seen in 2011


Saw your war winds won and stayed soundly made by the incredible  agnecce

(inspired by @rosesonmyshelf‘s fantastic fic to the bone)


designers worn by princess madeleine: carmen marc valvo

may 11th, 2006: volvo ocean race gala dinner in new york

july 2nd, 2011: prince albert of monaco & charlene wittstock’s wedding reception

october 22nd, 2011: american scandinavian society’s centennial ball in new york

november 1st, 2011: swedish-american chamber of commerce’s pre-conference gala

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tumblr has like really good memes and content but you also pay the price of having to witness this god awful subculture 

handsy: Louis at 19, Harry at 17.  
(Cardiff, 10 April 2011)

okay, and again — because really:

not to mention the look on Harry’s face and his miniscule nod at the end