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Real question in response to your post. If this is an anonymous blogging site, and a teenager lies about their age - what do you recommend the adult should have done to safe guard themselves against this? I don’t interact with people on tumblr as a general rule, but many do. Please advise how you would determine a persons real age before interacting on something such as explicit fan fiction?

I want to start from the position that adults should be careful about how they discuss sex to protect teenagers, not to protect themselves.  

Obviously there are lots of ways you can be more sure of someone’s age, skype, if people post selfies, the way they talk about their day to day life, or the way they write (I’d be surprised if anyone thought I might be younger than I say).  Lots of people are anonymous - I’m pretty anonymous - but lots of people aren’t.  And it’d be pretty easy just to have sexual conversations with the people who aren’t anonymous. 

Maybe no system is foolproof, but that’s not the point. I’ve seen a lot of posts that have boiled down to ‘she lied about her age and therefore there was nothing that I could do. This response only makes sense because men have long told stories about conniving girls lying about their age tricking men into being sexual with them for years. 

There’s an alternative ‘she lied about her age and I fucked up.’  This discussion  has made me realise that I didn’t know one of the beta readers for my fic very well.  Certainly not well enough to be sure she was telling the truth about her age.  We didn’t talk about sex at all, but there are explicit scenes in my fic.  If it turned out she was much younger - I would be the one who fucked up not her. Children should get to lie about their age, children should get to have messy boundaries, adults should still keep them safe.  Sometimes adults acting in good faith are going to fail at that, because life is hard and messy.  The best sign to me that someone was acting in good faith is that they take responsibility for their actions and their mistakes and don’t try and blame people with less power than them for the outcome.

Shout out to all the Harry Styles fans who are kind of in their feelings about that Rihanna “Wild Thoughts” cover. Listen, all I’m gonna say is, you’re gonna be hearing it.…again in another way, soon, that you’ll be very happy about. That’s all I can say for now. But don’t worry, it’s all good, trust me.
—  Clara Amfo, dropping some kind of hint after the premier of the Wild Thoughts cover

hadn’t drawn these two in a while, had I

National City news, every goddamn week, probably


*second rotating newspaper* NO, SHE’S STILL AN ANGEL AND YOU SHOULD ALL BE ASHAMED (by Kara Danvers)

*third rotating newspaper*  ALSO, NO HOMO (by Kara Danvers)


oh don’t mind me i’m just over here WEEPING TEARS OF JOY


i tried to do the 4+1 but there are only so many ways to carry a person.

bc let’s face it the only one kakashi will allow to touch him is gai the only person he can get drunk with is gai and gai is a mighty mighty guy and i might be in love with the idea of gai carrying kakashi and vice versa. there was originally supposed to be a de-aged kakashi being carried around by gai but it seemed forced ;_;