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Andrew Lincoln as Edgar Linton in Wuthering Heights.  

Dragon Age: Favorites

I joined the Dragon Age fandom only a few months before Dragon Age: Inquisition was set to release. I finally had an Xbox 360 on which I could play games (shoutout to AT&T for giving me a free one for using their internet services) and it seemed a good idea to look into the game franchise that had the grouchy, pointy elf I’d seen all over Tumblr in 2011. I downloaded Dragon Age: Origins and that was more or less the end of it all.

Since sometime in September 2014, I have devoured as much media surrounding the games as possible, and consider myself a veritable treasure trove of lore knowledge. There’s very little in Thedas that I don’t know about; what I don’t know, I can look up. I adore the franchise, and look forward to where Bioware can go from here.

The general standard of thinking puts both Origins and Inquisition as the pinnacles of the franchise thus far. Origins, as the flagship, set the standard with a compelling narrative and decision-making that impacted the game. Inquisition, the recipient of many Game of the Year awards across many different awarding venues, with its massive scope and incredible attention to detail, has raised the bar even further. It is then a wonder, with two amazing games bookending the franchise, that my favorite game of the current saga is Dragon Age II.

[Image: gif of Alistair incredulously asking “What?”]

I know, huh?

Forgone as the absolute middle child of the franchise, Dragon Age II gets glossed over in favor of Origins and Inquisition quite frequently. While there are those like myself who ardently love the game, the general reaction to Dragon Age II is either fervent hatred or apathetic indifference. Considered a filler game between two epics of storytelling, it flies under the radar, swept aside as people applaud Origins for paving the way and Inquisition for leading the pack.
And it’s an absolute injustice that it doesn’t receive nearly the love it deserves.

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I just wanna say that since I’ve seen it in theaters in 2011, Sucker Punch has been one of my favorite movies of all time, and I’m always displeased when the message is received wrong or it gets so little recognition which is why, since 2011, I would get so stupidly proud of any one from the cast that gets a pretty sweet role because I kind of feel like I followed them a little bit on this journey

And now Oscar Isaac is on the cover of Rolling Stones

I’m just. Sometimes I get so emotional about it. I’m so happy and proud.


Square Enix released gameplay footage of Final Fantasy XV, in which Noctis’ party infiltrates the Niflheim base.

The video showcases stealth tactics to sneak by guards, as well as battles involving magic and machinery. Magic attacks will respond to the environment, such as nearby oil drums amplifying the explosions from fire spells.

The video ends with the reintroduction of the female dragoon first seen in the 2011 1st Production Department trailer, revealed to be named Aranea Highwind.

Final Fantasy XV is in development for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and will release this year.