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Have you ever hated someone so much you ended up making 38 20-minute long videos documenting, in minute detail, with all sorts of receipts and solid undeniable evidence, every single not-criminal-but-EXTREMELY-shitty-thing the object of your hatred has done over the last years? Bc this guy



a smile as bright as the summer sun

okay but i will never agree with anyone who says Emilia Clarke cant act cause if you watch her interviews, she is a complete opposite of Daenerys like Emilia is so expressive, bubbly, and gregarious irl but she is so cold, serious, and firm as Dany yet she still appears human or has a soft side.. like seriously??! she is a completely different person when she’s Dany and yes that is the point of acting so yeah, anyone who claims Emilia cant act are wrong cause she can totally do acting and she is excellent

Heroes who do stupid things and die
  • Ser Jorah: (volunteers to go and catch a wight, which he has never seen, by going beyond the wall, where he has never been)
  • Jon Snow: (not to be outmatched, accompanies the expedition)
  • ...
  • Daenerys: HOLD MY BEER!!!!!!!!!
  • Tyrion: FML!
Invocation-Redrum Interlude (three drabbles)


She tries not to think about the date as it approaches.

Three months. That’s how long she was missing, six years ago. And even though she believes the circumstances of Mulder’s disappearance are not the same as hers, even though she tells herself there is absolutely no reason to think the time frame is significant, she cannot help the way her eyes keep tracking to the calendar, the way her stomach twists constantly for a week beforehand, the way she jumps every time the phone rings.

The day comes, then passes. Then a week, then two.

But he doesn’t return.


On his birthday, she calls in sick because she cannot stop crying.

She blames the hormones; it’s the only explanation that makes sense. This isn’t like her at all. She wants to bury herself in work, the way she did when her father died, when Missy died, when Emily… but she cannot get enough traction to make it out of bed, let alone out of the apartment.

She holds it together on the phone just long enough to tell Skinner she’s not coming in. He probably guesses why anyway, but she hangs up before he has a chance to ask.


Thanksgiving feels hollow this year.

In truth, there is much she should be thankful for. A healthy pregnancy that wasn’t even supposed to be possible. The fact that, somewhat inexplicably, she is still showing so little that she’s able to continue hiding that pregnancy. She is able to work, and, more often than not, she is able to accept the reality of Mulder’s absence. To carry on despite it.

Still, her heart is just not in it when she wishes Doggett a “Happy Thanksgiving” as they leave work Wednesday afternoon, and the words sound disingenuous even to her own ear.


//sobs quietly in a corner ifinallymanagedtogetthesedone aaaaaa

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Bonus: so is D’or.

You really shouldn’t touch ppl without asking first, D’or.

What a remarkable day… Millions of people looked towards the sky to watch our lovely moon briefly hide the sun… So many people were excited and awed, spending hours in preparation and travel for the perfect experience… Many took blurry but treasured photos, hoping to have a personal souvenir for their own happy memories… We looked towards the cosmos and together we cheered for our moon ❤️


            Oh, it’s our time to go,
                          BUT AT LEAST WE STOLE THE SHOW