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Here comes more Hope brainwashing related stuff with Mitarai because I just can’t get enough of the concept of him being a potential mastermind.
And the fact that I just never shut up about Ryota.
It’s more than obsessive of me, but y'know. ^^’
Colorbars is…just one of my favorite songs by GHOST. So here’s a parody based on it. ^^

Oh, the world is signing off

the final game fortells the audience, I’ve had enough
all the colors to halt the tragedy arranged across the screen
I think the audience has seen enough-h-h-h-h
Oh yes, the audience has seen enough

Oh, the world’s in a trance
Here’s to loving life!

Soon we’ll televise our H-O-P-E
It’ll leave you blinded and erase bad memories
Soon you’ll be a part of H-O-P-E
We leave you blissful and it changes everything

And in a moment you will notice nothing’s quite the same
When you feel your despair slipping from your MIIIIIND
Turn the signal down and spin around in the opposite direction
And now, will you please applaud?

Turn the volume up, folks
Listen to the words I say, now


Hope will always be here, for you to see
For you to see, to see you
HOPE’S _always_ here

Oh, the clock is ticking down
There’s a voice inside my head that says “This isn’t right”
(And now you’ll turn your eyes towards the screen)
See, all the limits of the televised, my anime
(Oh yes, now turn your eyes, and dream)

I’m already here
For you to see, for you to see, to see you
I’ve always been here
For you to see, for you to see, to see you

I’ve lost control, of my imagination
The only solution
It’s sweeping ‘cross the nation
Finally, I-
My imagination

the only solution
It’s sweeping ‘cross the nation

Soon we’ll televise our H-O-P-E
Now, leave you blinded and erase bad memories
Soon you’ll be a part of H-O-P-E
We leave you blissful and it changes everything

I’m already here
For you to see, for you to see, I see you
I’ve always been here
For you to see, for you to see, I see you

And in a moment you will notice nothing’s been the same
Now fucking despair is ERADICATED
Turn the signal down and spin around in the opposite direction
And now you will applaud!

For you to see, to see you
For you to see, to see you
For you to see, to see you
For you to see, I see you

Nick Clark x Reader- Jealousy Doesn’t Suit You, My Dear.

Set during Season 2 of Fear The Walking Dead

Requested by Anon


Had somebody told you that the world was going to end, you would’ve laughed and suggested a psychiatric facility for that person. It was the height of the twenty first century, and the world was going to end? Ha. But after you watched the military murder your parents, you ran faster then light straight to Alicia Clark- your best friend from school. 

You were there when the riots started in Los Angeles, and were pretty sure you’d seen enough bloodshed to last a lifetime. Handling a weapon wasn’t your problem since your father had been a 3 tour veteran of Afghanistan before the dead woke up, and he had taught you how to defend yourself. But when the fences went up, and the power went off, you found yourself talking a lot more to Chris Manawa then you had anticipated. 

But you couldn’t figure out why you were so intrigued by Nick, Alicia’s older brother who was beginning to call himself an ex-druggie. You’d known him for years, and had always thought he was beautiful.. But it took the end of the world for you to start valuing him as a person. 

  “You know, for someone so stunning, I can’t figure out for the life of me why you refuse to put on a bathing suit and come swimming.” Nick mused, slipping his sunglasses behind his ears. It was hotter then normal outside, and you were dying to get into the pool and swim with him. 

  “You totally just want to see me in a bikini, Clark.” 

He wiggled his eyebrows and puckered his lips, and you couldn’t help but feel butterflies erupt in your stomach. “Maybe I do, Y/L/N.” 

And then you were aboard the Abigail with Victor Strand, the man who was the prime reason Nick was still alive in the first place. The night he’d been taken by the military, you had been so infuriated that you had shot two of them right in the arm. Alicia was amazed at how much you cared for her brother. 

  “C’mon y/n. Tell me something good.” Chris sat across from you inside the den, the rest of the boat silent. Madison and Travis had fallen asleep in their bedroom, Strand was at the helm, Daniel and Ophelia were talking on the deck above you, and god knew where Nick was. “You’re not much older then me, you know. We could have a lot more in common then you realize.” 

Granted, Chris was adorable, and he was broken, but he was no Nick Clark. 

  “Okay, one day…” 

Nick came down from the helm where Strand was stationed, eyebrows furrowing when he saw you and Chris bent over in laughter on the sofa, heads just inches away from each other. “That story was hilarious, Y/N.” Chris panted, laughing as he wiped tears from his eyes. “So hilarious it wore me out.” 

  “You’re cute when you blush.” You mused, lightly punching his arm. “Goodnight Chris. Sleep well.” Just as Chris went downstairs, you caught sight of Nick’s penetrating stair from the doorway to the top deck and lost the ability to breathe. His eyes were dark with what looked to be anger, and it confused you beyond belief. Why is he angry with me?  “Nick?”

Silence. “Nick!”

The oldest son of Madison Clark whipped around, nostrils flaring as he took your wrists and pinned them above your head against the wall. “Why would you want anything to do with me, Y/n? I’m just the druggie. Go and flirt with Chris cause I’m sure he can give you what I can’t.” 

You furrowed your eyebrows as you studied his face, realization hitting you like a harsh slap. He’s jealous of Chris. “Clark, if you’re jealous of Chris, jealousy is not your strong suit.” Your breathing hitched as he inched himself closer, body pressed against yours with his lips inches away from you. “I knew it from the time I came back after my parents were killed. You’ve always liked me.” 

  “I never said it.” He whispered, pupils dilating as he pressed his face into your shoulder, his cold lips leaving a trail of kisses along the bare skin. 

  “Then kiss me and prove it, Nick Clark.”


Okay so now that that’s out of the way let me just say something. Sans isn’t strong at all. Now before I get crucified let me ask: What’s so strong about him? he only hits for 1 HP he only has 1 HP. Now it’s probably glaringly obvious but I’ve seen enough comments saying Sans is the single strongest character in Undertale. It’s not that he’s strong it’s that he’s smart. The fact he practically cheats by our standards and even uses the menu against you is genius, he’s always dodging the one hit that will kill him, he knows that his attacks won’t trigger the invincibility. I haven’t even mentioned how the plot plays into this. He knows that you underestimated him because he was lazy. He knows you don’t take him seriously and he uses all these things to make this fight a COMPLETE AND UTTER HELL. He’s fighting for everyone you killed. he knows about the resets but he’s prepared to sit here and let you reset, he knows that you’ll keep coming back and he is prepared to give up the rest of his existence by staying there to stop you. He is prepared to spend the rest of his existence in this fight knowing very well there’s a chance you might win, but he owes it Papyrus,Undyne,Toriel and everyone else to at least TRY.and stop you. Now imagine this he’s already this difficult while in possession of no human souls, so imagine if he did.He’d be guaranteed to keep you there forever and keep his promise and dunk on you for all eternity.      

I’d seen enough convincing fan theories that the revelation of Garnet’s fusion wasn’t a surprise to me.  But I had always assumed the reason she stayed fused was that her component Gems were somehow damaged, maybe in the war, and that staying fused was the only thing keeping her from devolving into another gem-monster.

The truth turned out to be so much better, I’m honestly a little ashamed of myself for thinking otherwise.

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“If Jace was gold, catching the light and the attention, Alec was silver: so used to everyone else looking at Jace that that was where he looked too, so used to living in Jace’s shadow that he didn’t expect to be seen. Maybe it was enough to be the first person to tell Alec that he was worth being seen ahead of anyone in a room, and of being looked at longest.

And silver, though few people knew it, was a rarer metal than gold.”

— The Bane Chronicles - The Course of true love (and first dates)


95z being magnets feat. me in the bg