seen on the streets


A woman seen in red and black armor, Aranea is described as edgy and street smart. While she holds the rank of commodore, she’d rather people speak to her in a casual manner. Also known as free-spirited when she encourages Prince Noctis not to let anyone tell him how to walk his path. First time meeting Aranea, we can tell she has a mischievous side when she flirts with Noctis during battle and a strong leader as Biggs and Wedge follow her with unwavering loyalty no matter what side of war she wants to support.

I’ve seen people on here saying that 2016 didn’t really suck. That it would have been an okay year, if people would stop “whining about celebrity deaths.”

To that, I say, shut the hell up, oh my god.

Yeah, the celebrity deaths made the year hard - a lot of people that were very loved, who inspired us, passed away this year. That’s awful.

But have you not seen politics? Have you not seen people being gunned down in the streets, people spray-painting swastikas on buildings, or using the words of the current president elect as an excuse to be violent and cruel?

If you haven’t seen that, that’s great. Maybe you’re in an epic country, or maybe you’re privileged and not affected by it. That’s awesome for you.

But 2016 was fucking awful, and not just because Carrie Fisher and David Bowie and so many others died.

It was awful because we watched our friends and family, or other people we thought we trusted, turn into monsters who showed how much they really hated us, and people like us. We watched love turn to hate, and it hurt.

We watched people who said they cared about us put all their energy behind someone who wants people like us to be removed, or hurt, or killed, or converted into something “normal.” 

Then, we watched that person get elected.

This is a scary time for a lot of us. So even if you’re not standing at the edge of 2017 with a knife and an emergency kit, remember that a lot of people are.

Be kind to each other, and listen. Welcome in the New Year, but with caution.


Nine years after the Woman was last seen in Baker Street, Sherlock Holmes and John Watson receive anonymous tickets to fly to New York at the service of a mysterious singer who wants to hire them for a case. They discover that the client is Irene Adler, now going by an alias, having resided in America since Sherlock rescued her from execution in Karachi. She explains that the events of The Final Problem had exposed her survival to Mycroft, so now many of her enemies are able to hunt her down. Sherlock finds it strange that after years of being capable of protecting herself, Irene would reach out to him. There is more to the story than meets the eye…

I drove home today and didn’t notice until I pulled into my driveway that I hadn’t seen a single street. Fifteen minutes passed without me realizing because all I could think of was you. I think the universe must be a little sadistic, to let a person fall completely in love with someone who will never feel the same.
—  a letter i will never send

Movements need political moments, and this is one. Already, tens of thousands of people have taken to the streets to protest Trump’s election and proposed political platform. The stakes seem insurmountably high. Immigrants, activated by legitimate fears that they will be rounded up and deported, are taking to the streets, daring to be seen and heard.

There’s truth in words that, “Once black people get free, everybody gets free.” That means that policies of policing, surveillance, social welfare, even drug reform, that begin in black communities are often scaled to white ones. Black activists have been saying this throughout 2016.

We didn’t have to be in this moment, but here we are. We’ve been here before. And we’ll no doubt be here again. History is not linear, it’s cyclical. And in this case, that’s a powerful statement of what’s to come for grassroots organizers and activists across the country.

— Jamilah King, It’s 1968 again — and maybe that’s good for America

Imagine Credence’s face the first time he sees the inside of Newt’s suitcase. He’d be in fucking awe of all of it, and that that’s what magic is really capable of. He’s probably never seen anything but New York streets, so seeing a bunch of different landscapes inside a goddamn suitcase would blow his mind, let alone the animals in there as well.


collection of fan accs about Dara’s appearance on JTBC’s “Talking Street” b/c i haven’t seen anyone else talk about it on tumblr
-Dara has also said that CL came back to Korea with a bunch on songs written, they had a tracklist for an album that was supposed to go out in the summer but it never got released; “the album is sleeping somewhere” -Dara
-named CL as her life mentor, said that when 2ne1 heard about their disbandment, CL was the one who took the most care of her
-she also sang a bit of “Goodbye” (like one word lol) and is using her iconic orange mic
-she gave out her business card, it has “2NE1 Communications/2NE1 PR” on it

So I just had a very strange Pokemon Go encounter. I saw that there was a charmeleon at the pokestop closest to my house so I went outside and started walking down the street. Then I crossed paths with an older lady walking her dog. She stopped me and said something like “I always see you kids walking around with your phones in your faced but I’ve never seen a kid with TWO” and then points across the street, where sure enough, there was a kid sitting on the sidewalk with not one but two phones in his lap. The kid heard her and said “I’m trying to catch a charmeleon!” so I shouted back “me too!” and then I showed the lady my phone screen. She made some comment about how us kids are so good at technology but she has trouble using her laptop, and I was like “yeah that’s gotta be tough!” and then she went on her merry way with her dog and I caught the charmeleon.