seen one

  • Ruvik, making a recording: Sebastian has been following me around for the past hour and insisting I look like a snack.
  • Sebastian, in the distance yelling: BABY YOU LOOKIN’ LIKE A SNACK
  • Sebastian: A SNACK!!
  • Ruvik: *frustrated yelling*

Aren’t we supposed to be the ones blushing

Me, casually scrolling through AO3: I wish there were more Interview with a Vampire AUs in the Hannibal fandom

*Bryan Fuller announced to be working on an Interview with a Vampire adaptation*



Made In Hollywood TV with Thomas Brodie-Sangster, Dylan O’Brien, Kaya Scodelario and Dexter Darden

I love reading the posts trashing Three Billboards every time it wins an award because it’s very transparent most of these people either didn’t see the movie in the first place or just didn’t get it

all right so i keep seeing posts about how rey went about it all wrong with ben but let’s be real

this girl was sold for alcohol and drug money. she was raised in an environment where survival was low and sure as hell didn’t foster hope or compassion or trust or handling people with kid gloves. and yet she hoped, and even forgave and gave ben the compassion he sorely needed. she let herself open up to him and trust him enough to fucking mail herself to the first order. to stand up to the supreme leader and tell him ben would come back home while being tortured.

and then ben turns around and forces her to confront the truth of her parents, and in the worst way: he tells her she’s nothing and nobody from nowhere. yeah two seconds later he adds “but not to me” but that doesn’t make less devastating. it doesn’t erase memories of years of being abandoned and knowing she was only considered as worthy as the parts she brought in. the years of having to defend herself against other scavengers and junk bosses and more than likely off worlders looking to take advantage.

so when she knows she can’t go with him, when she’s spent years on the defensive and HAS SEEN WHAT HE DOES WHEN HE FEELS BETRAYED – attacking luke and the school; killing han; killing snoke – rey’s obviously going to go for a weapon. notice before that ben had BOTH LIGHTSABERS. REY HAD NONE. OF COURSE SHE’S GOING TO WANT TO DEFEND HERSELF WHEN TELLING HIM NO AND GO FOR THE LIGHTSABER.

if you’re going to have an outpouring of sympathy for ben then don’t forget rey’s position. yeah, she could have handled things better – but she’s not any better equipped to handle the situation than he is. she handled it the way she knows, the best she could.

Remember that time George Lucas casually inserted the dialogue “you’re shorter than I expected” when Anakin Skywalker encounters General Grievous in Episode III, indicating that he had never seen him before? And then they made a tv show set *before* those events and Dave Filoni had to spend 6 seasons doing narrative backflips to keep these two, the main protagonist and a major antagonist, from ever meeting face to face? Because of one throwaway line? Remember that?

I do. It’s my favorite goddamn obscure Star Wars trivia please put it on my fucking gravestone.

victuuri coffee shop au: in which victor flirts with barista!yuuri and ends up getting his number ☕ (and a cheesy pun) (sticker)

Tumblr description typology:

1. [bullshit esoteric reference]

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5. Meme that’s been dead since 2014

6. I am a CIS STRAIGHT WHITE MAN and if that offends you can FUCK off. I like GUNS and TITS and I like to EAT MEAT and FUCK. I love AMERICA and capitalism and I don’t like TERRORISTS or communists. Not PC. Fuck your feelings.

I’ve never been a redemption stan, but I gotta say I hope Kylo gets the help he needs and the happy ending he deserves cuz honestly he’s the most miserable Star Wars character I’ve ever seen. Even kill-the-younglings-Anakin had a support base with people who tried to help him, but brickhouse-with-a-baby-face has nothing. Like he’s completely alone and everyone’s given up on him and he fails at everything. He got separated from his family, his uncle basically tried to kill him for being depressed, he was traumatized by a child predator and killed his dad because said predator told him to, and the predator was all he had. He’s completely emotionally stunted, and the only thing he’s got going for him is raw physical power which makes people pass him around like a sack of meat. JESUS, this dude has NEVER had a break, no WONDER he’s a hot mess, he’s literally being punished for the karmic mess his grandfather left behind JUST GIVE HIM A CHANCE-