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Cosplay, Fanart and Plagiarism

(gif curtesy to Mel)

TL;DR: An artist traced (!) my cosplay photo without permission, gave me zero credits, sold the prints at a con and denied she’s ever seen my photo.

First, both of us, the cosplayer and the photographer, want to say that it would never have come to this if the artist would have immediately apologized to us in person, instead of being extremely rude to us and letting things escalate. A simple sorry and taking down the prints would’ve sufficed.

In the beginning of January, being hyped with the new SU episodes, I immediately fell in love with Blue Diamond and cosplayed her. Two months ago, a friend let me know that an artist she saw drew a fanart based on my photo. I was extremely flattered and happy, but also kinda sad the artist gave me zero credits. Us cosplayers and photographers work really hard to get a nice result, and everyone is happy when their photo serves as an inspiration for another artwork. I wrote a letter to her stating that I love her art, but I’d like her to credit me as a source of inspiration (adding the screen shot).

For two months, there was silence. I tried it again a few weeks ago, but again, no response. Okay, what can you do…

Last weekend we had a big con in Germany with a huge artist alley and both of us, the photographer and the cosplayer, attended. Suddenly, a friend came to us and said that there’s a girl selling this exact drawing. We were puzzled and decided to go to her booth and look at it ourselves.

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How 13 reasons why helped me

I’m seeing a lot of people posting about how you shouldn’t watch 13 reasons because it’s triggering and that some things shouldn’t be in it because it can cause more harm then good. As some one who has taken 126 pills and has balled her eyes out holding a rope and staring at the pillars in the basement ceiling. Who has visited a mental ward 3 times and has seen numerous counsellors and has been on medication this is how the show helped me

1. It shows that I’m finally not alone in having these feelings

2. Not all counsellor are helpful but they do care

3. Some one cares even if they can’t say it or won’t say it some one does

4. If people watch the show they might watch their actions and words next time

5. People will miss you

6. If your assaulted sexually it’s not something to be embarrassed about sadly it happens more then it should

7. Most times (not always sadly) your parents do care, more then you think.

8. Suicide is a thing and we shouldn’t be embarrassed to reach out if we feel that way

9. Be kind. You don’t know what demons others are fighting

10. They made feeling nothing sound less insane then it feels

Unfortunately some people are more triggered then others and if this is the case 13 reasons might not be suitable for you. Unfortunately I still feel like I need to post this anonymously so people don’t think I’m doing it for “attention” but I think people should watch this. For me it helped. I think the things they deal with should be brought to light. If your feeling this way don’t stop, get help even if the first time doesn’t work try again.

BANGTANG Kisses: Jungkook

Just scenarios of you, Jungkook, and your lips…as well as various other parts of your bodies o.o

Warnings: Flutt~ aka fluff and smut


On a run:

“C'mon Y/n,” he shouted from ahead of you. “Loser does 10 pushups!”

You ignored him, pacing yourself towards him as the cool morning breeze brushed against your skin. When you reached him, he was stretching his arms above his head, staring out into the sea.

The sun had just begun to peak over the horizon, illuminating the clouds in a mixture of light pastel blues, purples, reds and yellows- its reflection on the water just as breathtaking and you felt at ease in its beauty.

“I never get tired of this sight,” you said as you grabbed the metal railings and leaned down to stretch your hamstrings, loosening your tense chords and muscles.

“Me neither,” he put an arm around your waist, pulling you closer to him. You both had seen the same sunrise numerous times before, but with each passing day, you began to feel greedy.

“Hey babe,” his clear voice interrupted your thoughts.


“This sunrise belongs to us, doesn’t it?”

he smiled and placed a soft, warm kiss on your lips. You couldn’t help but agree.


When he’s away:

Everything that could have gone wrong went wrong. You were late to work, the presentation was a flop because technology had decided to fail you, you forgot your lunch, and your boyfriend wasn’t home yet. You didn’t blame him for being gone late, it comes with the job, but you just so desperately wanted to feel his prescence, so you called him.

“Hey,” he answered, panting, breaths heavy. You could hear their newest song playing in the background, and it was verly likely they were all taking a short break.

“Jungkook,” you replied sounding a bit needier than what you wanted to. “Will you be home soon?”

“Sorry Y/n,” his warm voice alone was enough to soothe you despite his apologetic annswer. “You know how close we are to our comeback,”

“I know…” you mumbled and he must have picked up your annoyed tone as he asked you if everything was alright. “Yes…it was just a long day at work,” you scrunched your nose, and let out a sigh.

“Babe,” you couldn’t head the music anymore, just his voice and now, soft breathing. “Do you know what’s going ti happen when you wake up tomorrow morning?”

“…what?” You asked sheepishly and he chuckled. It wasn’t like you to act this meekly, but after today you found it hard to be tough.

“You’ll wake up in my manly arms, hugging you close, that’s what.” He was far away but you could feel the sweet, playfulness in his voice. “And most importantly, I’ll give you a kiss right on the lips.”

“…but I want one now,” your voice was a whisper. You knew it wouldn’t happen, but you wanted one anyway.

“Well…“he pondered for a moment, then spoke again. “Close your eyes then, baby,” and you did as he kissed you through the phone.


When he’s playing a game:

“Hey Jungkook,” you sweetly purred his name, as you ran your hand up and down his thigh. He didn’t react so you pressed your lips against his neck, continuing to stroke his thigh but this time, running your hands closer to his crotch.

“I’m in the middle of a game, Y/n,” he responded, covering the headset microphone to make sure noone could hear. You knew he liked his games, but you also knew he liked sex more. He wouldn’t turn you down.

“Just turn it off,” you breathed against his ear and moved onto his lap, grinding down on him. You knew he couldn’t resist as he was already hard under you.

“Fine baby,” he finally caved, setting down the controller, lips crashing into yours, kissing you hard. His hands gripped at your hips, pressing you harder onto him and you moaned in pleasure at the contact. “Since you couldn’t wait,” he trust his hips, and licked his lips. “Why don’t I fuck you with the headset on so that everyone can hear the sweet sounds you make when you cum.”


R.I.P my soul. I know he’s an adult but I cannot with Jungkook. ANYWAY, to anyone who’s made it this far, I hope you like it and I will be finishing Bangtang Kisses with the other members this weekend/early next week so be patient if youe bias hasn’t popped up yet! Thank you~

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Black Hole Caught Devouring Star For An Entire Decade

“Normally lasting weeks or months, a new record has just been set for TDEs. XJ1500+0154, 1.8 billion light years away, is the largest, longest-lasting one ever seen. First detected in July of 2005, the X-rays from this distant source brightened by a factor of 100 over 3 years. They remain bright even today. Although dozens of TDEs have been observed since the 1990s, none have lasted this long. It may be caused by the most massive star ever observed creating a TDE.”

When any object passes too close to the event horizon of a black hole, the tidal forces acting on it can become so strong that they’ll tear the entire object apart in a spaghettification disaster. While most of the matter will get ejected from the encounter, a significant fraction can be accreted, absorbed and used to fuel the black hole’s growth. These tidal disruption events have been seen numerous times since the launch of our X-ray observatories, and are now known to come in a wide variety of magnitudes, at a variety of distances and to last a variable amount of time. So when you see the largest, longest-lasting one ever, you sit up and take notice! That’s exactly what’s happened with XJ1500+154, which is now in its second decade of X-ray signals.

Come get the full story on this amazing object, and learn how it might solve the puzzle of supermassive black hole growth on today’s Mostly Mute Monday!

NCT hyung line reaction to seeing you naked for the first time


Anon: Hey~ I was wondering if I could request something plz? (^o^)v How would NCT react when they see their GF/BF naked for the first time? (You know like if they’ve been in a close relationship for a while now and stuff.) Thank you, and please continue writing so amazingly!! (*´ω`*)

Thank you for requesting! Hope this is okay! I didn’t make it smutty or anything like that - it’s more fluffy and cutest than anything else but I’ll still put it under the cute just in case. Hope you like it❤️

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Crash Landing (Part Three/?)

Peter Parker X Reader

Word Count: 2122

Part One Part Two Part Three

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A/N: I’m ever so sorry that this has taken so long, but here is part three, a little longer than the other parts. The places in this story are all real! I researched them and everything. Sorry if the spacing is weird, I was using Google Docs. On a side note, I do love all of my aunts. And I actually did take a self-defence martial arts class from six to eleven.

(not my gif)

“Relax! Relax, it’s me! Spider-Man!”

Mouth dropping open in shock and relief, you froze. Then reality shook you back into action.

“What were you thinking?” Stepping forward you slapped his shoulder. “Don’t do that ever again or, so help me, I will beat you up. Spider-Man or not.”

“Really?” The amusement in his voice irritated you.

“I’m not playing around, Spider-Boy,” you said dangerously, stepping up to him. “I’ll put you in the freaking ground.”

Your noses were an inch apart, but Spider-Man stepped even closer to you.
“I’d like to see you try.”

As the last word left his lips, you grabbed his wrist and pinned it to his back. He leaned forward with the force, unknowingly making it harder for himself. You sprawled out a hand against his lower back, pushing him with enough vigour to make him drop to the floor, sprawled out on the grimy ground. He groaned; his mask was slightly askew so that you could see his mouth.

“Just a little taste,” you smirked as he sat up slowly.

“Where did you learn to do that?” There was no mistaking the surprise in his tone.

“Parents made me take a self-defence class from ages six to eleven, to be exact.” You bowed sarcastically.

Spider-Man’s mouth hung open in awe. “First you can make the world’s best coffee and now you prove yourself to be a total badass! Is there anything you can’t do?”

“Well, I can’t do a forward roll, for starters and –” You paused. “’World’s best coffee’? What do you mean? As far as I know, Spider-Man has never been into The Grind before.”

Spider-Man pulled his mask down and giggled nervously. “What? I never said that…” He stood suddenly and turned slightly. “Well, I’ve got to, um, save the world and stuff, so –”

“No, wait –”

He waved once and whipped away, leaving you to stew in confusion. Resting your hand on the café’s back door handle, you didn’t look back as you stepped inside.

Peter didn’t come by early or at all the next day, which made you uneasy. Had you been too harsh telling him to go home yesterday? Had you screwed up his coffee? As cliché as it was, over the very few days you’d known him, you liked him. You weren’t sure if it was just friendly, but still. You’d spent your whole life criticising people who acted like this, and here you were, exactly the same. What a hypocrite.

Peter was an incredibly pretty guy, inside and out. Literally the purest person you’d ever met; gentle and kind. Ready to help no matter what. He was too good to be true.

A few weeks passed. Then a couple of months. You felt sick almost all the time, wondering what you had done which was so bad.

Winter came and went. Spring began. You vowed to make this a new beginning. No more Peter. No more dreaming.

Still antsy and upset over Peter’s sudden disappearance, you spilled Chet’s order, drenching Chet, yourself and the new napkins which had come in that morning. So, you weren’t exactly in your Aunt’s good books. (Were you ever?)

“(Y/N), if you don’t get your crap together, I’m talking to your mom,” she said tauntingly as she patronisingly squinted at you. “And I’m not going to be as nice this time.”

You rolled your eyes. “Do it! I’m getting below minimum wage anyway. Might as well go and work at freaking McDonalds.”

She scowled and trooped off into her ‘office’. (It was really more of a broom cupboard.) (What kind of narcissist needed an office in a freaking coffee shop, anyway?) Seeing her disappear and leave you to it made your blood boil. You had had enough.

Storming after her, you stuck your foot in the doorframe, stopping her from slamming the door, one of her favourite things to do. Elbowing the door to the side, you leant against the door frame.

“You know what?” You threw up your hands in frustration. “I quit. See you at Thanksgiving.”

She let out a surprised noise and you unceremoniously slammed the door behind you. Hurriedly you gathered your things before your Aunt could come out and publicly yell at you. You also made sure to quickly spill some black coffee outside her office door. Hurtling to the front of the café, you ran into a customer, a regular you thought, who asked where you were going. You ignored them, budging past to burst out into the open street.

And then you walked.

You walked and walked and walked and walked. The anger fuelled you; it didn’t look like you would be stopping anytime soon. Despite the little sun and the grey skies, your skin prickled with sweat.

Eventually, you stumbled your way into Queens Center Mall, moving speedily to the escalators and stepping off at Level 3. Following the steady stream of excited kids, you slipped into Build-A-Bear, trying to look inconspicuous. Oddly, the colours and cute clothes calmed you, and you let out a deep breath you hadn’t realised you’d been holding. Perusing the wide selection, you picked out a pale-yellow bear, had him stuffed and named him Rover. Then you made your way to the clothes section. You smiled, almost laughed.

Right in the middle of your line of vision? A Spider-Man t-shirt and leggings. You recalled the odd encounter you’d had with Spider-Man a few months prior and your stomach did an odd, sad flip.

Grabbing the tiny clothes anyway, you raced to the checkout, paid and rushed outside, finding a bench to sit on. Pulling off the tags, you began pulling the shirt over the bear’s head. Then you moved onto the leggings. Trying to stuff the bear feet-first into them, you suddenly became aware of how odd you must look to everyone else. You put a bit more effort in, attempting to work fast. A shadow passed over you and then hung there.

“Nothing to see here,” you said tiredly. “Just a girl – a girl trying to squeeze a bear’s over-sized legs into some leggings.” The shadow chuckled.

“(Y/N)? Are you body-shaming a Build-A-Bear?”

Your head shot up in surprise. Peter was standing there, arms folded, watching you with a very obvious look of amusement. Self-consciously you clutched Rover to your stomach, one of his legs only half inside the leggings.

“Oh, Peter,” you tried to flip your hair nonchalantly over your shoulder and caught some in your mouth, losing the little dignity you had left. Your insides prickled at the sight of him. So much for getting over him. “Didn’t expect to see you here! You come here often?” You winked.

Peter looked taken aback for a second, then his smile widened and he looked away for a second, scratching his nose. “Shouldn’t you be at work?”





You shrugged. “Nothing is real, Peter,” you said solemnly, then promptly burst into a shaky fit of laughter. Peter looked incredibly confused. You sighed. “I quit.”

Peter’s eyes widened, but he nodded slowly, understanding. He’d seen your Aunt yell at you  numerous times, despite only having started going to The Grind.

Peter held out a hand and when you took it, he hauled you up. Gently he took Rover from you, and began walking away. He looked over his shoulder, signalling for you to follow him. So, you did. Walking next to him, you watched as he easily fit the bear’s legs into the leggings, taking more care than you had. With a smirk, he turned to you and held Rover out with both hands. You scowled and took him back.

“Thank you,” you said sulkily.

“You’re welcome,” he cheerily replied. “I like the Spider-Man clothes.”

“Where are we going?”

“Well, I was going back into Center Mall. Ned wanted McDonald’s… Do you wanna come with?”

Yes, please.”

Weaving back through the mall, Peter placed his hand on the small of your back, gently guiding you, even though he probably knew that you knew the way. But it felt nice.

Eventually you saw the glowing sign, and squeezed in to restaurant. Peter assured you that he didn’t need any help, so you sat in a booth and waited for him. You watched as he ordered an incredible amount of food, laughing when he attempted to carry five paper bags and two paper cup holders. Rushing forwards, you grabbed as much as you could, earning a very grateful look from Peter. Your stomach nervously fluttered, making you grimace.

Steadily walking out of the restaurant, you turned to Peter.

“You said you didn’t need any help!” You shook your head, smiling. “Where are we taking this?”

“Just to Hoffman Park,” Peter mumbled, looking at his watch. “Like, six minutes.”

“What are you guys doing in Hoffman?”

“Ned re-wired this remote-control car thing and we wanted to try it out but Aunt May wouldn’t let us do it in our apartment.” He sighed. “But we tried it in there anyway, and broke, like… two plates? So, now we’re trying it out here, because there’s more space. Then we’re going to look for some new plates for Aunt May.”

“And so the moral of the story is…” you prompted.

“Uh… Listen to your elders?”

“Not even close,” you grinned. It didn’t feel forced; it felt as though you’d never been apart. “The moral of the story is: either be a pro at whatever stupid crap you’re doing, or be a pro at covering up when you mess up your stupid crap.”

Peter nodded solemnly. “You’re probably right,” he sighed.

You walked in comfortable silence until you reached Hoffman Park’s gate. As you both entered, Ned came hurtling towards both of you. He practically attacked you, tugging the bags from your grip. You shrieked, both of you falling over onto a patch of nearby grass. Ned immediately sat up and began asking questions.

“Peter, did you get a Happy Meal? And a fruit bag? Peter! They’ve got Spider-Man toys in now! Please tell me you got a Happy Meal!” You sat up and brushed yourself off, Ned gasping in realisation. “You’re not Peter…”

“I’ve got your Happy Meal here,” Peter shook one of the bags mockingly and sat down on the grass between you and Ned.

“Who’s this?” Ned wiggled his eyebrows, seeming to forget the fact he’d just flattened you.

“This – This is (Y/N).” Peter pointed at you awkwardly.

“’Sup, girl?” Ned wiggled his eyebrows, and the two of you burst into peals of laughter.

Three hours later, and you’d exhausted several topics of conversation with the two boys. The food was almost finished, apart from a few large fries and Peter’s Happy Meal. Stuffed and happy, you and Ned lay stretched out on the grass, your head in Peter’s lap, asking random questions.

“Who’s your favourite superhero?” Ned asked.

“Spider-Man,” you said, too quickly.

Peter abruptly choked on his milkshake, wheezing to the side, trying to avoid coughing over you. Ned began hysterically laughing. You watched them both, concerned. When he stopped, you nervously slid a hand through his. He looked down at your entwined hands and smiled, then turned back to Ned to answer his question.

“Spider-Man is pretty cool,” he said tensely, though with a smirk.

Ned nodded seriously, still trying not to laugh, looking between you two. “So, you guys are going out, right?”


“You’re not? Well, you should be. I could see you guys walking from a distance, all cute and stuff.”

Peter looked at you, utterly mortified and embarrassed, trying to mutter an apology. Your face broke apart in a grin. He was so cute. Ned had a point. You turned to him and laughed.

“You’re right!” You stood and mockingly bowed to Peter, shaking a little. “Peter, dear, would you… Would you accompany me on a date?”

Peter spluttered, staring at you, mouth wide. “You’re – You’re kidding, right?”

“I’m not.” You smiled gently. “So, what do you say?”

Still shocked, Peter continued to gape at you. Ned took the wheel.

Dude.” He rolled his eyes at Peter, exasperated. “He says yeah, (Y/N).”

Peter nodded frantically. “Yeah!”

Your smile widened, and you stood to leave. Remembering you still had one of The Grind’s Sharpies, you fished it out of your pocket and knelt down, uncapping it and sticking the lid in your mouth. You tenderly took Peter’s hand, pushing his sweater sleeve up his arm. Then, you scrawled your number across his forearm. Peter watched in excited silence.

Standing again, you took the lid from your mouth and recapped the pen. You threw it to Ned, who caught it easily.

“Keep it,” you grinned and he smiled back. Then you turned to Peter, your smile widening impossibly.

“You better go all-out on this date, (Y/N),” Peter twinkled. “I want roses. I want to be swept off of my feet.”

“You bet your ass I’m going all out,” you beamed, waving your hands about. “The works.”

The both of you goofily grinned at each other before Ned made a disgusted noise, pulling you out of your daze. You mimicked him, told Peter you’d call, then bounced away, a new spring in your step. When you reached outside the gate, you clenched your fists, ecstatic.

Yes!” you exclaimed, fisting the air several times, making several people around you stare quizzically. Mouthing an apology, you rushed off down the street.

You had a date to plan.

Who’s Bed

(gif credit to the creator)

Pairing: Dean x Reader
Song: Who’s Bed Have Your Boots Been Under - Shania Twain
Word Count: 1,586
Warnings: language, drinking, smut
A/N: This is my entry for @leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid & @kitchenwitchsuperwhovian ‘s Diva’s of Storytelling challenge! My song was the song listed above and it’s one of my favorites and to me it just screams Dean. Hope you guys like it! Anyway, feedback for this is awesome! :)

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Imagine being in a relationship with your teacher Dean Winchester.

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“Alright, and don’t forget that if the assignments are not ready and on my desk by the end of the week it’s an official- fail.” he said the word with such a pleased grin that wanted to make you giggle and feel terrified at the same time. He just loved messing with his students it was very much obvious.

You bit your lip to keep the grin from spreading on your face as you gathered your things. You took a look around you at the rest of the students as they all swarm out of the class as you were the only one that made your way to him “Uh proffesor can I ask you a few things about this part on norse mythology?” you asked tentatively as he held your gaze for a moment.

“Of course miss (Y/l/n).” he said, giving you a small smirk that had even the girls behind you giggling like schoolgirls as they exited.

“Goodbye Mr Winchester!” they all said in obnoxiously synchronized voices.

He didn’t even look up from the books you had laying on his desk and only waved a hand, mumbling a “Bye” to them.

“Is this the part that troubles you?” he asked pointing at a paragraph about Loki and you bit your lip, nodding as you tried not to get too carried away by how green his eyes looked under the sun light when he looked up at you through his eyelashes.

“Yeah” you mumbled, fidgeting with your hands as he was still bend over the book, reading it, as you took a look around you at the students still leaving; some taking their sweet time with it.

“You were amazing.” he breathed out and your head snapped to him, a frown setting on your face. You weren’t sure of what you heard or if he was talking to you in the first place. You didn’t say anything and he seemed to sense it.

“Last night.” he breathed out, his eyes roaming the book but he wasn’t obviously focused on it “You were amazing.” he said softly, peeking up at you with a small grin.

A smile started spreading on your lips and you parted your lips to speak but stopped yourself when more students passed behind you, saying goodbye to your professor, so you suppressed it and Dean looked back down at the book again. You bit your lip, hesitating before you spoke.

“No more so than you.” you whispered, eyes on the book too “Couldn’t stop thinking about all of it all the morning.” you confessed and saw a grin slowly spread on his face, this time he was unable to hide it.

“Bullshit” he mumbled, trying to brush it off but the boyish smile on his face told you otherwise.

You wanted to laugh at him but you bit your lip to keep yourself from doing so. Instead you cleared your throat, looking from the corner of your eye at the students that were still exiting, some having a chat amongst them which was starting to annoy you.

“It’s this part about him and Thor that I do not understand Mr Winchester.” you pointed at the book, him looking at you then following your gaze at the rest of the students that were still leaving.

“Oh it’s quiet easy, don’t worry I’ll explain.” he said with a small smile, words mostly void as the both of you were focusedon the students that were still there.

“Hey kids, if you don’t have something to ask then mind leaving? I’m trying to explain something here.” he pointed at the book and they nodded their heads as they walked towards the door which they luckily closed behind them.

Silence fell for only a few seconds, both you and Dean looking at the door for a while. IT had become a habit anymore, as much as the both of you wanted to jump right into each other’s arms you needed to be careful- Or at least you did. Because he didn’t even wait a split second anymore and walked around his desk and grabbed you, lifting you up in the air; eliciting a squeal from you.

“D-Dean!” you giggled as his only laughter warmed your heart.

“Gosh” he breathed out, voice rough “I love it when you call me by my first name.” he breathed out, hands around your waist now as he set you down; squeezing you.

“Really?” you smirked softly “Because I clearly remember someone that looked a lot like you teasing me and ordering me to call him professor and Mr Winchester all night just a week ago.” you said slyly and he scoffed, rolling his eyes.

He gave you a dark look as he grabbed your thighs and wrapped your legs around his waist, your own arms wrapping around his shoulders to steady yourself. Oh boy you knew that look so well.

You had seen it numerous times and every one of them it had your heart racing and your face heating up. The things this man could do to you with only one look was impossible to understand. But that was just a side of him. The other one you got to see more often was the gentle and playful one. He had such a bright smile and was always so soft with you that he didn’t have to try hard to win your heart over.

That along with the cheesy comments and jokes as well as cute pick up lines had you melting for him. It didn’t help at all that the looks he sent you during lesson had you biting your lip, or the small notes he’d pass to you along with your assignments were the cutest ones ever. He tried to be subtle about it but you were sure the looks you shared, him all flirtyand cute when he stuttered, and you all shy and unsure sometimes could give out everything Even if it had been hard for you at first, the guilt almost eating you up on the inside every day, he had made you see the bright side. He made you realize that what you two had was not wrong and you should enjoy it.

He was your professor yes but when it was just the two of you, you forgot all about it. He had tried so many times, when you weren’t hiding at least or trying to ran away because you spotted someone you knew in public, and you were mostly at his place he’d be the sweetest boyfriend. You teased him for being a softie and he pretended to hate it but you couldn’t love anything more than the fact that he’d get up early in the morning, despite his sleepiness, to cook breakfast and bring it to bed for you.

“What was that sweetheart?” he asked in a low gruff voice “Complaining?”

“N-no, no!” you rushed to say, your voice coming out as squeaky “I’m- I’m not Mr Winchester.” your eyes were wide as he made you sit on his desk.

“Really? Because it sounds an awful lot like that to me.” he let a small growl as his face got closer to yours.

“M-Mr-” you didn’t have time to utter another a feat of giggles and laughter left your lips when he decided to attack your sides with his fingers and the crook of your neck with butterfly kisses; his small scruff tickling you all the more.

“No, D-Dean!” you tried to keep yourself from screaming although your voice did raise slightly “P-please no, please!”

“Gosh” he breathed out in a rough voice, pulling away to look at you “I love this laugh so fucking much.” his eyes were glistening, laced with adoration that made your heart swell inside your chest.

“And I love it when you smile.” you confessed in a low voice and he grinned more, resting his forehead against yours.

“With you in my life-” his lips brushed past yours “It’s impossible not to baby.” he pressed butterfly kisses to them, making you sigh in content.

“Even during class?” you asked in between kisses and he hummed.

“All the time, princess. Especially when you wear tight black jeans like these.” he squeezed your thighs, making you grin softly.

“I was going to wear a skirt but-” you sighed as his lips moved to your jaw line and then neck “You left too many marks from, and even if its been three days they haven’t disappeared yet.”

“Mhm sorry about that.” he whispered and you smiled to yourself.

“Come on professor, we both know you’re not.” you whispered and he pulled away with a smile.

“You’re right- I’m not.” and he attacked your lips with his, kissing you hungrily as in the meantime with one swift movement he pushed away, throwing practically to the floor, everything that was on his desk; helping you in laying there.

“Gotta show those boys you’re not available.” he mumbled into your skin.

“I’m not some piece of meat.” you mumbled and he pulled away to look at you sincerely in the eyes.

“I know.” he rubbed your cheek with his thumb “They need to understand it though.”

You couldn’t help a small smile at his words, mostly because you knew he was being honest. Just because you couldn’t be open about your relationship didn’t mean Dean wasn’t possessive or wouldn’t defend you every chance he got. If anything, he used his power as a teacher most of the time to make any guy’s that looked at you like some possession life a living hell.

“I love it when you get possessive professor.” you smiled and he grinned more seductively as he pressed himself closer to you, making you gasp instantly.

“Wait-” you glanced at the door “What if someone walks in?”

“Nobody will, lessons are over for the day.” he mumbled and without another word dominated your lips with his, kissing you hungrily. It almost felt like the previous night had not happened because of how much you craved of each other.

But then again, that’s how it always was. Be it the fact that this was a forbidden relationship and you had to sneak out every time you wanted to be together or the fact that to you Dean was perfect in every possible way, and so were you to him, you could hardly stay away from him for a moment.

You couldn’t help a small moan as his hands roamed your body, squeezing everything he could get a hold of, and making you whimper beneath him as his hands practically left you a hot mess. You fisted the back of his white button-up shirt as his tie tickled you when it touched the exposed part of your chest.

“D-Dean” your voice trembled as his hot tongue teased your soft spot “Are we- really- in here- now?” you couldn’t form a proper sentence from how breathless he had you with those lips of his.

“Oh didn’t I make it obvious?” he pulled away, looking down at you and your, you were absolutely sure, deep red face. Shirt half unbuttoned and hair a mess already.

“This is my classroom, sweetheart, I think it should be only right for me to teach you a few things, right?” he grinned down at you and you bit your lip.

“Wh-what things?” he always had you so exited before he could do something really. Just like now, when he was only taking off his already lose tie and slowly undoing the first buttons of his white shirt.

“Oh you will see, baby. You will see.”

Nothing gives a better sense of Tessa and Scott’s unbelievable accomplishments throughout their career so far than this picture taken from their Wikipedia page. I keep going back to the fact that I still haven’t came across any other skater at any of the 4 disciplines who accomplished anything close to their accomplishments. Whatever happen next season, this legacy is undeniable. 

Cold: Peter Parker

Word Count: 1.8k

Warning(s): Y/N is a little… cold in this one, but I swear I’m part two she gets better. Also, I’m a mega GOT fan, so there is reference to the show

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Request: Hi! Can you make Peter Parker x Reader where the reader is Tony’s cousin and she’s with X-Men and she meets Peter and he gets super excited but she kinda hates him because she feels that Tony cares about him more & he’s the only family member that she has that’s until Peter tells her that he loves her & she asks him why and he tells her that Tony talks about her all the time & how strong she is (her powers are Telekinesis and Pyrokinesis & she’s more on the serious side)

A/N: This. I got so excited when this request came in. I had to properly sit down, and write down all the ideas I had for this and I just got so very  excited. I hope you enjoy it, I tweaked the details a little.

“You’ll finally meet him officially later today. The kid’s a bit energetic and talks enough to put me to shame, but he’s definitely got skills.” Tony said as they walked into the kitchen. Y/N rolled her eyes as she strolled to the fridge to grab a yogurt. She had heard so much about Tony’s protégé—Peter Parker—she felt like she already knew the guy. She had seen him around numerous times before, and maybe felt a little something for the boy, but along with that little something, which she also had yet to admit she felt to herself, she harbored a bit of hatred, and jealousy for him. Tony was Y/N’s only remaining close family. He was her cousin, but he felt more like an older brother to her and she more like a younger sister to him. Y/N felt like Peter was slowly snatching Tony away from her. And for her to feel jealous and some hate was certainly justified.
Although she was only fifteen years of age, Y/N had quite the complicated history.

Her family had been cruelly taken from her when she was at the tender age of five, and she was forced to live with her miserable grandmother from her father’s side of the family until she passed of old age when Y/N was ten years old. Y/N was more on the serious side, and didn’t appreciate jokes as often as Tony liked her to, though she hadn’t always been that way. Before her family had been so brutally taken from her, she once possessed the sweetest, bubbliest spirit in the entirety of her home. But the day after the fire that so mercilessly burned her family alive, Y/N forgot how to smile. She forgot how to laugh. She forgot how to be happy, and living with her insufferable grandmother did not better remedy this.

Tony was Y/N’s only real connection to herself. He was the reason Y/N still felt feelings, and the reason Y/N didn’t lose control of herself. To see a boy named Peter come in and slowly take that from her awoke a defensive lion deep within her. She didn’t want Tony to forget her. She didn’t want to be replaced by this… random boy who remained still so very naïve to the cruelty of the world.
“All right kiddo. We’re gonna do a bit of training once your done with that yogurt. I want to see how much you’ve improved since the last time.” Y/N had discovered her abilities by mistake. She discovered her ability to move things with her mind when she accidentally willed a glass of water to fall off the counter into the counter and her pyrokinesis when she nearly burned down one of the floors in the tower. At the time, Y/N didn’t know the extent of her own powers, and neither did Tony. So everyday, they would go down to a part of the training room built just for Wanda and Y/N to test the extents of her abilities for a while. Until Y/N got the offer to join the X-Men. They saw her at work once, and knew she’d be a real asset to their team. Tony allowed it, but only if she continued to stay at the tower with him. At the current moment, Y/N was taking some time off from fighting crime with the group to just be a person. And it just so happened that during the same time she was taking her break, Peter was coming to spend a week at the tower so Tony could do some extra training with him, and perhaps teach him some new moves to better improve his ability to fight.

“Is it a must? I mean, do we absolutely have to? Tony, I hold my own on the field. And I’m improving everyday.”

“Not while you sit on your ass you aren’t.”

“You’re humorously dramatic.” Y/N stated as she stood up from the stool to throw away the empty container and to put the spoon in the sink.

“Hurry up and get changed. I wanna get this done before little Parker gets here.”

“I think we’re good for today. You really have improved, wow.”

“I told you.” Y/N said as she walked out of the training room and walked into the hallway.

“Peter’s here.”

“Remind me again why he’s spending ten days here?”

“For a fun, smashing slumber party. of course.” Tony’s voice dripped heavily with sarcasm.

“Don’t be a smart ass.” Y/N countered back.

“Actually, he’s here because you’re going to train him.”

“Sorry, could you restate that for me? I seem to have misheard you.”

“Oh, you didn’t mishear me. You’re going to train Peter in hand to hand combat.”

“Why me, again?”

“You have some of the best hand to hand combat skills I’ve seen. I think he could benefit from your skills.” Y/N already held some hatred for the boy, and now she was going to spend ten days training the idiot? They walked the rest of the way to the entrance of the building in silence, but as they approached Peter, Tony made sure to remind Y/N to be nice.

“Me? Nice? Always.” Y/N answered back sarcastically.

“Ah, Peter. Welcome to my humble abode.”

“Thank you so much for this opportunity, Mr. Stark.” Tony nodded his head and then moved to introduce Y/N.

“Peter, this is Y/N. Y/N, this is Peter.”

“Hi, I’m-I’m-I’m Peter. It’s-it’s nice to finally meet you. I mean you’re really cool, and I’ve seen you around before but to actually get to like meet you is amazing and I’m rambling.” Y/N wanted to be annoyed, she did. But she found him to be kind of… cute. Not liking the fact that she didn’t in fact find Peter annoying, she simply nodded her head and turned on her heel.

“Was it something I said?” Y/N heard Peter ask Tony.

“She’ll warm up to you. Just give her some time.” Tony answered back.

Peter had been at the tower for three days. He’d learned quite a bit from Y/N so far, but he knew he had a lot more to learn. With all the time he had spent with her, he’d come to notice that Y/N was quite intense. She had a very sarcastic, and dry sense of humor, though she never smiled, or laughed. She could be kind, or moderately kind, and she could be cold too. Yet somehow, he still felt oddly drawn to her.

And Y/N was not okay with the way she would feel around Peter. She could feel herself growing more and more attached to him, and she had no idea why. On one end, she wanted to hate him for slowly taking Tony away from her, but on the other, there was something about Peter that was endearing. Watching Peter fall on his ass while attempting a new move was funny enough to cause the shadow of a smile to ghost across her lips.

It was two thirty in the morning, and Y/N couldn’t sleep. She found her mind kept going back to thoughts of Peter. She knew exactly what it was, she was starting to like him. Although he was a little energetic and more talkative than Y/N would like of most people, she found that someway, somehow, she enjoyed his company. And she somewhat enjoyed training him as well. And that was not okay with her. That to her meant emotional vulnerability. It meant growing attached and dependent upon another individual, two things she had sworn away. Emotional attachment was vulnerability, and vulnerability was chance to strike.

She tossed in her bed, sleep completely evaded her until she finally decided it was no use trying any further. With irritation, she threw the blankets off of her body and walked out of her room and into the living room. She figured an episode or two of Game of Thrones or perhaps Supernatural would take her mind off of her troubles. She plopped herself in her favorite spot on the sofa and turned the television on.

While Y/N had struggled to find sleep, so had Peter. He turned to stare at the digital clock. 03:12. Maybe he needed to eat something? Peter threw the covers off of his body and as quietly as possible walked to the kitchen, until he noticed the flashing of lights in the main room. He walked as quietly as possible to the room to find Y/N seated comfortably on the couch. She was so focused on the display on the television, she hadn’t even noticed Peter entering.
“Game of Thrones? I love that show.” Peter commented as he forgot about his initial intent and walked to sit beside Y/N on the couch. She jumped at the sound of his voice and glared at him as he sat a few inches away.

“Don’t do that to me. I was this damn close to throwing a ball of fire at you. And it wouldn’t have tickled either.” Y/N said coldly as she turned back towards the screen on the television. She was no longer paying attention to the screen, but rather to the fact that she actually cared if she were to accidentally injure Peter.

She cared.

Again, this alarmed her. What is happening to you? Y/N asked herself.

“Who’s your favorite character?” Peter asked. Y/N forced her mind out of its distracted state and answered his question.

“Daenerys.” Y/N answered back simply.

“I like her too. But my favorite is Tyrion.”

“I find his sense of humor to be quite funny, actually.” Peter looked over at Y/N and noticed the slightest smile on her lips, almost like a ghost. They watched the episodes together, mostly in silence. Y/N felt so at ease with Peter. He was seated a little close to her, something that traditionally would bother her, but for some reason, not with Peter. She felt more comfortable and secure, if anything.

Tony had been correct, Y/N was undoubtedly warming up to Peter.

A/N: I swear, there will be a part two and I’ll actually post it today, but that all depends on how well this part does 👀

Kitchen Talk (one-shot)

Mabel is feelin’ mischievous, Stan makes pancakes, and Dipper had a rough night. Just a quick lil’ fluff fic.

Mabel ran around the kitchen, gleefully gathering ingredients for her Grunkle. Flour was found in one cabinet, and sugar in the next. She piled the various bags and containers on the counter next to Stan’s mixing bowl.

“I found the eggs!” she said in a sing song voice, gently tossing them at him. Stan moved quick to catch them, managing to recover two in one hand.

“Whoa there, careful sweetie! This ain’t the supermarket aisle.”

Mabel rocked back and forth on her feet, grinning sweetly with an almost concerning glint of mischief in her eye. “Just checking your reflexes. Don’t worry, you’re doing great for a person of your age!”

“A person of my… hey!” Stan barked in mock indignation, shaking his spatula at her. “Are you calling me old, you lil’ gremlin? Huh? You callin’ your Grunkle Stan old?”

Mabel let out a joyous giggle as he caught her in his arms and gave the top of her head a noogie. Her legs dangled above the ground, kicking at air and coming dangerously close to Stan’s ankles.

“Hey kid, hey, hey, careful where you’re kickin’! I may be an ancient bag of bones, but I still need those joints. And how ‘bout you do me a favor and wake up Ford for breakfast, huh?”

Mabel shot her hand to her head in a mock salute. “Aye, aye, captain!”

He set Mabel down and watched her skip out of the kitchen, down the hall to the room where Ford slept. He couldn’t help but let a smile stretch over his lips, watching his great niece. She was a real sweet kid- crazy, but sweet. Humming in content, he returned to the stove top and began mixing batter for some of his world famous Stancakes. He threw a pinch of nutmeg and cinnamon into the mix, one of his little secrets. As he was beginning to pour the first bit of batter into the frying pan, he heard soft little footsteps slowly enter the doorway behind him.

“Mornin’ Dipper,” he said without turning his head. He knew far too well there was only one twin in this shack who woke up with such a low drive of energy to match the sheer crawl of those footfalls he heard.

The kid only yawned in response, and promptly collapsed half asleep into a chair. Stan watched with amusement as he dropped his head against the table, producing a solid clunk. Dipper’s hair was a matted rat nest, and he simply looked exhausted. Poor kid.

“No sleep last night, huh?” he asked, glancing between the boy and the pancake slowly browning on the griddle. “You up late readin’ again? I know you like your books kid, but you need ta stop makin’ that a habit. I mean, one insomniac in the house is bad enough,” he said with a slight chuckle. 

He glanced towards Dipper. For a moment there was no response. The kid just kept laying there. Motionless. Sweet Moses, was he okay? Worry creased his brow.

“Dipper? Hey. You alive there, kid?”

“I wasn’t reading,” he mumbled in response, not lifting his head from his arms.

“Then what-”

Dipper shifted uncomfortably, lifting his head up enough for Stan to see the dark rings around his eyes.

“Nightmare,” he said matter-of-factly.

Oh. Oh. Of course.

“M'sorry, kid. D'ya wanna talk about it?” He flipped the pancake over, salivating a little when it sizzled.

“Mm, not really.”

“Does Mabel know?”

“Didn’t wanna upset her.”

Stan leaned back against the counter, watching his great nephew for a second. The kid absentmindedly picked at his shirt, his eyes unfocused. His motor movements were sluggish. Running on next to nothing. Stan recognized the look on his face- it was on he’d seen reflected in the mirror numerous times over the past thirty years after waking up from terrors, visions of his brother alone in some god forsaken wilderness. Visions of Ford starving, strafed by wounds, at death’s door. Even though he may not know exactly what haunted Dipper, he could make a pretty good guess. He could tell this kid needed some time to rest today, some time spent away from town and any reminders of what had happened.

He took the first fully cooked Stancake off the stove, and poured some new batter into the pan.

“Hey, how 'bout we stay in today instead of going to the lake?” he offered, hoping Dipper would give him some positive response. “Watch some movies? You and Ford could play that nerd game of yours, whatever you want.”

“I’d like that,” the kid muttered, a corner of his lip curling into a half smile.

Stan continued to cook for the next few minutes in comfortable silence, letting the boy rest. The plate of Stancakes multiplied quickly, and soon a stack of twelve sat as the centerpiece of the kitchen table, surrounded by plates and utensils and a questionable carton of orange juice that was probably a few days past the sell-by date. The scent of pancakes carried the other two twins through the doorway, Mabel riding gleefully on Ford’s back.

The four took their places at the table, beginning another morning together as a family. An odd family unit they were, but Stan supposed that only made more sense, living in such an odd place as Gravity Falls.

Secrets & Betrayal

Requested by @fallenfairy16

Note: I started typing this up as soon as I read your message - I am amazed at how quickly some ideas come to me sometimes lol! (hence the delay in actually replying to your message). Hope this answers your request!

Peter Pan x Reader

Words: 1020

Warnings: Nothing other than a small amount of unwanted advances.

You thought you had been careful, that no one would ever find out, but you hadn’t taken into consideration the fact that Tinkerbell had seen you numerous times. The ex-fairy was close to Pan, had always been trusted by him, so you were not surprised at all that she had gone running to him. She had always wanted him to like her. It was quite pathetic how much she ran to him actually.

There is no such thing as a secret.”

You are standing before Peter himself, in the camp that he had allowed you to stay in with his Lost Boys, but instead of wandering it freely as you once did you find yourself tied to a tree with rope that he had made appear out of nowhere with a simple wave of his hand. The look in his eyes is the darkest you have ever seen and given that you have seen him mad on more than one occasion this is definitely something new and something rather terrifying for you too.

You have seen first-hand what he was capable of when he was angry.

“I have never had many rules on this island [y/n], you know that, but what was the FIRST thing I said to you when I gave you a home here?”

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Paper Hearts (Part 6)

Originally posted by tbhobi

Genre: Angst/fluff

♡ Pairing: Reader x Jungkook

♡ Length: 3.2k

♡ Summary: It has been nearly a year since you started writing anonymous letters to Jungkook, giving him words of encouragement behind the thin mask of a paper. He never considered you as a possible suspect behind these letters, because you were nothing more than a best friend. And you couldn’t put all the blame on him either, after all, you were too afraid to confess in fear of tarnishing your precious friendship.

Part 1 ♡ Part 2  ♡ Part 3   Part 4   Part 5   Part 6  Part 7

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Disclaimer:  Gordon Ramsay as represented in this fic is a representation of the exaggerated character he portrays on reality television, and is by no means meant to be Gordon Ramsay himself.

Gif source:  Gordon

Imagine being Gordon’s personal assistant and keeping your feelings for him to yourself, only to find out he’s been doing the same after he goes on a date with someone else to make you jealous.

——— Request for anon ———

He was your boss.

That alone was enough for you to think once, twice, and three times before ever making a move. Sure, Gordon flirted, but then again it was in that harmlessly ambiguous way that could easily be interpreted as friendliness, especially when paired with the numerous times you’d seen him treat other women in much the same way. It wasn’t as if you were dwelling on it, but when you organized and helped with nearly every aspect of of the man’s life, it was hard not to notice.

And if you said you hadn’t been feeling as if your balloon had been deflated after telling him a goodbye from the backseat of the taxi when you’d dropped him off at his place the night before, you’d be lying. Why? Well, because he had a date that he’d been sure to gush about all that day. Part of you, despite how awful it made you feel, hoped it didn’t work out with that supermodel he was taking to dinner. You supposed you would figure out when you reported back in to get him ready for the GQ photoshoot that was scheduled early in the day after.

“How did your date go, Gordon?” was that too eager? Either way, it was out there now, the first thing you’d said to him past your initial, “Good morning,” upon letting yourself into his place to find him grabbing his keys from a table, right on schedule per usual.

“Oh, she’s wonderful, of course,” Gordon flashes you a smile that, had you nod been preoccupied with internally screaming at his words, you would have pegged as fake.

“Oh,” you begin, manufacturing your own smile that could rival a Barbie doll in its stiffness as you lie, “that’s wonderful. I’m glad it worked out.”

“Are you really?” his smile drops immediately as you turn to lead him out of the home, open front door in your grip before his annoyed voice stops you, “Well, prepared to be disappointed, because that was a big fucking lie. She was boring. Beautiful, but the space between hear ears is vacant. Demanded we go to one of my restaurants, predictably.” Your eyes go wide as he goes on, the reason behind his mood changing so drastically in the span of seconds confusing you, “The date went horribly and I was glad to dump her out at her place afterwards. If I had spent the night with who I really wanted to be with, I’m sure it would have been a whole hell of a lot better.”

“Who did you want to be with, Gordon?” your breath catches in your throat as he steps closer, your grip on the doorknob tightening reflexively.

Gordon scoffs, face turning red as he runs a hand through his organized mess of hair, “How can you be so oblivious? I’ve wanted you for the longest time!”


Pairing: Kai Parker x Reader

Warnings: Nada

Word Count: 1068

Prompt Request: “71 , 53, & 1 with kai ? thank youuu :)” - @mooonshines

Malachai Parker has been your best friend for almost a year now and of course your brothers, Stefan and Damon were not okay with it at first. They even threatened to rip his heart out of his chest if he even thinks about laying a hand on you. But now that it’s been awhile that you’ve been best friends with him, they’re not as on edge as they see how much he genuinely cares about you.

You and Kai were having drinks and appetizers at the bar, cracking jokes and telling crazy stories about your past. Out of nowhere, your brothers make themselves known at the bar right beside you.

“Aw you guys are on a date? Cute.” Stefan joked before gesturing at the bartender to order his drink. You ignored your brother because you just weren’t in the mood. You hated being constantly teased about that. Kai, on the other hand, just smiled in amusement.

“You love birds.” Damon chimed in to tease you as well.

For gods sake, guys! We’re NOT dating.” You snapped.

“Mmhmm.” Stefan fake believed you. The bartender gave Stefan and Damon their drinks, then they both started on walking away to take their drinks to the pool table.

“Catch ya later, sis. Have fun on your date.” Damon clicked his tongue as he followed Stefan.

“I think they’re funny.” Kai added.

You and your best friend ended up drinking more than you planned. The two of you weren’t necessarily sloppy, just simply not having a filter and started saying whatever comes to mind.

There has been a mixture of music genres playing throughout the night at The Grill, but this time, slow dancing music started to play. Kai hopped off of the stool, holding his arm out straight towards you.

“What now?” You raised your brows in question.

“Dance with me, my bestest friend.” He nodded his head as a ‘come here’ motion. You didn’t move a muscle which Kai assumed meant no. “Come on! Don’t be lame.” With his fingers coming from the body that extended out, he used the ‘come here’ gesture again.

“Fine. Fine.” You wined and got up your feet.

Your right hand held his left and since your best friend is a lot taller than you, you rested your head on his chest and he rested his chin on the top of your head. The physical contact was so close that you could hear his heartbeat. It gave you a feeling of warmth.

Kai randomly sighed dramatically which gave you a feeling of confusing. “What Kai?” You asked.

“Feelings are hard. Really hard.” Malachai paused. “So yeah, like I just kinda want to tell you that no matter what, I’ll always protect you, Y/N.”

“Me too. You’re my best friend.” Even though it’s quite obvious, you still wanted to reassure him that he’s important to you.

Out of the blue, he lifted up your right hand and spun you around like a ballerina which caught you off guard, making you chuckle. Then, Kai pulled you in close again, but this time it was so that the two of you gazed into each others eyes.

Why, just why did this gesture slightly change your feelings for seeing him as just a friend to now something more? Was it the alcohol or have you always felt this deep down inside?

“I thought I just like you, but no.” He looked up at the ceiling as if there was someone up there. “I kept telling myself ‘no Kai it’s just more than that’.” He changed the tone of his voice as he’s mimicking himself and finally, the heretic looked back down at you. “So like-”

“Okay come on spill.” You already had an idea of where this was going, but Kai was just blabbering and all you wanted was for him to get straight to the point already.

“I love you okay?” He confessed. Your brothers heard because they were already using their vampire hearing to eavesdrop once they saw you and your best friend get way too close. They set their drinks down and watched from a distance.

“You what?” You were in disbelief and pulled away from him, taking a step back. From all of the goofy things you’ve done together this past year, those numerous times he’s seen you without makeup and when you were at your worst, he comes to confess that he loves you. You wondered how long he’s been feeling this way and questioned yourself if you even feel the same.

“Oh come on. You’re going to make me repeat myself while your brothers are standing right there ready to snap my neck.” Kai glanced at Stefan and Damon, then focused his gaze back at you.

“I’m sorry, I have to go.” You quickly glanced at your brothers, then grabbed your purse and jacket from the bar counter to leave the premises. Kai immediately aimed for your wrist, grasping it roughly to get your attention. It slightly alerted your brothers, making them take a step or two just in case anything goes down.

“Y/N please.” Kai begged. You’ve never seen him look so desperate.

“Honestly Kai. I just need some time to process this.”

“I’m not letting you go and we both know that you don’t want me to either. After everything we’ve been through.” Finally, he released his grip on your wrist and allowed you to walk out the door, not taking his eyes off of you as you’re leaving. Stefan followed after you to make sure you’re okay and Damon made his way towards Kai.

“What in god’s name is wrong with you, twat?” Damon snarled.

“Ha.” Kai fake laughed. “Like I have the time for you to belittle my sociopathic self.” He wasn’t in the mood to be around Damon, nor is he ever, so he shoved past him so that he can go outside and get some fresh air.

Right now, this environment reminded him too much of the good times he’s had with you. All he wanted was for you to say that you love him too. If not, it’ll break him because you mean too much to him. You were the one person he’s ever genuinely cared about. The one person he stopped killing for, but you need right now is to time to think and you’re hoping that Malachai Parker will have the patience for it.

anonymous asked:

i was wondering how long it took before they started shitting and degrading alec. "i hope alec suffers if he hits magnus as valentine. if it takes long for him to figure out, he never knew magnus, only his body." or "alec gave him the pet warlock treatment and it's his fault magnus is suffering". i'm livid. i loathe this fandom with a fiery passion

ohhh man there goes me wanting to be discourse free for 2b lol thanks pal UNDER THE CUT don’t read if you don’t like the discourse™ lmao

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Scandal -Mercy Review

This episode, I’m telling you. Scandal is so damn good right now, everything about it, is just perfectly played. The characters foiling one another, the disillusionment of power. Wonderful. I literally can’t get enough of scandal right now.

We start the episode with Olivia waking up, slightly disoriented and confused as to how she has found herself back at the White House but then she turns over and she sees him sleeping beside her. And suddenly it all makes senses. It wasn’t a dream, for one moment Olivia was granted this moment of bliss. The soft music playing in the background as Olivia watches Fitz sleep, this uninterrupted view of him, though it only lasted a minute it was everything gentle and warm that Olivia needed to feel and you can see that Olivia missed sleeping next to him. Can we imagine Olivia chocking back the tears as Fitz hands her the shirt that is only reserved for her. This symbolic moment of wearing something that belongs to him, it’s as though sleeping next to him wasn’t enough, and Fitz too has removed the physical barriers (his shirt) leaving himself open to Olivia so that she knows the sincerity of his heart and his truth. 

Originally posted by mrsfefeninja

The moment was simple but it was every bit meaningful. You see, I’m happy they didn’t dive into Olivia and Fitz’s reunion because it’s not really one just yet. They have much to talk about, and Olivia has yet to find herself in the amidst of chaos but these brief moments with Fitz have changed Olivia and no one can see it clearer than Rowan.

After waking up to Fitz, Olivia putt on her same clothes but just placed her hair up to see good ole ‘dad’, but it appears to be the next day as evidenced by the breakfast platter scattered throughout the small room. Olivia spent all day and night with Fitz even though the world was crumbling down around them. Immediately Fitz comes into the bunker where Rowan sighs heavily annoyed at Fitz’s presences and Fitz picks up on that moment, and makes sure to kiss Olivia with Rowan watching them. 

Fitz was flexing his muscle but it’s more than just a petty moment. It was a obvious and intentional FU to Rowan. You see, Rowan has made it his life mission to destroy the possibility of Olivia and Fitz. He has purposely moved himself to be in the center of the relationship and he has been successful but every time Rowan thinks they are done, Fitz comes back and so does his influence over Olivia. Kissing Olivia was an obvious point that he is around and this time he’s not going anywhere.

In 4x08, Olivia rejected Fitz touching her or kissing her because she was worried about being disloyal to Jake for wanting Fitz, but we know Olivia couldn’t resist the moment to have Fitz to herself and she kissed him with wild ambition. The fact that Olivia let Fitz kiss her in front of her father, knowing that he despises Fitz and remembering what Fitz told him (the way she taste  ), shows growth and accepts from Olivia’s part. She once used to deny Fitz’s touch in fear but while she was surprised by the action she did not refute but kissed him back much to Rowan’s disgust.  Anybody watching knows that Rowan will retaliate and punish Olivia for choosing ‘him’. I loved this scene yet I hated it for so many reasons. Rowan is visibly shaking his head with disapproval and such venom in his eyes and it’s all directed at Olivia because she didn’t obey, because for one second she decided to do something for herself without worrying about the consequences. Rowan brings Paris and Zanzibar as a obvious dig at Olivia and her past with her mom and the island where Rowan placed Olivia after he had FItz’s son killed. Rowan is a despicable person. Fitz decided to make it clear to Rowan that he is still a prisoner though he is able to walk, but throughout this moment it needs to be noted that the only one in control was Olivia. Olivia was also flexing her muscle when Rowan tried to leave and the guards blocked his exit, but every time Olivia opened her mouth to speak, Rowan would cut her off yet Fitz never did. The difference between a man who loves and values her versus a man who feels ownership and possession. Olivia already said that between her father and Fitz, that Fitz would lose but now i’m wonderfully if she still believes this to be true. 

  After meeting Peus for the first time, he makes it clear that Jake is no longer a suitable candidate as vice president , but my question though is when has he ever been? Olivia and Jake are at her apartment and it’s dark in the room quite a contrast is it not. Jake begins talking about how they can get through this, and frequently uses ‘we’ when talking about the future of them teaming up and taking down Peus especially ‘this being their chance’ since Rowan is gone. Olivia never said a word when Jake was talking up until she mentioned Rowan not being gone, and guess what he’s not. Rowan’s influence over Olivia is still heavily embedded in her DNA and it is something Olivia must deal with soon. When Olivia told Jake in so many words that Fitz has Rowan, he immediately started laughing at the actions and Olivia just mumbled that they would get through this while nursing her glass of wine and Jake taking a sip of his beer. Olivia and Jake are drinking their respective drink preference but let’s not forget that Olivia has openly disdained the taste of beer yet we have seen numerous times Olivia sipping scotch and to add this moment we find out later on that Fitz built a wine cellar in the White House filled with the most luxurious wines known to man and we all know who the wine cellar was really for. *deep breathes* *don’t cry* With Jake laughing at Fitz having Rowan emprisioned, you can see Olivia’s awkwardness regarding that topic all together. Olivia wasn’t going to bring up Fitz and she shouldn’t have to, what Olivia does in her personal life should be her business not every Tom, Dick, and harry’s.

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Chile, this is going to be bad. Olivia’s sister brother going to cry and shame her and we already know Rowan is in the bunker practicing his monologue that doesn’t make sense so let’s just skip to the good part and forgo any huckleberry charlie quinn because I could take less of them on my screen, but how cute of Quinn to pick Charlie, maybe Olivia too will make her decision once in for all.

Olivia managed to pull off a fake bomb threat and clear Mellie from real bitch. DAMN. This moment when everyone is around and working to fix the situation is amazing. This is scandal at it’s best all the players circling around trying to find a solution to their problems, smells like defiance all over again, which Marcus doesn’t know anything about…meanwhile why is Marcus actually there?  Olivia brings Rowan to help and the minute he set foot in the residence his eyes land on Fitz and never left. Rowan wants to humiliate Fitz by making him beg for his help which is futile because he’s worse off then any of the others but Fitz swallows his pride and asked for help all while looking at Olivia. This is not a moment of weakness though Rowan was trying to prove it to be so, Fitz is man enough to swallow his pride for the sake of others something Rowan is not capable of doing. 

So Rowan just came up there with the sole intention of shaming and demeaning   Olivia and Fitz. Mellie is crying about how her and Olivia should have never ran for office of course placing the blame on Olivia as if she doesn’t have enough guilt, but Cyrus cuts her off and was like yo ole betty crocker ass was just for it a minute ago when Olivia advised you not too. Everyone is talking over one another but every time Jake speaks up he is automatically voiced out because he has no voice, but it isn’t until Fitz commands everyone to stop that Rowan brings up everyone in the room as being ‘worthless’ including his daughter but not him because he is the king of all kings. Rowan’s patriarchal bull shit is for the birds. Rowan is the coward trying to run but it’s really about how powerless Rowan truly feels that causes him to attack the one person truly showing his power and worth.

This mofo still believes he is running something when his ass is literally confined to a freaking room, attempting to run away like a coward because he is “smart prey”

Rowan’s problem is that Fitz is physical and emotional threat to the hold he has over Olivia, and the power he once had like Cyrus said. Rowan ruled the underworld and now Fitz is ruling the upper world and has him a prisoner without his dinosaurs. Jake, Russel, they were all appendages of Rowan used to seek and control Olivia in the one place he can’t. Rowan has brought men in Olivia’s life as means of seeking to rule every aspect of her life even one as personal as her sexual life. But it’s not about sex. In a matter of minutes Rowan was capable of diminishing  Fitz’s unselfish act of love by reducing it to a ‘wrinkled dollar bill.’

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Fitz saved Rowan’s life because Olivia’s life is worth more than anything else this world could possess, what Fitz did was an unselfish act of love. Fitz just witnessed Olivia’s willingness to sacrifice herself for Rowan and this is how he shows his appreciation to his daughter, by reducing her to a whore, a stripper who is selling her body to the highest bidder. As Fitz is yelling at Rowan that Olivia begged him to spare his life, Olivia’s eyes fall on Rowan and you can see this longing to be appreciated by her father, but he will never appreciate her because he doesn’t respect Olivia. Which Fitz calls Rowan out on by demanding that he shows his daughter some damn respect.

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Let’s us go back to the start shall we? Olivia was going to go to jail for her father for many stupid reasons but Olivia loves him that much that his worthless miserable life is worth more than hers but Fitz, only Fitz stopped Olivia from making the worst mistake of her life. And it was only Fitz who stood up for Olivia when her father shamed her once again for sleeping with Fitz and this wasn’t just them by themselves but in a room filled with all of her peers and coworkers; THAT is how much RESPECT Rowan has for Olivia and guess what, it was only Fitz that had enough of this verbal abuse. I am so tired of everyone shaming Olivia for loving who she loves, regardless of Fitz being married or single no one will ever approve of their coupling just like the AU. When Rowan told the room that Fitz chose to spare him as a way of getting into Olivia’s bed once again, no one was upset about how their personal relationship was once again outed, but all they cared about was themselves. The camera pans on Mellie who looks confused and slightly hurt and of course Choke who looks at Olivia with his judgmental stare, as though he is just now putting the pieces of the puzzle together. As a finale dig Rowan once again refers to Fitz as his father Big Jerry throwing cash at a stripper. Everyone is upset and Olivia calls for a five minute break to regroup but as everyone scatters to take their leave, Jake and Mellie stay as Fitz moves to comfort Olivia who now denies his affection. At first I was put off with Olivia but it is obvious to see that much has happened in a short period of time and to add to the chaos, her entanglement with Fitz has been risen without them actually having a moment to figure out what it all means. Rowan will never approve of Fitz because he is someone that he is unable to control, Fitz is reminder of the power he has just lost, this has nothing to do with love and I hope and pray that Olivia sees this for what it is. No matter how much she loves him and wants him to love her back, Rowan will never approve unless she obeys every command he makes. I need Olivia to open her eyes and remove the blinders that is her father, he is not weak, or old but still the same ruthless monster he’s always been. Again Rowan had a moment of happiness with Sandra but for some reason whenever Olivia chose Fitz she is weak, stupid, a whore. I’m so tired of Rowan and Jake projecting their thoughts onto Olivia as a means of being ‘honest.’

Thank you Shonda, for the beautiful juxtaposition between Fitz and Jake. After Olivia shrugged him off understandably  after the horrifying moment, Fitz shares a drink with David who wonders why he just can’t find a nice women who likes cooking and being supportive, not a domestic terrorist, but Fitz chides David and reminds him that it was those women who made him into the man he is today, he wouldn’t be the Attorney General if it wasn’t for those women just like he wouldn’t be the President. Let us take this moment to appreciate what Fitz is saying, he was just shamed and humiliated in front of everyone for loving Olivia Pope and instead of being angry at the storm heading his way, Fitz is talking it up with ease about how a strong women makes you work for them, i.e. Olivia Pope. Fitz begins to tell David about the ‘headband’ women who are cookie cutter perfect, who likes going to parties and pretending to be happy about being in the shadows but all Fitz wants to do is tell these ladies is to wake up and find themselves. Something Olivia is trying to do right now.

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Fitz tried to turn Olivia into a ‘headband’ gang in 5x09 but he’s since then worked on himself. He’s not trying to turn or make Olivia into something she’s not (i.e Rowan, Jake) Fitz is completely and totally supportive of all of Olivia’s endeavors. Fitz wants Olivia to go out there and find that speckled dream of her’s, whereas Jake wants Olivia to live with him at his craigslist shack and settle on being mediocre or normal as though Olivia Pope is a normal person to begin with. Rowan on the other hand is threatened by Olivia’s power and influence so much that he has to demean her in order to be powerful, yet Fitz is a man completely in touch with his masculinity that he is not threatened by the hell that Olivia will bring but welcomes it. The gentle smile on Fitz’s face as he tells David ‘If she loves you, she can be any tornado she wants.’  Fitz isn’t worried about Olivia loving him, he seems confident and assured that Olivia is in fact still in love with him, he’s not pinning or whining to Olivia for denying his affection unlike Jake, but he’s assured and welcomes the chaos  Olivia will bring to his door step because that’s his tornado and if it helps her conquer what she needs to then he will clear the land just so she can twirl through it. This man is everything and I can’t seem to describe this beautiful specimen enough. 

Excuse me.

While we have Fitz appreciating and valuing Olivia’s worth, we also have jake sulking in a chair, and out of all that happened in that room earlier all he wants to know is when did Olivia and Fitz start sleeping together.

If this boy don’t stop this damn foolishness. Instead of asking how Olivia is doing after being humiliated by Rowan like a normal person would he decides to add to Olivia’s shame by asking Olivia if all of this is because of Fitz, Olivia stumbles on the question and Jake seeing that moment decides to twist the knife even further by telling Olivia she is crazy for doing the same thing over again when she knows how it’s going to end. 

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Let me tell you something about learning my friends. How can you expect to change if you don’t do it over again? How can you say you have learned if the action is not repeated, so screw you Jake. The reason why Rowan approved of Jake is because Jake is an extension of him, knowing just the right words to hurt Olivia and shame her for doing something outside of the book of Rowan. Jake tells Olivia that he isn’t the answer, very clearly alluding to Fitz not being the one to save and fix Olivia. But Jake’s jealously and pettiness is really disgusting because he’s shaming Olivia for picking Fitz instead of picking him like he’s been wanting her to do for the past four years.

Jake has been using this same tactic, never learning, and never changing. Fitz isn’t the answer to Olivia’s problem but you are. Right Jake? Out of all that has happened you are still sitting there and telling Olivia that she doesn’t belong here, and that she should look elsewhere more importantly at him to fix her. 1) Fitz is literally packing them bags to leave the White House so i’m not sure why Jake is bringing Fitz up as in the White House when this has nothing to do with Fitz and everything to do with what Olivia does for him. This false pretense of being concerned for Olivia is utter bullshit because he kept his mouth shut throughout  Rowan’s dicklogue. Jake is so transparent with his disdain for Olivia sleeping with Fitz that Olivia is quick to read Jake for filth once again, reminding him of why he is a poor substitute for Fitzgerald Grant; he’s weak, pathetic, and needy.

How many times does Olivia have to tell you that she doesn’t want you. I thought she made herself clear in 5x18 but she had to remind you once again of why you two would never work out. Jake is married, yet he has found it appropriate to shame Olivia for sleeping with Fitz who is single. Why do these men feel it is their business to know who and what Olivia is doing? Fitz is single and divorced and still Olivia is being belittled and demeaned but if Olivia was sleeping with Jake then it would be okay. 

Jake at his shack waiting for Olivia.

Rowan and Jake only care about what Olivia does and gives to them not how they make her feel. Like father like son. But let us clap for Olivia telling Jake that she doesn’t have time to coddle whatever he is feeling because right now there are more important things to do then pacify Jake and stroke his bruised ego. For instance their is a man who is single handedly trying to take over the country and control Mellie like the puppet she is. So yes, Olivia check his ass.

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Olivia is handling this situation and while she did go back to command in the end with the bad ass comment about not taking Olivia Pope it was effective and beneficial as Mellie called Luna Vargas her VP which is shocking to say the least and highly unpredictable but effective to gain support after Cyrus finally rejected the White House after having a moment with Teddy Roosevelt’s portrait. But Olivia and Abby teaming up and look at Real Bitch and deciding what to do with her is amazing but rest assure that Peus will be coming for them.

I just don’t know what to do with myself with scandal. My wig is scalped, my edges are gone, my throat is hoarse, and my loins are ovulating. Scandal is not letting down but just getting better and better each episode which only reminds me that we are close to being done with season. Which will make me have a panic attack.  This episode was infuriating and as evidence by the promo for next week we are continuing were we left off. 

Grab your seatbelt kids cause it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

Until Next Time, Muse.

I’ve realized that when I’m in a bad mindset I become a completely different person. I don’t think about the emotions of loved ones around me. I just don’t give a fuck. As horrible as that sounds, I really want to be honest with myself about this. When I’m bad, I’m really fucking bad. When I’m good, I’m really fucking good. There is literally no in between. It’s taken me a long time to realize this about myself. Now that I have, its really hard to distinguish a stabilized inner peace which allows me to become less impulsive with the things I do. I know I have a problem. I have sought help for it. In the end, in my eyes, it all comes back to mindset. Everything you put out into the universe comes back to you. I try my absolute hardest to put positive vibes out into the universe, and for the most part it works… but when that devilish side takes over me, nothing can save me from it. I ride the wave until it crashes. But goddamn when it finally crashes, I become engulfed in every bad thing I’ve done and my personality changes for months until that one thing sparks good in me. I was born to be fucked up. I am coming to terms with this. But that doesn’t mean I won’t fight it with all I have. Future me, when you’re reading this, please remember you always have the good in you to turn to. It will never diminish. You were born with more love than you can imagine, and you will always be that. Someone gave their life so you could be born. That selflessness is in you also. I have seen it numerous times. Please don’t go too far down that rabbit hole to forget that. You are and always have been beautiful soul.

I'm Never Drinking With You Douchebags Again (Winchesters X Reader)

It wasn’t wrong to say that you were a light drunk when it came to drinking. You can’t hold alcohol well, especially liquor. You’ve tried, but you end up getting too drunk and sick, and not being able to function the next day. Dean would always pick fun at you, knowing how childish you act when you’re drunk.

Both Dean and Sam have seen you drunk numerous times, and as funny as they think it is, it was torturous for you. You’d do stupid things like call Dean ‘Boots’ and call Sam 'Dora The Explorer’.

You, Sam and Dean were all crammed together in a bar, trying to get your mind off of the last hunt, and move on to the next one. You were only two swigs into a slightly chilled beer, while Dean was taking down shot after shot, but Sam was joining you with a beer this time.

“Come on, I can’t be the only one doing this! This is embarrassing!” Dean said, taking another shot of whiskey, throwing his head back and then releasing a sharp sigh after he swallowed the burning substance. “Wanna try, (Y/N)?” Dean offered, before you shook your head.

“I don’t feel like puking up my intestines tomorrow” you muttered, taking a small sip of your beer, before Dean laughed. “Yeah, and I don’t want to have to be the one to carry her to the car, because you’d be drunk as hell too, Dean” Sam said, before Dean scoffed.

“I could carry her!” He shouted, before you shushed the brothers from their bickering, while they both muttered an insult to each other under their breath.

“(Y/N), just try one” Dean said, placing a small shot glass down in front of you. You glared at him, as he was flashing you a smirk that could make every woman weak in their knees.

“Dean!” You cried, before he frowned and took the drink back. “Fine, I guess you’re too afraid” you went numb at Dean’s words. You hated it when people said you were afraid, when you clearly weren’t.

Both the boys knew this, and Sam knew that this was a bad idea. “Dean, stop” Sam breathed out, before you grabbed the shot out of his hand and quickly poured it in your mouth, terrified to swallow.

Dean and Sam both looked at you shocked, before you swallowed the amber liquid, feeling it burn your esophagus on the way down, as you kicked the bar and tried to cry in pain, but it came out as a small squeak that made the boys laugh.

You panted hard, before Dean began to clap. “I’m proud of you, (Y/N). I guess you aren’t afraid” Dean said as you smiled. “I guess not! I want another!” You exclaimed like a child, a few other people in the bar giving you a weird glance, before turning their attention away from you.

“(Y/N), are you sure that’s a good idea?” Sam whispered into your ear before you nodded. “Yeah! I’ll be fine! I’ll just have two more!” You smiled, before both boys raised their eyebrows at you, knowing they were about to have an exciting night.

“Dean, get her legs!” Sam shouted.

“She won’t stop moving!” Dean shouted back.

“Dean!” Sam cried.

“Stop it moose!” You yelled violently at the older brother.

You thrashed and kicked in the parking lot, refusing to be picked up by Dean and Sam. You had seven too many shots, and you were destroyed. You lied down on the concrete, with your arms crossed and staring right at the sky.

“Look at the stars!” You slurred, before Sam’s arms grabbed you and took you into his hold, as he thrashed you over his shoulder and walked you back to the Impala.

“I told you, you shouldn’t have let her drink tonight, Dean” Sam said, before Dean opened the rear door for Sam, so he could gently place you in the Impala. “She’s gonna be fine, Sammy!” Dean exclaimed, watching you squirm around the backseat, trying to get comfortable.

“Let’s just head back to the motel, we’ll spend another night and then pack up tomorrow” Sam said, slamming the rear door closed, before getting into the passengers side.

Dean got into the drivers seat, turning his head to watch you play with your hair. “You good?” He raised an eyebrow as you slowly nodded, continuing to play with the messy strands. Dean smiled and turned back to face his brother, “She’s good” he said before starting the Impala and driving back to the motel.

By the time you all arrived, you were half asleep sprawled in the backseat. You arms and legs spewed across the slick leather as Sam and Dean laughed at your funny position, while they were getting you out from the back.

“I’ve never seen her this hammered before!” Sam said, shocked by your drunken state. “Let’s get her to bed, the faster she’s asleep the less of a pain she’ll be” Dean said, as Sam nodded in agreement, gently pushing your legs together and pulling you out of the Impala, before gradually pulling you out but accidentally slamming your head against the roof as he tried to pull your through the door.

“Sam!” Dean shouted, as Sam scoffed. “I’m trying my best, Dean!” Sam whispered as he slung you over his shoulder, feeling you thrash within his grasp.

“Sammy,” you groaned, “I don’t feel well”. Dean’s eyes widened, knowing that meant you were about to puke any second. He searched his pocket for the motel key, quickly finding it. As he went to open the door, it was too late and the content of your stomach were spewed onto the concrete.

Sam and Dean groaned in disgust, as Sam lowered you from his shoulders and cradled you in his arms. Your skin was pale and your eyes were bloodshot, not to mention the growing bruise on your forehead thanks to Sam.

“Let’s get you to bed, yeah?” Sam asked. You slowly nodded, disregarding all that he said as he carried you into the motel, gently setting you down onto your bed, listening to you groan in discomfort and pain.

“I’m never drinking with you douchebags again”