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This summer, I’ve finally learned to a ride a bike, thanks to this guy. While this is just a bike, it’s also a vehicle that has opened my eyes to the smallest of wonders. 🚴🏼

I ride down these never before seen streets, all flourished in flowers and freshly cut grass, smile at passing strangers, and glimpse into the lives that I can only capture while pedaling at a steady heartbeat. Thanks to this bike, I get stopped by children, couples, and the elderly. I talk to construction workers and smile at girls that I wouldn’t have the guts to smile at otherwise. I’m impulsive, anxious, and at most times, closed in. When I’m riding this bike, it’s just me. I’m watching and breathing. And just like the wheels, I steadily move with the wind. ~

Look, I get it.

I get why you don’t want to believe in God. I get it.
You’ve seen the Christians on street corners who are screaming about going to hell. 
You’ve seen Christians turn a blind eye.
You’ve seen Christians give really crappy answers when you’re hurting.

You’ve seen Christians in church ignore the new people.
You’ve seen Christians avoid you in the store.
You’ve seen Christians be downright hurtful.
You’ve seen Christians be just plain mean.

Here’s the thing.

Christians aren’t Christ.

I get it. Christians give Christ a bad reputation. I do it. I swear and listen to music and mutter words that would make my grandma and my Jesus blush. I’m mean. I avoid people. I get it. 

I get it. We base our beliefs on what we see. We build our perceptions on our experiences. We base our opinions on what we’ve learned.

If you’ve had a bad experience or 47 bad experiences with Christians,
I’m sorry.

This isn’t one of those posts that is going to end with the typical, “we’re all sinners and that’s why Jesus died for us”.
although that is true - that’s not the point of this.

What I’m saying is that Christians are going to disappoint you. Christians are not always going to represent Christ. Christians are going to hurt you. Christians are going to not look like Christians all of the time. 

But are you following a Christian or are you longing to follow Christ?

Are you getting to know Christians and doing things how they do them or are you getting to know who God is and why exactly He sent Jesus?
Are you spending your time pouring over Instagram and trying to match your journaling bible designs to the ones you see there?
Or are you spending your time pouring over the Bible and trying to match your life to the ones detailed in the stories told there?

What I’m trying to get at is this:
Christians will misrepresent God. Christians will mess up, we’ll make mistakes. We’ll say the wrong things. Because we’re not God. We’re not good at being God. We’re good at being humans. We were created as humans, and God is God.

God is good at being God. God won’t misrepresent himself. God doesn’t mess up. He doesn’t make mistakes. He doesn’t say the wrong thing. He doesn’t leave. He doesn’t break his promises. He doesn’t let you down.
Christians are meant to follow God. Christians are meant to become more like Jesus, not other Christians. 

If you’re skeptical about this whole thing, I get it. But if you’re willing, please seek to learn who God is and not who Christians can make him out to be.

-31Women (Emma)

I drove home today and didn’t notice until I pulled into my driveway that I hadn’t seen a single street. Fifteen minutes passed without me realizing because all I could think of was you. I think the universe must be a little sadistic, to let a person fall completely in love with someone who will never feel the same.
—  a letter i will never send

Nine years after the Woman was last seen in Baker Street, Sherlock Holmes and John Watson receive anonymous tickets to fly to New York at the service of a mysterious singer who wants to hire them for a case. They discover that the client is Irene Adler, now going by an alias, having resided in America since Sherlock rescued her from execution in Karachi. She explains that the events of The Final Problem had exposed her survival to Mycroft, so now many of her enemies are able to hunt her down. Sherlock finds it strange that after years of being capable of protecting herself, Irene would reach out to him. There is more to the story than meets the eye…

This city’s afraid of me. I’ve seen its true face. The streets are extended gutters, and the gutters are full of blood, and when the drains finally scab over all the vermin will drown. The accumulated filth of all their sex and murder will foam up about their waists and all the whores and politicians will look up and shout, “Save us!” and I’ll whisper:


THESE snaps reveal Cillian Murphy is back “shooting” a new series of hit BBC gangster drama Peaky Blinders. The Cork actor, who plays mob boss Tommy Shelby, was seen sprinting down the street with a pistol. Cillian, 40, was filming in Liverpool, parts of which were given a 1920s makeover to stand in for Small Heath in Birmingham. The third series came to a nail-biting climax last year, with police arriving to lock up the gang. But it seems they will make an explosive return. Cillian said “everything has changed” for the fourth season. The drama could be back on our screens as early as October. — Irish Daily Mirror, 22 Mar 2017

  • Dally: im tough, I've been through too much to care deeply for another person. I was a kid the first time I was jailed, and my dad left me to fend for myself... I've witnessed street fights and cold blooded murder. I've beat someone nearly to death before. I'm emotionally numb and my well being is the most important, I gotta look out for number one.
  • Two-bit: lol but what about Johnny
  • Dally: suddenly I can't read
Dromund Kaas Street Food

Every planet has its own unique roster of local food and Dromund Kaas is no different. Even though the Empire’s capital world gets a lot of imported food from numerous other planets, the local cuisine of Dromund Kaas is still primarily dominated by seafood.

And the street food of the planet certainly reflect on this.

By far the most popular and common street food found on Dromund Kaas (and especially in Kaas City) are roasted fish on sticks.
Fish sticks. Simple and delicious.

An entire fish is skewered onto a stick, mildly seasoned with whatever spice(s) the customer requests, then roasted and cooked to perfection in a fire. There’s also an array of sauces one can drizzle on the fish as well.
The species used for these are soft-boned, so the entire fish can be eaten with no concerns for stray fish bones getting stuck.

There is a variety of this “dish” that consists of multiple smaller fish on a stick.

Sometimes these smaller fish are marinated or glazed before roasting, giving all the flavor it needs in one go.

Another common sight are the many different kinds of Fish loaves or Sea-loafs.

These are made from a mixture of ground up organs, connective tissue, fat, and anything that’s not bone or pure muscle (aka meat) from the aquacultural harvesters (aka fish slaughterhouses) with some starch or flour. They can be shaped, seasoned, colored, and cooked in many different ways.

Many are boiled in broth, steamed, or fried while skewered on sticks.

There are also non-fish critters on sticks as well.

Some of the native cephalopod species have also found a way to become delicious street food.

Usually skewered, stuffed, and grilled, these squid snacks are also a local favorite.

There’s also the array of smaller crustaceans and shellfish, all battered and deep fried before being shoved into a cup.

And you get sticks with these sea fritters.

The shelled creatures used for street food like this are all soft-shelled, and like their fish stick counterparts, the whole thing can be eaten.
Dromund Kaas maintains itself to be a very clean planet and minimizes waste, including food waste, which led to the use of animals that can be eaten whole.

And like any planet with a sizable Sith population, there are a number of soup stands that are found throughout Kaas City.

Sith themselves hardly ever go to these seeing them as “lowbrow cuisine”. However, the Sith-inspired soup dishes served at these stands draw in the local Imperial crowds with their delicious, quick meals.

Imagine Credence’s face the first time he sees the inside of Newt’s suitcase. He’d be in fucking awe of all of it, and that that’s what magic is really capable of. He’s probably never seen anything but New York streets, so seeing a bunch of different landscapes inside a goddamn suitcase would blow his mind, let alone the animals in there as well.