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just found out (idk why i just found this out) that teacher’s pet is airing in malaysia IN ENGLISH right as we speak, which means episodes are gonna come online in their original quality and w/o vhs buzzing in the bg!! so far there’s only two eps online but hopefully all of them will come online. also for some reason s2 is the only season airing (so i won’t be able to see let sleeping over dogs lie in good quality…). im really excited cause the two missing episodes are from this season and if they air, the whole series will finally be found!!

good god i wish president obama would do that thing, resigning a day or two early so vp biden could be president for a day and Royally Fuck With all those trump things that have 45th president printed on them lololol i wish that was a thing that was gonna actually happen

there’s a guy who follows me on spotify who is hella transmisogynistic and i really wanna tell him not to follow me bc transphobes don’t get to enjoy my playlists. or be happy. 

but like…i really don’t want him to talk to me ever, and i probably enjoy not talking to him more than he enjoys knowing how often i listen to broccoli

I had such a weird dream last night.

I was living in Cleveland again and this kid that I was literally never friends with (nice to, but like, we never talked or hung out or ANYTHING like that at all)

Who is one of those white kids with long greasy hair that loves Invader Zim and anime. Rocking vans with no socks, cargo shorts, wallet with a chain etc etc

ANYWAYS that kid came over to my house and we had sex?????

Literally what the fuck what the fuck what the FUCK