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Who is Montparnasse? I guess give a quick bio? I've only seen the 2012 movie so I don't know much about him


In the Brick, Montparnasse is a member of Patron-Minette, a criminal gang which operates in Paris. He was a street urchin not unlike Gavroche, before a girl told him he was really handsome and since that day, Montparnasse resorted to crime in order to get himself pretty clothes (I swear I’m not making this up). Since he’s piss-poor and lazy as fuck, crime seemed like the best gig in order to get what he wants.

Okay, so random Montparnasse traits:

  • He’s vain. As fuck.
  • Lazy
  • Loyal
  • Fucking ExtraTM . Like, the guys goes everywhere with a red rose because?? He thinks he’s cool??
  • He’s a fucking dork oh my god he thinks he’s so cool but the guy got his ass kicked by a sixty yo dude like son, check yoself because u rek yourself
  • Edgelord
  • He likes Gavroche a lot.
  • He’s around 18/20 in the Brick
  • His character is written as very ambiguous. Very grey, if you will. Definitely not GOOD but definitely not a villain either. Hence the quote: “ He was kind, effeminate, graceful, robust, sluggish, ferocious” See the antithesis? (The original French text describes Montparnasse as “gentil” aka “kind” or “nice” while the English text translated it as “genteel” which doesn’t convey the same connotations and I’m HELLA SALTY ABOUT IT.)
  • Part of me is convinced that Montparnasse was written as a comic relief

Random Montparnasse facts:

  • Babet, one of his fellow associates, calls him “pretty boy” once
  • Has a swordcane
  • Gets robbed by Gavroche once
  • Has a sort of brotherly relationship with Gavroche, with Gav’ teasing him to no end
  • Refuses to speak argot (slang) because he wants to appear PROPER and DIGNIFIED (see the Edgelord entry)
  • Robber and assassin by night, dandy by day
  • Javert calls him a “Devilish Dandy” :’)

Anyway, I love my trash son

Me: *doesn’t see Casey in a promo for the next ep*

Me: *searches under sofa cushions frantically*

Me: *checks every kitchen sink*

Me: *turns into clownfish* HAS ANYONE SEEN MY SON?!


Sebastian Vettel about his off season | 2012

State of my favorite ships as of 2017

Klaine : hasn’t been on air for +2 years

Robron : has been broken up for months and will still be for at least 2 more months

Kalagang : finale has been shot, waiting for the special episode for more content

Zude : adam senn won’t be returning as zero so for me the show is dead

Gallavich : broken up, probably for good

Monchevy : waiting on that new content

Bughead : they’ve become boring af and are now broken up

Evak : show’s over

McDean : haven’t been seen since 2012

Tyrelliot : might be happening, might not (but I keep my hopes up tbh)

Johnlock : lol

Philkas : show’s done too

Stydia : show’s over and season 6 was very disappointing overall and regarding the ship

Mingkit : i’m finally tired of rewatching the same scenes over and over again, I need season 2

So… I really need new ships guys.

(You guys, thank you so much for your recommendations but that wasn’t the point of this post. I already know pretty much everything you recommended and either already love it or am not attracted to it at all. Please stop 😂)


nobody said it was easy

no one ever said it would be this hard

oh take me back to the start

Livin’ my best life this autumn 👌👌👌

Lily also did a Q&A after her show where people wrote questions in the lobby beforehand and she read and answered a bunch of them. (I wish I had been able to get to the theatre sooner so I could have written a question, but alas, I am perpetually late.) I wouldn’t take some of these details as “official” or “confirmed” but here are the ones that pertained to Grace & Frankie:

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