are so freaking devoted and amazing when they 100% don’t have to be??? I get this amazing shit for free, how??? Like, I’ll have slight knee pains and postpone my writing. Fanfic authors just amaze me, man.